Do They Want Your Power or Do They Want To Empower You?

I was fortunate to know at a very young age that I didn’t need a spiritual intermediary.  That isn’t to say I didn’t recognize the wisdom in seeking counsel from those who were older, potentially wiser, and more experienced or knowledgeable in matters of spiritual counsel, not to mention life. It’s just that I never felt compelled to turn over my personal power to another when it came to matters of religion or spirit.
I read this morning that a town in France is being watched because it has become somewhat of a mecca for the latest group of apocalyptic pundits

With the plethora of self-help information available on a global scale, I suppose it should come as no surprise that certain individuals might be lured into turning over their personal power in order to follow someone else’s spiritual doctrine.  There seems to be no shortage of self-proclaimed guru’s willing to take advantage of the vulnerable.

But what makes someone vulnerable?  What is it they may be looking for from someone else that they can’t get from within themselves?  Why the obsession with the end of the world?

I suspect it comes down to worthiness.  When someone seeks to know whether or not they are one of the chosen few, what they’re really asking is Are they worthy?  Are they worthy of salvation?  Are they worthy of love?

It’s a shame that so many are quick to rely on someone else’s judgment for those answers.  It’s a shame that people are ready to give their time and energy, their life savings, and sometimes their life to a self-proclaimed spiritual guru in exchange for assurance of such worthiness.  It’s astonishing what some individuals are willing to trade for a guarantee of worthiness.  Especially when no such guarantee exists and the answer of worthiness can only be found within.

It’s unfortunate that more people aren’t able to recognize when a charismatic leader is more likely to cause harm than lead to enlightenment.  I believe I can offer one simple way to separate the helpful from the harmful.  Ask yourself

Do they want your power or do they want to empower you?