EMF symptoms – how long do they last?

While having lunch with two business owners, I was asked if there was a residual effect to EMF symptoms.  The answer is yes, the effects of EMF sensitivity can be felt for a certain amount of time even after someone is away from the problematic frequencies. 

How long?  In my own experience, it depends on the length of exposure.  After years of being exposed to the ultra-low electromagnetic frequencies from fault lines, the ones that caused the most devastating and life-altering symptoms for me, it took months for my health to improve.

There’s a type of immunity.  After being away from the problematic frequencies for years, not only has my health been restored, I am now able to withstand exposure for longer periods of time**.

**  The exception is the ultra-low frequencies emitted by fault lines.  Those result in the worst of the symptoms, hopelessness, despair, feelings of decay, death, despondency.

If you’re in good health and have only brief exposures (as opposed to living on top of the problem), the symptoms will disappear much more quickly.  However, the time will still vary, even in a healthy individual.

Here are two examples for me:

1)  When we were in So. Cal recently, and I was near the fault lines, I felt the symptoms.  When we drove away from them, the symptoms disappeared instantly.

2)  We just returned from the mall where I was bombarded by fluorescent lighting and alarm systems that emit frequencies which cause annoying and uncomfortable symptoms.  I was at the mall for 3 hours and although we’ve been gone for 45 minutes, I’m still feeling the symptoms.  I know it will take me a few hours to be completely symptom free.

I did not bring remedies other than the chewing gum to the mall because I knew the exposure would be brief and the symptoms fairly mild.  While I was chewing gum I was fine, but one can only chew gum for so long before the taste is stale and your jaw hurts.

btw:  Orbit gum, in my opinion, retains its flavor the longest.

An anecdote:  The two women with whom I was having lunch were speculating on the symptoms of a client.  They wondered if perhaps they were EMF related, but weren’t quite sure how to test the theory.  These women live in Colorado.  My advice was to suggest the client to go to either Larkspur or Georgetown.  Former mining towns, these are two areas where I felt fantastic, consistent with my investigations (outlined and explained in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living With EMF Sensitivity).

If the client felt better in these two locations?  There’s a good chance that EMF Sensitivity is at play.  For more information as to why, read the book.  The answer is scientific and logical.


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