Be a messenger of the gods…

If there was a flip side of don’t shoot the messenger it would be
never be afraid to fulfill the role of messenger of the gods because you never know the positive difference it will make.

Not long ago I read an email from a friend who shared wonderful news of her recovery from cancer.  I saw several emails sent from others who did a reply/all when they sent their felicitations.  One of them, however, was more than just a congratulations.  The sender included a quote.  As I read the quote I smiled thinking of the addage the right words at the right time.

The sender doesn’t know me; we’ve never met.  However, in sending that email he acted as a messenger; bringing something that was not only relevant, it made my day  better.  I immediately thought of two friends I felt would benefit from the quote and forwarded it without hesitation.

We never know when we’ll have an opportunity to make someone’s day; we have no idea when the words we share are just the right thing at the just the right time.

I encourage people to follow through on any nudges they may get to share a smile or kind words or some wisdom with someone; even a stranger.  You never know just how many lives you may touch and what a positive difference you might make when you become a messenger.

For the record, here is the quote.  I have no idea who said it but who knows, it may be just the right words at just the right time for someone…

Worry and confidence

 If you’re able to worry, you’re also able to be confident.  Because from a functional standpoint, worry and confidence are pretty much the same thing.  Worry is the expectation that something negative will happen.  Confidence is the expectation that something positive will happen.

How do you create confidence about something that hasn’t happened yet?  You use the exact same process you would use to create worry.   The big difference between worry and confidence is the expected outcome.  And the powerful fact is, you can expect whatever outcome you choose.

There’s another way that worry and confidence are quite similar.  They both tend to be self-fulfilling prophesies.  So instead of destroying your effectiveness with worry, you can vastly enhance your effectiveness with confidence.  It takes nothing more than a simple yet powerful change in your expectations.



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