EMFs and weather

While researching for my book Riding the Waves, I began observing a relationship between EMFs and weather.

I am not the first to make an association either.  As far back as the days when Aristotle believed that earthquakes were a result of winds trapped beneath the earth, individuals have made connections between weather and earthquakes.

I learned that there is something called earthquake weather and that it sounded incredibly similar to what Midwesterners call tornado weather.

There are earthquake clouds, which have been studied by people on several continents, including the Middle East, India, and China.

I detail all of this in my book.

I also began to observe a different type of relationship.  One that led me to theorize that there is some sort of symbiotic balance between atmospheric EMFs and those emitted from the earth.

I started to notice that around the globe, within a very short time frame of a massive earthquake, an area would experience a storm of equal or greater magnitude/devastation.  This happened with the earthquakes in Tibet, New Zealand, Chile, and the Baja, among others.

In fact, when Tibet had that quake, I told my husband “There will be a storm of some sort within a day.  I thought it would be a tornado.  The next morning I read that India, not a far distance geologically speaking, had experienced a massive tropical storm.  The area was kiddy-korner from where the quake had taken place.

This also happened in Asia after the Japan earthquake/tsunami.  Nearby islands experienced storms and quakes in short time intervals.

These are observations.

So I considered.  I knew there were atmospheric EMFs.  I knew that EMFs are emitted (and measured) at fault lines.  I knew that EMF emissions increase significantly in the hours and days before an event (earthquakes and volcanoes) and that this phenomenon had been studied extensively at universities across the globe.

Again, this is all outlined in my book.

I also knew that after an earthquake, the EMF emissions reset to zero.

This is why I felt so much worse before a quake would happen and so much better after it occurred and the EMFs were no longer coming out of the fault lines.  This led to my being able to predict the size, location, and time and date of the quakes – based on how sick I was feeling.  I have a copy of my record both on this site and in my book.

I wonder if when the EMFs are reset to zero, a vacuum isn’t created.  This vacuum needs to be filled and maybe that draws atmospheric EMFs to fill that void.  Depending on other factors, such as temperature of the ground and air, wind direction, etc, perhaps the forces of those atmospheric EMFs strengthen into a storm that has the potential to bring devastation.


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