Forget antacid – reach for goat’s milk…

As the holiday season is approaching, I thought I’d pass along a helpful drinking tip.  With all the festivities and family gatherings, it’s more than likely folks will be imbibing potentially vast amounts of alcohol, which can, in turn, lead to cases of heartburn.
Instead of reaching for antacids, do what many Germans do, and reach for the goat’s milk.

I learned that before heading out to celebrate Oktoberfest, many Germans will drink goat’s milk to protect their stomachs.  Unlike cow’s milk, it does not stimulate the production of stomach acids that can lead to a painful burning sensation.  Additionally, it can help in the case of
ulcers, something I can attest to personally.

After I was diagnosed with an ulcer several years ago, my doctor prescribed several medications, including an antacid and a pain reliever.  Neither was effective and I didn’t like the idea of taking a prescription medication, so I headed to Whole Foods.

One of the women told me the story of the goat’s milk, explaining that it would form a protective gel-like substance over the ulcer, enabling healing.  She assured me it would also relieve any pain.  She then went on to talk about how the Germans and Austrians often used it prior to heavy drinking to protect their stomachs.

The helpful associate explained that five ounces a day would do the trick.

I quit taking the prescriptions meds (I’d only been on them two days and they were completely ineffective) and began the goat’s milk.  I immediately noticed an effect on the pain and within three days, the acid in my stomach had been eliminated.

I kept up the goat’s milk regimen for two weeks and was soon ulcer-free.

As we head into the holiday season, I’d like to suggest adding a quart or two of goat’s milk into the grocery cart.  Simply drinking five ounces a day can go a long way toward staving off acid indigestion and other digestive discomfort associated with celebrating the holidays.

What does goat’s milk taste like?  It does not have the strong tangy taste of goat’s cheese.  To me, it tastes like creamy milk.

And since goat’s are the universal donor, you can be assured of its health benefits.

btw;  These benefits cannot be gained from cow’s milk.  Goat’s milk is what does the trick.