Living the Good Life – It Comes Down to Choices – 2

What people ascribe to luck is anything but.
On the home front.

“Oh, you’re so lucky.  I’ve always wanted to live in (fill in city here).”

My husband and I have literally lost count of the number of times we’ve heard this phrase over the past decade.  Our thought on the comment is always the same:

If you’ve always wanted to live there, why don’t you?

The responses are fascinating.

Well, um, I/we can’t move.  They then give a number of excuses about why they aren’t doing something they have supposedly always wanted to do.  1) It would be hard on their kids (as if little Susie or Johnny would be destroyed for life by moving).  2) They couldn’t find another job (did they even try?).

Or one of the more truly baffling: I/we have too much stuff to move. ??????????!!

The truth is, we worked hard and made deliberate choices when deciding where to move.  It wasn’t luck, it was a choice backed up by action.  It’s a choice people make every day.

Sure, there may be logistical nightmares involved with moving, but if someone has always wanted to live in a certain place, wouldn’t that logistical shuffling translate to happiness, making the effort totally worth the choice?