Does Feng Shui Work? Definitely, but…(5)

Looking through feng shui eyes can be brutal.  It takes courage to change what isn’t working in your life.  Far too many people accept less-than-ideal situations.  Feng shui isn’t an easy fix and the decision to bring harmony into your environment and your life should not be dismissed as frivolous.  If you have decided to implement the principles associated with feng shui in order to find a better way, congratulations.
It takes courage.   “What does that picture say to you?” the feng shui practitioner asked as we stood in my hall.  I studied the print uneasily.  It had been a Christmas gift.  It was contemporary and beautiful.  I loved it.  However…

“Independence, I suppose, and maybe that the woman doesn’t care.”

“Do you think that’s a picture that’s supporting harmony in your marriage?”


The practitioner accompanied me from room to room, pointing out a variety of items, or their absence (we had a pool table in our dining room.  Not sitting down to a meal together is a feng shui no no).  At the end of the consultation, we spent quite awhile talking.  She gently pointed out where the patterns in my life were not healthy or positive.  She explained that if I truly wanted harmony in my environment and my life, I was going to have to let go of thinking, feeling, and acting in ways that didn’t support that.

Not to mention that print.

In the years after that consultation, I made a crucial adjustment to the filter of feng shui vision.  I now ask myself if my environment and the objects in it support what it is I say I want.  If the answer is no, then I have some serious decisions to make, and I’m not talking about getting rid of a picture that may be sending the wrong message or deciding to buy a dining room table.

If there is a disconnect, then I need to take a hard look, not only at the environment, but at who I am at that moment.  How close am I to who I say I want to be?  And more importantly, am I willing to do what it takes to get there?  Am I willing to make the hard choices?  (Again, I’m
talking about more than donating a piece of art or making a furniture purchase).

I have learned from past experience that when implementing the principles of feng shui, sweeping changes, internal and external, will come through my life.  I know from previous experience that these changes will not always be pleasant.  I know that the road taking me toward my goal may twist and turn viciously.  However, I also know that the alternative, to do nothing, is out of the question for me.

So, what to do?  Nothing less than gather up what courage I can and take the next step.