Have an ulcer? Have you seen your dentist?

Our bodies are made up of millions of molecules that are interconnected.  When something happens in one part, the entire organism is affected.  I recently experienced this first-hand.
I am, unfortunately, suffering from an ulcer.  Being holistic, I am treating it with goat’s milk.  Yesterday, my second day of treatment, I was scheduled for a dental cleaning.  I explained to the dentist and hygienist that I  have an ulcer and to ignore the noises coming from my stomach.

Because of moving, it had been 8 months since my last cleaning.  As a result, there was more tartar build-up than usual and an intense cleaning was the result.

When I first sat in the chair, my stomach was achey and not feeling too good, as you might expect, given the situation.  When I left it, I felt so much better.  My stomach was not only silent, the achey bloated feeling associated with ulcers was completely gone.

Being a holistic practitioner, I knew there was a relationship between the health of our teeth and gums and the health of our bodies.  However, I was stunned to feel such a direct correlation.  When I told the dentist, she smiled and said, “We spend so much time trying to explain to our patients that the heath of their mouth affects their entire bodies.”

I know I’m not cured, after only three days, but I’m feeling as if I was.  I’ll continue the natural regimen I’ve put myself on since I know from previous experience several years back, that it works.

If you find yourself facing gastro-intestinal distress, you may want to schedule a visit to the dentist.

The following is a natural therapy for ulcers.  While the goat’s milk alone will work, adding the Bach Flower remedies will help alleviate the symptoms and support the body during the process.

Goat’s milk will relieve pain, help reduce the stomach acids, and will form a protective coating around the ulcer while the body is healing.  This is not true of cow’s milk which may feel good upon drinking, but actually causes more stomach acid to be produced and does not form a protective layer around the ulcer.

Although you may feel better after a few days, I suggest continuing the goat’s milk for at least two weeks.  I drink two glasses, approximately 7 ounces each, per day.  You can drink more but less may not be as effective.

There is no reason not to take antacids if you wish.

Adding the following Bach flower remedies will accelerate the healing process.  Add 2 drops of each to a glass of water and sip throughout the day.  You can also take them by mouth, under the tongue.

You may not need all of the remedies, depending what is going on in your life, but I’ve listed them anyway.  It’s recommended that no more than 5 be taken at one time.

Agrimony: the remedy for people who keep their troubles hidden under a mask of pleasure and happiness. It helps alleviate mental worry and torture.

Agrimony is good for anxiety when the cause is unknown.  Mimulus may be a better remedy if the source of the anxiety is known.

Walnut: the remedy to help to protect against outside influences in general, and against the effects of change in particular.

Gentian: the remedy for the relatively mild downheartedness and despondency that follows when something has gone wrong.

Gentien is good for mild despair.  Gorse may be a better remedy if the despondency is deep.

Holly:  the remedy for anger.

Vine:  the remedy brings tolerance to the domineering type personality who desires to control others.

This would be the remedy for people who have unrealistic expectations of themselves.

It may be appropriate to add Impatiens as well.  This is the remedy that will help mental stresses and tensions. It calms feelings associated with impatience and irritability.

White Chestnut may be another potential remedy to include.  It  helps reduce mental chatter, easing repetitive thoughts.

The above remedies can be safely taken (no side effects) along with any prescriptions given by a doctor.  However, goat’s milk alone, without any prescriptions, will relive the ulcer.

For more information, click here and here.

btw:  If you wonder what goat’s milk tastes like?  To me, it’s like very creamy milk.  If you find you don’t like the taste?  Slam it and gulp down some water.  Your stomach will thank you!


2 thoughts on “Have an ulcer? Have you seen your dentist?”

    1. The goat’s milk was pasteurized. Many states have laws making raw milk impossible to get. Some states have collectives where you can purchase directly from farmers but for the most part, raw milk products are unavailable in many US states.

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