Feng Shui Needs to Be Recycled/Updated

We recently moved…new state, new home.  I noticed immediately that our home felt right.  It seems to be filled with positive energy.  Still, I kept an eye out for any possible feng shui problems that would need to be addressed.  Over a week later, I’m still looking.
Oh, there’s a bagua missing here or there, and there is a bit of metal element dominance, but I am looking at it in the context of a bigger picture.  Maybe my family was missing the benefits a metal element could bring.  Perhaps the house is heavy on that element…for the house – but in perfect balance for its occupants.

What works in one home may not in another.  We are organizing the garage and continuing to unpack.  As I eyed the various area rugs, I knew without opening them that they won’t work in our current home.  The colors work but the styles are incredibly different.  This is okay.  I set them into the donate pile.

It isn’t just furniture and portraits that may need periodic updating and changing out when we move, our feng shui enhancements may also.

The exception may be the cures.  Bagua mirrors and crystals can often find a home in a variety of places, including a dark corner in a garage or basement.

Not just when we move.  While moving to a new location may really highlight the need to upgrade our feng shui scheme, there are other times when it’s a good idea to change out and change up our feng shui lives.

A new goal.  Whenever we have a new goal in life we should pay attention to the energy in our environment.  Want a new job?  Enhance the career and self-knowledge areas of your home and the rooms that correlate to those guas.  The helpful people/travel area would probably be a good idea also.  Want to start a family?  Start looking at the health and family area as well as the children and creativity one.  Ready for a serious relationship?  Focus on the love and marriage gua as well as the helpful people/travel one.

A new situation.  Just got a promotion?  Got married?  Had a baby?  These are all excellent reasons to refresh and update your feng shui enhancements.  Doing so can help ease the transition.  More than symbolic, shifting things around in your environment can be a constant visual cue that helps you adjust to your new status.

One example might be to clear out old manuals and work documentation, provided it isn’t going to be useful in your new position.  When I was working my way up in the technology industry, I often benefitted from inheriting the senior consultants’ older manuals.  They provided valuable reference and training material while I was learning the ropes.  The exception is stuff that is so out of date it may make more sense to donate it to a library…or a museum.

Another situation in which change may be helpful is when you enter into a new relationship.  It’s not a good idea to hold onto objects that were given to you by a former belle or beau.  Every time you see the object, you will be reminded of that person and your relationship with them.  If it ended less than positively, all the more reason to let it go.  You’re in a new place in your life.  Be there.

A new us.  People do not remain static.  We grow.  If we’re lucky, we continue to learn and grow throughout our lives.  Keeping old feng shui enhancements indefinitely may lead us to stagnate.  If you put an arbor in the yard to enhance or cure a deficit of some type, update the statue or greenery.  Perhaps roses would do better than the ivy, or perhaps it’s time for wisteria?  Maybe two doves on a bird bath would better suit than a cherub looking thoughtful (and alone…unlike TWO birds).

You don’t have to spend a lot of money.  It could be as simple as changing out an entry rug to better enhance your career area.  It could mean putting on a new coat of paint that reflects the new you.  Groovy Green may have been all the rage with your bell bottoms, and hot pink may have gone with the mullet, but perhaps something a little more refined and sophisticated is in store?

Changing out and changing up the feng shui stuff in your life will have another benefit.  You’ll stir up that good ol’ energy and get it circulating through your life in wonderful ways.