Does Feng Shui Work? Definitely, but…(3)

You May Not Be Ready.
As I mentioned in my previous post, feng shui works but may not work the way you think it will.  Most people probably can’t fully grasp the reality that simply moving furniture around or hauling a bag full of old paperbacks to the library can result in dramatic inner transformations.
Another truth is that

You May Not Be Ready.  Everyone wants a good life, right?  Most of us want a good job, enough money to afford the things we need and want, a nice place to live, love, good health, and happiness.  And it’s possible that making changes utilizing the principles of feng shui can help us attain all that.  However, are we really ready for it?

A few years ago I was talking to my mom on the phone.  We had no For Sale sign in front of our house.  We hadn’t even spoken to a realtor.  “I’m ready,” I told her as I strolled through my beautiful back yard, admiring my recent landscaping efforts.

“I bet you are,” she replied.  “I bet you’re already packed.”

“No,” I answered, “but that won’t take much.”

Packing can be tedious but it only takes a few days, perhaps a week. (Loading the truck is a different story).  But I told the truth.  I was ready.  Long before the truck pulled into our driveway, I had begun getting the entire family ready for our cross-country move.  I had
subscribed to a magazine that covered living in our new state.  I had hung photos of various scenes from our new state.  I had organized several trips to our prospective state over a period of three years.  These trips were intended to get us familiar with the area we planned to move to and enabled us to have enough memories that we could easily visualize ourselves living there.  We knew what it smelled like, what it looked like, what it felt like.

More than that, I had been steadily doing feng shui.  As a result, I had whittled my book collection from 13 boxes packed with books to 4.  I had donated clothes and toys and other items to the local women’s/children’s shelter.  I had thrown away anything that no longer served us that was not worth donating.

I also made changes to our environment that we could enjoy.  I’d already been through (3 previous times) not fixing a place up until right before we sold it.  I wanted to enjoy where we were.  So, we painted, we hung nice artwork (we blew up photos we took and framed
them), we transformed the garage into a space we would enjoy spending time in (play area for kids, painted the floor, totally organized tool area, etc).  I didn’t stop there.  I wanted to love the view I had out every window.

I focused on upgrading the landscaping in our back yard so that we would not only love what we saw, we would enjoy it no matter what the season.  I researched and learned what plants and trees bloomed during what seasons.  I talked with the neighbors to find out where the best
(read CHEAPEST) nurseries were.  I did the labor myself (you save gads of money this way).  As a result, over the period of a year, I had transoformed our yard.  With the exception of the California rainy season, we had something blooming all year.  Our yard was filled with beautiful
color and scents for 10 out of 12 months.  It was wonderful.  And even though we still hadn’t even spoken to a realtor, we were ready.

When we finally did put a sign up on our lawn, we knew that our house and yard was at its absolute best shape.  It held the positive energy of a place we loved and had worked on.  We were ready to turn the keys over to the new owners.

I still hadn’t packed but every possession I had was organized and was ready.  I knew where everything was.  I knew in my mind how it would be organized in boxes because I was ready.

When I finally began packing, everything went smoothly and just as I had prepared for.  I knew that I wasn’t packing anything we didn’tneed.  I was already organized so it was easy to move things into boxes and bins.  By the time the truck pulled up, my mind was already living in
our new home.

I was ready.  Will you be?

Maybe you don’t aspire to selling your house and moving across the country. Maybe you just want a raise.  Are you ready for that?    If you want more money, are you prepared to give more?  Do you have a plan ready to present to your boss that explains everything the company will get in return for the further investment in you via a salary increase?  And when you go to present your plan, what will your appearance say?  Years ago, a colleague said to me, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  Are you investing in your apperance by dressing appropriately for the person you say you are?  Or are you doing the bare minimum?  You say you’re ready for the new responsibility and salary that go with it, but are you ready for what that will mean in other parts of your life?  Does your home reflect the person you say you will be
on the job?  If you are a dynamo on your team at work, do you plan on coming home to chaos and disarray?  How can you expect to deliver at work what you don’t even give yourself?

So being ready for the changes you say you want to make means a lot more than rearranging the furniture or throwing away old clutter.  It means accepting that every part of your life has to reflect what you say you want.

So, before you take the first step, do yourself a favor…make sure you’re ready…


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