Coconut Oil for ulcers

As I recently posted, I’m fighting an ulcer.  I’d previously had great luck with goat’s milk but, alas, could not make myself stick to a daily regimen this time.
For whatever reason, I kept forgetting to take the goat’s milk – a sign my body didn’t want and/or need it.  I trust my instincts and don’t force myself to eat or drink or take supplements if my body/instinct tells me not to.

As luck would have it, I got a link to a news video about coconut oil to treat Alzheimer’s in an email.  I decided to add a supplement of coconut oil to my diet for good measure in order to gain the benefit of the good fats.

Within three days of taking the supplements, which consisted of two capsules of virgin coconut oil amounting to 2 grams/day, the pain I’d been experiencing reduced by 65%.  Two days later I had my first pain free day in close to a month!

The day after I had slight discomfort but the next day it was back to pain free!

I read that coconut oil kills the bacteria that can cause ulcers.

If you’re suffering from an ulcer and haven’t had luck with other remedies, you may want to try coconut oil.

Post Script:  It’s been weeks and I am completely symptom free.


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