EMFs and the feeling of decay, death, and hopelessness

Since moving away from geologic fault lines, the primary source of my electromagnetic sensitivity, I have only had to deal with fluorescent lights and other manmade sources of EMFs which, although they affect me, are more easily managed with the various remedies I discovered.

We recently took a trip to Southern California and as we drove through a picturesque little town, a familiar and very uncomfortable feeling began to wash over me.  It started slowly, but within seconds, it crashed down like a ton of bricks.  Decay!  Death!  Get out or you are going to die!  You will be stuck here for the rest of your life!

Since I knew full well this was a direct result of exposure to the ultra low EMFs, I took a deep breath, eyed the remedy sitting within arms’ reach, and reminded myself that it was not real…it was just a feeling that resulted from exposure to an active fault line.

As we continued the winding path toward the beach I commented on what a dumpy town it seemed to be, which not only floored my husband (since the beautiful town was anything but), it alerted him to the fact I was being affected by EMFs.  He looked over at me eyeing the remedy.

“Is it time for the gum?”

Nodding, I popped a piece of Orbit into my mouth and felt an immediate improvement of about 75 – 80%.

* For more information about this and other remedies, see Riding the Waves, Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

As I sat on the beach, chewing the gum, I considered the feelings associated with the ultra low EMFs; decay and death, hopelessness and stagnation.  I’m not sure why this part of the electromagnetic spectrum feels like death and decay and hopelessness, but I think it’s the most dangerous symptom of all.  Unchecked, not to mention misunderstood, it could cause a person to slip into a deep depression that would not respond to any medication or psychotherapy.

Simply leaving the area of exposure provides a cure…all the symptoms vanish, instantly.

I considered the military personnel stationed in the area.  What if someone didn’t realize they were sensitive to geologic EMFs?  What if they felt those horrible symptoms but were unable to ascertain the cause?

The entire time we were on the beach I had to chew gum and tell myself to relax.  I felt much better while using the remedy but I continued to feel a jumpy type of panic, a sense that if I didn’t get away from there, some terrible awful thing was going to happen.

In spite of the fact there are numerous fault lines throughout California, I am able to visit many beaches and cities, including San Franciso and San Diego, and not experience any symptoms.  It’s only when I’m near a geologic fault line (which are often invisible and even unknown unless they actually experience a quake on them) that I feel the decay and death, the utter hopelessness and a sense of futility.

I know the cause and the ultimate remedy (go back to an area away from geologic fault lines).  The ones I feel for are those who don’t understand what’s happening, or why.


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