The incredible power of visualization…1

While seeing King Kong (the one with Fay Wray) at the drive-in as a kid, I thought how cool it would be to swim beneath waterfalls in a beautiful setting like that (sans the big ape).  Like so many of the millions of thoughts that come and go, this one was filed away somewhere in my mental computer and I gave it little thought (okay – no thought) as I grew older.  In 2004, my husband and I were checking our tour book and I learned that the falls I had been swimming beneath that afternoon were the same ones that appeared in that very movie!  I had gotten my wish (it was icy cold – poor Fay!).
During a conversation with colleagues early in my career, I casually mentioned how cool it would be to live in a loft like the one in Desperately Seeking Susan.  Fifteen years later, without consciously trying, I had accomplished it.

I read that actor Mike Farrell had considered how wonderful it would be to work with professionals like the ones in MASH before winning the role of Dr BJ Hunnicutt on the show.  Apparently, Hayden Christensen had a similar reflective experience when wondering what lucky actor would get to play the next Annakin Skywalker, before landing the role himself.

In all of the above scenarios the desire was considered in an off-handed, almost careless way, as if it really didn’t matter whether or not the wish came true.  According to some esoteric disciplines, this is the key to manifesting what you imagine.  You visualize and you let go of the attachment to the outcome.

Easier said than done and not necessarily the only way…