Does Feng Shui Work? Definitely, but…(4)

It takes patience.  People who don’t understand feng shui may believe it’s a quick fix and/or that it works fast.  Many authors of books on the subject support this perception with their success stories.  In some cases, it can probably work very fast.  In most cases, however, I think a lot of patience is warranted.
Like many of us, I started at the bottom at my first job.  After a short time, I decided on a position I wanted to work toward.  I began researching what it would take to get there.  It took 4 years of long hours and hard work before I was able to succeed.    Later in my career, I was in the process of interviewing for a job when the company went through a sudden and unexpected hiring freeze.  I was advised to patiently wait out the situation and I’m glad I did.  I was hired 8 months later and had a wonderful multi-year career there.  However, those 8 months were some of the longest of my life, especially since I was working at a very stressful job I didn’t

It was around this time I stumbled upon Terah Kathryn Collins’ book.  I immediately began putting the principles into place but I didn’t see many outside results for quite a long time.  What I did see, or feel, rather, were the beginnings of the inner transformation that was crucial to the entire process.

I remember walking through each room, ruthlessly assessing my possessions through my newly opened feng shui eyes.  I chose several items and moved them to a pile near my front door.  A woman was doing some work at our home and she asked what I was planning to do with the items.  I explained that I was donating them, but if she saw something she wanted, it was hers.  She got tears in her eyes as she explained that her adult son had just moved back home and needed to furnish and decorate his basement room.  The items in the pile would be absolutely perfect for him, she said.

As she pulled out of the driveway, I felt a wonderful inner contentment.  I had been able to help people I’d never met simply by making the decision to use feng shui principles (work to bring harmony into my environment and my life).

The route is far from perfect or linear.  When my family decided we wanted to move from California, it was the fall of 2005.  We finally left the state in the winter of 2009, 4 years later.

In the time between making the decision to do or have something and actually acquiring it, there is often a tremendous amount of challenge, and not everything will go smoothly or even well.  There is usually a lot of hard work and not a few “pre-requisites” that need to be completed, either by us or others.  Sometimes, unforeseen and quite unfortunate events can come around.

High winds from a winter storm caused a tree to fall on our home while it was for sale.  We are fortunate that no one was hurt, but the damage was extensive.  We had to take our house off the market and go through the process of rebuilding, a delay of one and a half years during which the market tanked further.

Throughout the years I have continued to apply feng shui principles on a regular basis, paying particular attention to times when the energy around me seems to become stagnant.  I consistently find the opportunity to grow and change in positive ways, often learning something new as a result of the process. In every instance, I see and feel results on an inner level long before I see them externally.