What Is Wholistic Living?

What is wholistic living?

Wholistic living doesn’t mean driving past instead of through the McDonald’s, spending your grocery time reading labels, and downing supplements as if they were a life preserver thrown to a drowning man.

Simply put, wholistic living is living in a way that is true to who you are.  It means not following someone else’s doctrine but creating and living your own.  Wholistic living is about fun.  It’s the antithesis of fear.

Disguised as a helpful warning, fear is often strewn in our paths like landmines placed by those who would keep us from learning what our truth is.  It drowns out the sound of our passions by pointing out all the possible pitfalls that lie ahead should we follow them.

If you found yourself relating to Neo in The Matrix then the chances are you have your wholistic truth locked up inside and it’s fighting its way to the surface.  Just the fact that you recognized it onscreen means you haven’t lost your way completely.

(I want to stress that learning your truth and following it isn’t about throwing out all responsiblity and following your bliss at the expense of everyone and everything else in your life.  If you can hang with that then read on)

What are some examples of wholistic living and how can you join in the fun?

Visit Alice’s restaurant in Woodside, California on a beautiful Saturday morning and you can have breakfast with dozens of examples.  Living a more traditional life during the week, these men hop on their motorcycles and wind their way through the beautiful mountains to gather in a place of legend.

If you stand on the shores of Lake St Clair on a wintery Michigan dawn you can watch men and women in their ice shanties who are following their own path getting their fish through a hole in the ice instead of at the market.

If you read about a young woman breaking into the fraternal ranks of surfers and world sailors you are reading about someone following the whisperings of her own heart.

So, how do you find your own way to living wholistically?

To start, do something out of the ordinary.  If you’ve never had a sick day since you started kindergarten, play hooky.

If you have a passion for something, turn it into a hobby.

If you’re afraid of something, learn about it; face down that fear.

If you are bored with your life see where you can make subtle changes that will add interest.  Learn a new language or take up martial arts.

If you are bored with your job think about making a change.  Don’t wait until retirement to start a second career.  Go back to school at night and study your way out of a rut.

Be creative and remember the only one holding you back is you.


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