After discovering I was EMF Sensitive I set out to find out why and what to do about it.

I refused to accept being that sick.

I have been free of EMF Sensitivity for 4 ½ years and counting.

I also cured my Rheumatic Arthritis.  Hint:  Same root cause and same cure.

Along the way I learned an incredible amount of information about what EMF Sensitivity is, (and isn’t), how to diagnose it, remedies to reduce and alleviate symptoms, and how to cure it.

I invite you to peruse this site.  Although its primary focus is to educate people about EMF Sensitivity, visitors will find plenty of information on Holistic Healing.

The approach I used to cure myself of EMF Sensitivity.

My hope is that the resources presented here will help others along their own paths to healing.

Be Well!



Living healthy in an electromagnetic age.