Teething tablets aren’t just for babies…

When my husband and I noticed our normally mild-tempered son acting inordinately whiney, we were caught off guard.  While it would have been easy to write it off as he needs a nap, I suspected something was up.  Turns out, he was teething; a surprise, perhaps, since he is six years old.
A check of the back of his jaw showed 3 of the 4 six-year molars at various stages of putting in an appearance, from just poking through, to almost halfway there.

I knew that the Bach Flower remedy Walnut was good for any time kids go through changes and transitions, including getting teeth.  I wondered, would the homeopathic teething tablets I’d given him as an infant, help in this case?

Although he told me there is no pain from the teeth pushing through, he was incredibly whiney and fatigued.  His cheeks were a bit puffy as well and he told me his ear felt hot, though it didn’t hurt. I began a therapy of Hyland’s teething tablets, along with two drops of the Bach Flower remedy Walnut.  All of his symptoms ceased, almost immediately.

I had actually read about administering the flower remedy to kids getting their 12 year moalrs, as it helps with the symptoms, including emotional ones.  I can attest that it helps with the six year molars as well.

By far, however, the best remedy, has been the homeopathic teething tablets.  They quickly eliminated all uncomfortable symptoms associated with the new teeth.

I would suggest that these remedies be considered when kids are losing their baby teeth (milk teeth).  The symptoms may not be as obvious as when the kids were infants, but getting adult teeth can be every bit as traumatic an experience.

The homeopathic and Bach Flower remedies can make a positive difference, making everyone’s life that much easier.

incidentally:  Walnut is good for adults going through changes as well, such as a new job, having just gotten married, moving across the country, etc.  And there are no side effects and no contraindications when taking medications.

Update:  As my son is now losing his baby (milk) teeth and getting his adult ones, he occasionally experiences discomfort.  I give him teething tablets and all discomfort resolves quickly.


4 thoughts on “Teething tablets aren’t just for babies…”

  1. Thanks for this post. I would not have thought to use the infant teething tablets with older kids. Did you give him a higher dose? My son is 4 and so has a couple years to go until those 6 year molars, but I will tuck this bit of advice away. Thanks again.Ps-This Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth (http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/) has been a help to me for my 2 boys. It’s got practical tips on helping kids develop healthy habits from the newborn phase all the way to the teen years.

    1. Joy: Thank you for taking the time to comment. I give my son two tablets. I don’t give higher doses and I have never had to double the dose. I consistently have good luck with this throughout the stages. Thank you for the resource! I’m always looking for helpful sources of information! Again, thank you for taking the time to contribute! Have a great day!btw: Even before we see evidence of the adult teeth, they can have an effect as they slowly make their way up to the surface. Watch for telltale swelling and other signs that you will recognize as you are the parent and know your child well and certainly better than a dentist or other health professional who may only see him/her a couple of times a year. Our family dentist said there was absolutely no harm in giving him the teething tablets to help him be more comfortable.

      1. I’d like to add that more is not better here. Only one dose should do the trick. If there is no noticeable improvement I would wait four hours and give one more dose. If nothing changes, the remedy is probably not the right one. While I have had the best luck with Hyland’s teething tablets, there are other homeopathic teething remedies from reputable companies (i.e. Boiron). I wouldn’t hesitate to try one of them if I was certain that the cause was teething and not an ear infection or some other problem.Homeopathic medicine is incredibly effective but more is not better. If it isn’t working it often means that, like with Bach Flower Remedies, a different remedy is probably indicated.

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