The incredible power of visualzation…4

There  are several excellent books on visualization.  I regularly give my  favorites as gifts.  Among them are The  Visualization Workbook by Shakti Gawain, Write It Down, Make It  Happen  by Henriette Klauser, and I’m  Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams, I am I am I am by Thomas  and Penelope Pauley.  What I love about these books is that they are so  uplifting.  They give hope.    They are written in such a way as  to make the reader believe that we can make our wishes come true.
There  are times in our lives when we can feel stuck between Plan A and Plan B with no  idea what to do next.  And even though my father may be right when he says  that sometimes doing nothing is doing something, to me that is the worst kind of torture.

So  when I find myself searching for my Plan B, I grab these  books and get to work.  Even if I haven’t changed anything, the  simple act of pulling out a spiral notebook and a pen lifts my  spirits.  I  feel like I’m doing something toward achieving my goals; and I am.

The  most important step is figuring out what it is you want.  Get a clear idea  of it in your mind.  Next, write out, as clearly and in as much detail as you can, exactly what it is that you want.  In my experience, details are important because you are  very likely to get exactly what you ask for; verbatim.

In  2005, we were looking for a house.  I knew exactly what I wanted, so I  pulled out my spiral notebook and I began to write.  I wrote down how  many rooms I wanted, described a beautiful yard, nice neighbors, a  fireplace, wood floors, and several other details I felt relevant.  Oh, we  got our house all right.  It was only after moving in I realized I’d  forgotten to say what style of house I wanted.  I had actually  imagined a Victorian style house but we bought a ranch.  I also  didn’t mention the square footage; we could have used a little more.

It  was a good lesson and one I would like to pass along.

Another  key is to realize that, like Shakti Gawain points out, if you write down your desires and then toss the book away in a drawer somewhere, you are very likely  to find they  manifested anyway, when you weren’t looking.

In  the winter of 1995, I was working through The Visualization Workbook.  I wrote down an ideal scene for a desire I had at the time.  I eventually put  that workbook away and moved around the country in the years that  followed.  One day, in 2001, while unpacking a box, I withdrew the old workbook.  It had warped with age, had a bit of water damage, and  smelled rather musty.  Flipping through, I came upon my ideal scene,  written in pencil all those years ago.  My heart beat a little  faster as the words sank in and I rrealized that I had achieved exactly what  I’d written on that page, to the letter.

Today, a  photo copy of that page sits in the album that represents the power of the  mind.  It’s a solid reminder that things may take time but they can turn  out just the way you imagined.

A  final word of advice.  I always include the words, “This or something  better in harmony for all involved,” at the end of all my efforts.  It’s a  bit of CYA but it hopefully guarantees that no animals or insects (or humans) were harmed  in the achievement of life’s goals…