EMFs and Weather – hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes

Taken from this article:  http://www.timesonline.com/news/national/town-at-epicenter-of-quake-exhales-as-irene-passes/article_cb7fed68-9cb8-52a8-88e8-bfa274d6efed.html

“There was little, if anything, that we could have done to prepare for the earthquake. And who would have thought it would be followed by a hurricane?”

I did. 


UPDATE:  When I saw that Japan had experienced a large earthquake, I knew it was a short time before the storm made its appearance.


Here is the quake info:  http://www.hindustantimes.com/6-2-magnitude-quake-shakes-northeast-Japan-USGS/Article1-745953.aspx

This phenomenon of storms following quakes is global.  It’s EMF related.  I’m certain of it.


One thought on “EMFs and Weather – hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes”

  1. Having read this book many times, this surely crossed my mind – first with the Mineral City ,VA. earthquake and then with the hurricane. Too many similarities!

    One who cares

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