Soap in the bed for Toddler Leg Cramps It Works!

My grandmother used to call them growing pains.
When my son woke up in agony from pain in his legs I sought natural remedies.  A quick bit of research turned up something a bit unusual:

Put a bar of soap between the bottom sheet and the mattress.

The remedy appeared on several websites and while no one understood how it worked, several parents swore it did.  It was worth a try.

To relieve the immediate pain, I gave him a baby aspirin.  I also put a small bar of soap under the fitted sheet and waited with him until he fell asleep.

The soap works.  He has never again experienced leg cramps.  I suspect body heat causes the release of some sort of gas from the soap that is absorbed through the skin.  Something about this action prevents leg cramps.

Hydration is another excellent preventative measure for leg cramps, particularly in warmer weather.

It’s also imperative to make sure there is an adequate intake of minerals.  In particular, potassium.


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