Magic in a Seed

Have you ever contemplated the apple seed?  Everything needed for an apple tree that will bear fruit is packed into multiple tiny brown packages tucked into the core of each apple.  The instruction set for every cell that provides an incredible amount of nutrition and taste in a space the size of a baby’s pinkie nail.  Amazing.
When you have little kids and older ones missing their front teeth, you find yourself cutting up apples and tossing the center sections away.  Even older kids eat around the apple and toss the core into the trash.  No one thinks about popping one of those little gems into their mouths.

Eat a seed?  When I was a little girl my uncle used to take my cousin and I to dance class.  I told them I’d accidentally swallowed a watermelon seed.  I’ll never forget his reaction.  “Uh oh, you’re going to grow a watermelon in your tummy.”  Being young and impressionable, I immediately burst into tears.  He and my cousin, who was older by three years, quickly enlightened me to the truth.

While swallowing an apple seed won’t result in an apple tree in your tummy, it will result in a key nutrient in your system:  laetrile.

Also known as vitamin B17, laetrile has amazing anti-cancer properties.  In fact, studies done of an indigenous culture with no cancer led scientists, who studied their lifestyle and diet, to determine that the laetrile rich foods they consumed were the reason.  In fact, I came across a resource that pointed out that laetrile actually destroyed the cancer cells.

There’s no profit in Mother Nature.  Pharmaceutical companies cannot get patents on naturally occuring compounds.  In other words, if it belongs to Mother Nature, a corporation can’t financially profit from it.

Shortly after these studies came out, certain sources of laetrile, namely peach pits and apple seeds, were tied to the deadly poison cyanide.  Using fear as a tactic of intimidation, it was implied that by simply swallowing apple seeds or eating peach pits, people would die of cyanide poisoning.

I trust Mother Nature.  Obviously, there are plenty of naturally occuring poisons in nature.  However, not for one minute did I believe an apple seed to be one of them.  I suppose if I bought a bushel of apples and ate every seed in every apple, I may find myself not feeling too well.  But to occasionally pop the random seeds that pop onto the plate while I’m cutting up the apples for my kids?

Before you are quick to throw away the core of an apple, perhaps you might try a little mining and steal the hidden gems from within.


One thought on “Magic in a Seed”

  1. Informative blog you have here emax. I would like to point out the importance of knowing what works and what does not. Some things just are simply more plausible than others. I hope everyone reading this blog agrees. Hey, it is helpful information, so why not? Can be a lifesaver if used properly.

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