Apple Devices for EMF Sensitivity?

Life with EMF Sensitivity can be a real challenge at times.  Recognizing the major triggers and knowing which of the various remedies to use for each is only half the battle.  I need to be hyper vigilant with regards to every aspect of my well-being, including physical, mental, and emotional.  Even the slightest change in my routine or mood can signal I’m being impacted by problematic electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

A Bad Day is Not Just a Bad Day.  While everyone has off days, days when they are just so tired, for me, those symptoms suggest I’m being impacted by EMFs.  If I start guzzling caffeine?  If I drink more than one cup of coffee in a day?* I become suspicious.  When I find myself wanting a nap or feeling blue for two or even three days, I know I’m being negatively affected by EMFs.

The Hunt Begins.  We have a list of every electric and electronic device in our house and environment.  Once I realize that I’m being impacted by EMFs, I work with Aaron, referencing the list as a starting point, and work room by room in a methodical search to determine what’s changed.

To date, in every case, I’ve learned he’s added some device, moved something to a different part of the house, or otherwise made what should have been an insignificant modification to the electronic landscape.  If only the EMF Sensitive life were that simple.

What To Do?  Finding a solution isn’t always easy.  Both of us use technology in our careers and we both work from home.  Once we realize what’s been changed, if it cannot be undone, we have to find a workaround.  This involves a great deal of testing until we find a solution wherein I am no longer negatively impacted.

Cell Phones?  During a recent investigation, we learned that when he is on a conference call using a headset, I am affected.  If the phone is on but not in use, I am not affected.  The solution was to have him sit in the car in the garage when on calls.  The metal in the car provides sufficient shielding so I’m not impacted.

“I know it shields because I get more dropped calls in the car,” he told me.  Possibly having to dial back in is a small price to pay for my health and well-being.  He happily utilizes the car as a mobile office.

Not the cell phone.  As part of testing solutions, we tried my cell phone, since it’s a completely different manufacturer.  Interestingly, when he used my phone there were no problems.  I felt no symptoms.  We have the same network provider, but different hardware.  I use an Apple iPhone.

“I wonder if there’s some sort of shielding in the Apple phone that precludes it from giving off the harmful EMFs?” I pondered.

The Apple Store vs. the Mall.  Between fluorescent lighting and the other electronic smog, shopping malls are very difficult environments for me.  Even utilizing remedies regularly, I end up exhausted if I spend more than two hours in the electronically challenging environment.  To my recollection, I had never had a problem in an Apple store.

I visited an Apple Store without any remedy.  I spent over a half hour in the store and not once did I feel any symptoms that would indicate I was being impacted by EMFs.  I was surrounded by Apple hardware, from computing devices to cell phones, and I felt no ill effects.  Still, I was not convinced.  To me, it was just another data point.

Apple vs. Streaming Devices.  Two weeks ago, I found myself inquiring what had been changed in our environment.  For two days I had wanted to take a nap.  I was feeling blue.  I knew something was up.  Turns out Aaron had set up a device in our home to stream Netflix.  Even though we’d used that same device to stream music without any trouble, streaming Netflix was causing a problem.

At this point I felt very frustrated.  We simply could not live a normal life because of my EMF Sensitivity.  Disconnecting the device meant going back to DVDs or movies in iTunes.

“Why don’t we try Apple TV?” Aaron asked, and purchased the small electronic device to stream Netflix.  That was two weeks ago and I’ve been fine ever since.

It’s not all Apple.  Until it’s proven otherwise, I will accept that there is something unique in the Apple hardware design that makes it ideal for people who are sensitive to EMFs.  However, it is not the end-all.  I may use an iPhone and we now use the Apple TV, but for my computer?  As a writer, I use a professional grade Hewlett-Packard laptop, with no problems whatsoever.  Not only is this the perfect input device for a writer, it has adequate shielding so that I am not impacted by EMFs.

*  The idea here is that there is a change in my routine; what’s normal for me.  I only drink one cup of coffee per day.  If I drink more than that?  Something’s up.


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