EMFs – the source isn’t the same for everyone

In July 2009 I learned I was sensitive to the EMFs emitted by the earth’s fault lines.  Since I was living in the Bay Area at the time this presented some rather unique challenges.  As you can imagine, I was highly motivated to find a remedy.

What I discovered through my research is that the symptoms experienced by individuals sensitive to EM frequencies are consistent regardless of what part of the spectrum the energies come from.

I also learned that people who are sensitive to EM energies are usually sensitive to multiple frequencies at different parts of the spectrum and each problematic frequency can result in a different health symptom.

This makes identifying and understanding EMF Sensitivity a true challenge.

It was easy for me to verify fault lines as the source of my most serious health symptoms but identifying other frequencies took some detective work.

What I was relieved to observe was that the remedies I found worked for all problematic frequencies, regardless of the source.  This meant that whether the frequency was from Mother Nature or from technology, I could use the same remedies to alleviate and/or eliminate the symptoms.

Shortly after I discovered these remedies I began sharing them.  In my book I discuss Case Studies to illustrate that the remedies work consistently regardless of where the individual lives and no matter what is responsible for the symptoms.

What I found particularly interesting was that the individuals who use the remedies are able to continue utilizing technology, even when that was the source of the problematic frequencies.


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