Fracking and EMFs – “It’s a feature”

When I read that Arkansas was experiencing numerous earthquakes and that the oil company was pumping fluid into the ground, I knew at once  what the cuplrit was.  I well remember Geology 101 my freshman year in college.  Our professor explained how the Rocky Mountain Arsenal disposal well (an injection well) was closed in 1966 because the fluid injection triggered a series of earthquakes in the area.

The oil company initially denied that it was responsible and yet in April, 2011, they ceased activity

At the time, I thought how these companies were creating fault lines.  I wondered if these artificially created fault lines would release ultra-low frequency EMFs the way Mother Nature’s fault lines do.  I knew from personal experience that like myself, people sensitive to these ultra-low frequencies are sickened when exposed.  Would that happen if you were around the drilling sites?

Unbeknownst to me, I was about to find out.  I had no idea when I relocated away from California (to escape the fault lines and EMF related sickness) that I was moving to a place that was creating them through fracking.

My experience has shown me that those who are sensitive to ultra-low electromagnetic frequencies are likely to experience symptoms if they are in the vicinity of hydraulic fracking rigs/wells.  The more wells, the more fault lines created.  The more fault lines created, the more EMFs released.  The more EMFs released, the worse the symptoms.

I’m not talking about the water.  I’m talking about ultra-low electromagnetic frequencies.  As I explain in my book Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, some individuals (including myself) are sensitive to certain frequencies and experience a variety of physical symptoms.

I began to suspect to suspect EMFs when some of the symptoms that I’d only experienced in California (itchy skin, headaches, and nausea) reappeared in areas near these wells.  More than that, the same remedies I’d used in California were effective here.

I then read up on what others were reporting in terms of sickness and discovered they were the same symptoms as EMF Sensitivity.

It won’t only be the residents in the vicinity who may be affected.  The crew who work around these wells, including the farmers who lease part of their land to them and the actual employees working on the wells may be affected and they’ll probably never know what happened.

A lot of people will want to blame drinking water but what I’m talking about is not caused by contaminated drinking water.  It’s not caused by too many cell phones or phone towers.  It’s not caused by the machinery.  It’s the ultra-low EMFs coming up from the man-made fault lines as a result of this type of drilling.

As far back as the 1970s, scientists knew the effects of ultra-low EMFs.  One study found that Russian workers who worked on utility lines that emitted these ultra-low frequencies had a whole host of symptoms as a result of exposure.

This and other studies are explained in detail in my book Riding the Waves.

The symptoms aren’t just physical either.  Depression in some cases became despondency and irritability became hostility.

The sad part is that people may not even realize what’s happening, let alone what the cause is.

There are remedies.  Simple, inexpensive remedies.  The whole reason I wrote the book was to provide an explanation of what EMF Sensitivity is, and what you can do about it.

Perhaps when someone is searching on fracking they will stumble across my article and consider that there may be more to the story than just worrying about contaminated water.

It may help provide an explanation (and relief from symptoms).

Like others, I’m concerned about contaminated drinking water and the environmental impact of this process.  However, wells laced with methane and other contaminants are only one chapter in the incredibly complex story of hydraulic fracking.


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