Living the Good Life – It Comes Down to Choices – 3

It really is about choice, not luck.
On the career front.

Not long ago I stood in a friend’s office in downtown San Francisco.  The office was in a strategic part of town overlooking the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and was, in my opinion, absolutely perfect.  He accepted my congratulations so humbly, I was caught off guard.  Didn’t he realize what he’d accomplished?

You’re living your dream, I told him.  Do you realize how many people only pay lip service to making their dreams a reality?  You went ahead and did it.  Do you know how amazing that is?  You should be so proud of yourself!

Until I pointed out how the majority only paid lip service to making the choices that would lead them to fulfil their dreams, I don’t know if he realized just how much he actually had accomplished.  He’d made tough choices and the path to where he was was far from easy or fun.  To me, that didn’t matter so much as that, unlike those who only talk about becoming entrepaneurs, he actually had made the choice to become one.  The rest is history.