Fish are EMF Sensitive

In Riding the Waves, Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I include examples of animals sensitive to the earth’s electromagnetic frequencies, including cows and bats.  This also applies to fish.

Fish get geomagnetism. It’s a Christmas miracle in geomagnetic discoveries! After perusing the carp for sale in Czech Christmas markets, Hynek Burda of Prague’s University of Life Sciences noticed that the fish kept aligning themselves along a north-south axis. After studying and photographing 14,000 fish from 25 different markets, he found that they all did the same thing. This suggests to Burda that the fish have an innate sensitivity to the Earth’s geomagnetic forces.  By David Wagner | The Atlantic Wire

It makes complete sense that the species on the planet would be sensitive to a range of electromagnetic frequencies, and there are demonstrations of this in nature


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