The incredible power of visualization…3

I was quite shaken up after stumbling upon my visualization in a location other than my mind.  In point of fact, I was terrified.  I quit going to that place when I relaxed, which meant that for a long time, I couldn’t relax. I worried about what I might envision, lest I made it real.  This anxiety plagued me off and on for several years until I finally settled on a new scene of ideal relaxation in the summer of 2008.  This one was a beautiful ravine with a river running through  it and woods all around.  I added a trail that went alongside the ravine, complete with areas of sudden, unexpected drop off.   I also threw in some waterfalls for kicks and an area where I could set up a campfire and sleep under the stars.
In July, 2010, my family and I drove into the Rocky Mountains for a day trip.  Anxious to do a little exploring, we pulled over and set out for a short hike.  The path, which ran along a river, eventually turned upward and seemed to move away from the water.  We hiked single file and as I was in the lead, I paid close attention to the safety of our path.  As a result, I saw an area  here it suddenly thinned out, dropping away sharply.  If we weren’t careful, we would slide  down into the river.  Just like in my vision.

I halted and took a closer look.  Sure enough, I had manifested my place of ideal relaxation; a place I had never been to other than in my mind.  The only difference was that CO-14 doesn’t run through my vision.  As we continued ahead, I found the open space that I had added to my own vision; the one where I could camp out under the stars.  Bit of a fire hazard in reality, but the location was spot on.

As we drove home, I decided that fear was not an ally I wanted or needed.  I was going to embrace this as a wonderful example of the power of the mind; the ability to make wishes come true.

I returned to that location a week later and took several photos.  I placed those photos, along with one of the water falls and one of the tree overlooking the ocean from my previous vision, in a photo album repurposed to showcase tangible examples of the positive power of the mind.

Any time I feel frustrated because my efforts to achieve something appear to be going nowhere, I can pull that album out and remember that it is possible…just possible…to achieve exactly what I envision.