Animals are EMF Sensitive

I can predict earthquakes.  I can tell where they will happen, what day and time, and how big the magnitude is going to be.  Actually, anyone could do it if they were as sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies as I am.

In the days and hours before a quake, the fault lines emit more ultra low electromagnetic frequencies.  Exposure to these ultra low EMFs leaves me very ill.  The specific symptoms and the how and whys of it are all detailed in my book Riding the Waves, Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

After a quake occurs, the EMF emissions are reset to zero and for a blissful yet brief period of time, I feel okay.  Unfortunately, living in a quake zone like California meant I was sick almost ceaselessly.

While researching for the book I learned that I am not the only one who is able to sense an iminant quake.  So when I read the following article, I was far from surprised.  I’ve included such information in my book.

In spite of all this evidence, there are people who still refuse to acknowledge that certain electromagnetic frequencies have a profoundly negative impact on the beings of this planet.  While everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, it is folly to ignore the potential repercussions.  Even if only a small percentage of individuals are highly sensitive, we are still talking about beings that have an impact on all of us, whether directly or indirectly.

If, due to exposure to problematic EMFs, an individual is experiencing symptoms that leave them unable to function, the potential impact is significant.  A solider may become fuzzy headed just when he needs his wits about him.  Someone behind the wheel may be so drowsy they are literally a danger to themselves and everyone else.  Someone who is unnaturally hostile or depressed may take actions they wouldn’t normally.

EMF Sensitivity is real.  It’s not something one can cure, though it is something one can treat and manage.

I am very concerned about the impact of bringing more of these potentially harmful ultra low EMFs into our environment.  Quite frankly, we’re playing with fire and while people can stick their heads in the sand, Mother Nature won’t.


One thought on “Animals are EMF Sensitive”

  1. We felt the earthquake in Michigan. Our dog knew something. Animals at the Detroit zoo were said to have acted strangely (as reported from other zoos as well).

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