Does Feng Shui Work? Definitely, but…(2)

It May Not Work Like You Think!
In Terah Kathryn Collins’ book The Western Guide to Feng Shui, Room by Room, she writes of looking at the rooms in your home and the possessions within it through feng shui eyes.  My initial interpretation of that phrase was that you were simply looking through a feng shui filter.  However, after utilizing her strategies, as well as those of other feng shui authors, I have come to realize it’s much more than that.

Ignorance is bliss.  Once your feng shui eyes have been opened, you cannot close them again.  You can try to ignore what you saw but that’s like trying not to think of lemons when someone tells you not to.  In fact, the effect is so startling, it’s as if you suddenly realized your jeans
don’t feel so comfortable and, if you were honest about it, hadn’t in a long time.  You just ignored it.  After all, if you did something about it – well – that would take energy, right?  You’d have to DO something.  It’s a lot easier to just not think about it, right?  Or is it?

There’s an interesting line in the movie The Matrix, when Morpheus is speaking with Neo.  “…it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad…”

Once you become aware of something out of place, out of harmony in your life, you can’t go back to ignoring it.  Not without spending tremendous amounts of energy, at any rate.  It doesn’t go away.  That’s like pulling the covers over your head so you don’t have to see the monster.  Trust me, it’s still there.

It takes far less energy to fix the issue and have it off of your mind than to have it eating up cycles, like a computer running a program in the background, sucking up resources, affecting every other program, often affecting performance.

When you begin to take actions consistent with the principles of feng shui, you’ll find that you can’t go back to living your life the way you did.  You’ll feel compelled to take action.  In fact, you’ll have to.  You can expend energy ignoring what you have learned (I need to lose weight – I
don’t look good in my clothes anymore and in reality, I’ve been out of shape far longer than I’d like to admit) or observed (I never did like that stupid poster.  I just let my spouse hang it up because it seemed to mean more to her than it did to me.  If I was honest, I hate that print and now that I’ve admitted that…I wonder…would she notice if it suddenly wasn’t there? ) or realized (Everytime I see my old college books on my bookshelf, I’m reminded of how much I used to love art instead of math.  Maybe it’s time I consider a new career…one more in harmony with what I really want in life, what’s in my heart…) or you can spend energy taking action based on what you learned (time to join the gym), observed (she won’t notice if I replace it with something we both love), or realized (time to update my resume).

In seeing through feng shui eyes, you not only see where you’ve been (I remember buying that statue when we were on our honeymoon in Tahiti.  I loved that piece and it brings such  wonderful memories of our honeymoon…maybe I should move it to the bedroom…) but where you are now (I think I’ve moved beyond the starved college student phase.  Maybe it’s time to get some new furniture that is more representative of the sophisticated adult I’ve become).

Simply hauling a bunch of old belongings to the local charity shop won’t transform your life.  It’s what happens to you because of those actions that will.  In my opinion and experience, feng shui is more about internal transformation and truth be told, likely began long before you packed the first item into the donate box.  It began like a quiet whispering in your mind that said “It’s time for change…” and feng shui was simply the path of least resistence to manifest it.