Holistic Medicine Cabinet Staples – Homeopathy

With winter almost upon us, many companies begin their advertising campaigns to push medicines for cold & flu season. In recent years, between product recalls and new regulations, knowing what we should have on hand has become confusing.
The reality is that people can get sick at any time of year.  I keep the following homeopathic remedies on hand, and if we travel?  I pack them so that I’m not caught unprepared.  This is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of your health care professional.

These are remedies that I have used successfully for myself and my family.  I use a 30c dose.  For children, 2 tablets/pellets.  For adults, typically 4 – 5.Like with many situations, children recover more quickly than adults.  I have rarely had to give my kids more than one dose.  For adults, during a severe or acute situation, I will give the remedy twice a day for three days, stopping as soon as symptoms abate.  If they continue, I will give the remedy 2x/day for an additional two days, then 2x/day for one day, then stop.

There will be others who may disagree with the way I dose but this is what I do with myself and my family and over the years have had consistent success.  Homeopathy assists the body’s own defense system and works remarkably well.  If someone does not get relief within this timeframe, it generally means the wrong remedy is being used.  It’s worth trying a different remedy.  With no side effects to speak of, homeopathy is a wonderful alternative to over-the-counter medications, not to mention pharmaceutical ones.

I use Boiron and Hyland’s brands of homeopathic remedies, which are available at health food stores as well as some Walgreen’s (smart pharmacy!)..

Nux vomica.  This is a wonderful remedy for nausea, from a variety of causes.  This is also an excellent remedy for a hangover, even when nausea isn’t a symptom.  It’s great for overindulgence but it works when there are other causes.

Arnica Montana.  This is a great remedy for bumps and bruises, as well as postpartum pain.  I keep both the pellets and cream form of this remedy on hand.  I use Neosporin for scrapes, but if it’s a closed wound, I will rub arnica on.  I may also give pellets, if the pain is severe.

Aesculus hippocastanum.  This may be the best friend of truck drivers, desk jockeys, and new mothers, among others.  It’s great for hemorrhoids.

The following are specific to cold and flu season.

Aconite (Aconitum Napellus).  Fever, cough (the croupy kind), hoarseness, restlessness.

Belladonna.  Fever, headache, earache.

I’ve also used this successfully in treating urinary tract infections.

Chamomilla.  Fever, earache, teething.

Although this remedy is helpful with vomiting, I actually use Pepto Bismol because in my experience, it works more quickly.

Ferrum phosphoricum.  Fever, headache, earache, sore throat, cough (hard, dray, like a tickling in throat).

I have had excellent results stopping a dry cough when nothing else seemed to work.

Calcarea phosphorica.  Growing pains, leg cramps during adolesence.

While I’ve had excellent results using a bar of soap in the bed, I introduced a mineral supplement into my kids’ diet, which stopped them altogether.  This stemmed from my experience that taking a mineral supplement eliminated leg cramps associated with pregnancy.  I’ve also heard anecdotal evidence that mineral supplements eliminate leg cramps in older adults.  With adults, I  personally have had excellent results with Tri-spartate by Thorne Research.

For children, I just made sure the children’s nutritional supplement I gave them had both vitamins and minerals.


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