EMF Remedies – the Buyer Beware

I am frequently approached by people suffering symptoms of EMF Sensitivity to weigh in on a remedy they heard or read about.  Since I find myself saying the same thing over and over, I decided to write a post about it.  That way, I can share my experience widely and hopefully save people money and time.

First, I know how debilitating the symptoms of EMF Sensitivity can be.  I know how desperately someone wants to feel better.  And when people are desperate, they will often try anything…

When I decided to write Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I not only wanted to document my experience, I wanted to share information about the remedies I discovered and use.

Being a holistic doctor, I wanted natural remedies.  I had no intention of relying on some pharmaceutical formula for the rest of my life.  That route typicallly leads to nasty side effects, including a hit to the bank account. I wanted remedies that were easy to obtain, low in cost, and with minimal, if any, side effects.  And I was successful.

So when I am asked to give my opinion on items that purportedly protect people from harmful EMFs, I put them through the same filters I put myself through.

How much does it cost?  Every remedy I discovered costs less than $50.  In fact, some cost a little over $1, and some are even free.  There is no reason to pay $$$!

Is it proprietary?  Thanks to laws, the pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to obtain patents on Mother Nature’s bounty.  There are plenty of natural remedies that reduce and/or eliminate symptoms of EMF Sensitivity.  No secret formula needed.  The minute I see the “p” word I become suspicious.

How does it work?  In my book, I explain the scientific principles behind how the remedies work.  Years of research into the how’s and why’s of EMF Sensitivity gave me great insight into the how’s and why’s the remedies work.

I once came across a quote from a guy who sold products and said “I have no idea how it works.  Some people just claim to feel better.”

Not good enough.  There is no reason the science behind how a remedy works shouldn’t be understood.  There are natural laws that explain EMF Sensitivity and there are natural laws that explain why the remedies work.

If they are real remedies, that is.

Incidentally, sometimes the products sold on the market (read Internet) contain the right materials but in quanitites so small they are useless.  What’s appalling is that these same products often cost more than 10 times what buying the pure material would cost.


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