The incredible power of visualization…2

In 2000, I took the Silva Method BLS course.  One of the mental exercises requires that we project ourselves to our ideal place of relaxation.  This place can be real or imagined.  I  proceeded to meld together a scene from the novel The Mists of Avalon, with a Greek amphitheater and a tropical beach scene.  I had extra elements, such as a beautiful tree that hung low over the ocean, a river that went alongside the main area, and a forest that ran behind it, with a trail for riding horses.  When we had to create our mental laboratory, I added a 2-story southern plantation house with a large veranda that faced the ocean.  I had never been anywhere tropical, had never been to Greece, and the book has no photos, so the entire place was invented within my mind.
Four years later, my husband and I were taking a break while hiking on a remote part of Kauai.  Suddenly, I realized that I was staring at the exact beach scene from my vision, complete with a tree hanging over the ocean.  I looked up to the wooded area not far away and considered how the only thing missing was my 2-story home with the large veranda.  I glanced down at the tour book and stared in shock at a point of interest on the page.  There was a natural  amphitheatre close by and from what I could see on the map, a river close to it.

As we walked down the beach toward the natural amphitheatre, we passed a beautiful house with a front veranda facing the beach.  Excitedly, we approached the river.  Not far beyond it was the beautiful amphitheatre.  We decided to walk back to our car by taking a different route, one that would lead us through the woods.  I only shook my head as we passed a couple on horseback heading in the opposite direction.

Impossible as it seemed, I had manifested every element within my vision with only slight variations.  The house was smaller and located some distance away from the tree overhanging the ocean.  The river was actually a small stream and it was on the wrong side, relative to my visualization.  The amphitheatre was quite deep and there were no marble benches upon  which to sit and meditate.  But the woods, complete with horse trails, ran along the back of the entire area.

In the Silva BLS we are taught that going to level once a day is good, twice a day is better, and three times a day is excellent.  I had been visualizing my ideal place of relaxation several times a day, almost every day, for four years.  Of course, I never had any intention of actually manifesting that place, but it happened anyway – and that wasn’t the only time…