What do EMFs look like?

Just as there is an audio spectrum, there is a visual one, and the average person can see frequencies that fall within this spectrum (i.e. light, but not UV light).  However, just as some individuals can hear frequencies that fall outside of the normal range, certain people can see frequencies outside the visual range.

Fluorescent lighting causes problems for EMF Sensitives.  Before discovering the therapies, I couldn’t be in a retail establishment for more than about ten minutes before I was feeling incredibly fatigued and had difficulty concentrating.

Turns out the alternating current utilized by the ballasts in these overhead lighting systems causes a flicker.  According to research, individuals should not be able to see fluorescent lights flicker, though they acknowledge that the sensory system in some individuals somehow detects the flicker and results in health isues which include migraines, eye strain, watery, burning eyes, and I can add fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

For centuries, certain individuals have been able to see an energy field as a colored light that is around all or part of the human body.  They refer to this as the aura.  However, because only certain individuals were able to detect it, others dismissed its existence. In The Science of Miracles, Gregg Braden explains that the Institute of HeartMath has “discovered” an energy field that eminates from the heart.  I believe that science has finally learned a way to detect the human aura.

As we can see from the above examples, it is possible to visually detect frequencies that fall outside the defined limits of the visual spectrum.


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