Geologic EMF Sources – Any opening will do

In the summer of 2009, I discovered that I am sensitive to the ultra-low electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from geologic fault lines.  I suffer a variety of nasty symptoms that severely compromise my health.

This is all detailed in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing Treating and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

After over a year of extensive research, we elected to relocate to a part of the US with a lower than national average of geologic activity.  Away from the fault lines, I recovered.  The longer I was away from the problematic frequencies, the stronger I became.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I began to experience symptoms similar to those I’d had in the Bay Area.  Turns out energy companies were fracking not far from where we lived.  The opening created for the purpose of extracting oil and/or natural gas was allowing ultra-low EMFs to escape.

We recently spent time in a part of the country with no fracking and no geologic activity, and once again I felt symptoms associated with the earth’s ultra-low frequencies.  Turns out we were near another type of opening, called a fissure.

Research into this geologic feature, and comparing it to the frack openings and fault lines was revealing.

In the case of geologic fault lines, EMF emissions increase in the hours and days before a quake.  After the quake, the ground resets to zero EMF emissions.

In the hours and days before a quake, as these emissions increased, I became sicker.  I was able to use the symptoms and their severity to consistently and accurately predict earthquakes, including the fault location, time of day, day of the week, and the size of the quake.  After the quake I felt wonderful, which makes sense since the fault was no longer emitting the EMFs.  Within a few days as it built up to another quake, the vicious cycle would start all over again.

It was a total drag.

With the openings from fracking, the symptoms are constant.  They don’t flluctuate in severity, they are continuous.  When I’m far eough away from the fracking rigs the symptoms completely disappear.

With the earth fissures, distance and size of the fissure matter.  The closer I am to the fissure, the more I feel the symptoms.  The larger the fissure, the more severe and greater number of symptoms felt.

In fact, when we went to visit a rather large fissure, I was hit with a full blown EMF episode that I hadn’t experienced since the SF Bay Area.

I read in a paper from a university geology department that they will attempt to use acoustic testing to study fissures and try to predict where they will break through the surface.  They pointed out that microsounds came from the openings.

This is consistent with the testing done on geologic fault lines in both Japan and California.  Universities in these countries were able to detect an increase in emissions in the hours and days before quakes and volcanic eruptions.

What is particularly interesting about acoustic testing is that my experience has shown that people who are sensitive to EMFs actually hear them.  This is  supported by the university data.

I also observed that the remedies I used to reduce and/or eliminate the symptoms in California also work around the fracking and earth fissure openings.

Having symptoms that come and go depending on which street corner you are standing on can make you feel crazy.  The consistency of both the cause and the treatment is, in a weird way, reassuring.


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