Information on EMFS (Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Frequencies)

ee42f5a88032f646bd1409c5a55e6222Who would have thought mineral deficiencies could do so much damage.

In dealing with my EMF Sensitivity, my first priority was to treat the symptoms. My next, equally as imperative, was to figure out what was making me so sick. And lastly, from a place of recovered health I could look deeper and determine what the hell had happened.

I share the details of my story, along with all the remedies I discovered, in Riding the Waves Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

Within weeks of moving to the East Bay, California, in 2000, my health began to deteriorate. Months later, we moved to San Francisco and my health rebounded. I enjoyed excellent health during the years we lived in the city. We moved back to the East Bay in the Summer of 2005 and within weeks my health began to deteriorate. By the time we moved to Colorado in 2009, I doubted I would live to see my kids grow up.

I can’t adequately describe what it’s like to look at your reflection and see death lurking there. I think if you’re fortunate enough to notice it means it’s not too late. Provided you don’t go into denial or ignore the warning you’ve been given.

Initial research pointed to the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by geologic fault lines, and indeed when I moved to a part of the country with less than average geologic activity, I began a rapid recovery. But I couldn’t help but wonder what had turned my immune system against the planet I lived on?

I certainly wasn’t born EMF Sensitive.

I continued digging and eventually hit the jackpot. East Bay water had toxic levels of mercury and copper. Although the website blamed dental amalgam waste for the mercury, Bay Area water has been polluted with mercury since the days of the Gold Rush.

Mercury prevents the body from absorbing minerals, particularly magnesium. Copper toxicity also upsets the mineral balance in the body, including potassium and zinc.

Potassium? Isn’t that an electrolyte? Isn’t it involved in electrical function of the cells?

Sure enough, I found that replenishing my severely depleted potassium stores eradicated all EMF Sensitivity. Not only did the symptoms disappear, so did the sensitivity.

While living in the East Bay I was told I had inverted T waves on my EKG. I had never had this before. After recovering my heart rhythms returned to normal. Low potassium can cause inverted T waves.

Okay, so I was drinking poison water. It explained a lot but one thing still puzzled me. I’d gotten sick within weeks. Could it have happened that fast?

The Long and Winding Road to Hell.  To further understand what had happened I called on my days as a consultant in tech.  Troubleshooting 101.

  • When did it start?
  • Did it ever work?
  • What changed?

Addressing them in reverse:

3)  Because I’d gone through many life changes in a relatively short amount of time, much of what I was suffering was incorrectly blamed on stress.

I never bought into that.  I knew in my gut something was seriously wrong.

2) Although I’d experienced some health challenges, prior to moving to the East Bay, I was feeling great and was very healthy and happy.

1) Answering the first seemed obvious but digging deeper revealed the stage was set long before I moved to the East Bay.

In June 1994 I transferred to Sunnyvale, CA. By November of that year I was ill.  Symptoms were frequent urination, lowered body temperature, and fatigue.

I moved back to Michigan in 1995. My doctor eventually diagnosed me with heavy metal toxicity.  I had elevated levels of mercury, nickel, and cadmium.

He did a hair mineral analysis and blood work both.

He put me on DMSA.

I suffered no ill side effects.

Soon after I was diagnosed with low thyroid and put on Armour thyroid. As part of my recovery I received several Myers’ Cocktails.

These IV treatments are worth their weight in gold. I felt fantastic. I encourage people to consider them as an adjunct to their therapy.

While my doctor treated my thyroid and heavy metal toxicity, I focused on exhausted adrenals. Within months I had recovered and my heavy metal levels were down.

Two years later I moved to the East Bay and …

So, it’s Bay Area Water? I recently read an article that was both illuminating and disheartening. I’d been working in Santa Clara and living in Sunnyvale. I remember the water being horribly cloudy and tasting terrible. Now I know why.

I think the only reason I wasn’t sicker in 1994 is that I lived a very healthy lifestyle that included eating almost exclusively organic.

But wait! There’s More! I knew from studying the symptoms of mineral deficiency that I’d probably been suffering low potassium for years. Why? It all started with that brain surgery.

I detail my story in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die.

In the hours and years after the surgery I was on medications that are known to drain potassium. I was never advised of this and did not take any multi-mineral supplements to offset the damage.

Upon rebuilding my potassium stores, not only did my EMF Sensitivity disappear, so did the migraines I’d been experiencing since I was 15.

Was it only the water?  Severe mineral deficiency is definitely the root cause for the autoimmune conditions, including and especially EMF Sensitivity. Additionally, Bay Area water definitely played a role in destroying my health. However, the mineral deficiency saga started years earlier and was exacerbated by other factors.

For more information on what can cause mineral depletion, see this.

Step Two – Rebuild.  I am now at the bridge between Steps 2 and 3 in my recovery. That is, between rebuilding my mineral stores and maintaining them.

I’m still dealing with occasional depletions which causes a relapse in symptoms.

Restoring the depleted stores eliminates the symptoms and restores my health.

I will write more about Step 2 Rebuilding shortly.

Step One: Detox

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHealing from an autoimmune condition and EMF Sensitivity in particular can be described as a 3 Step Process. 1) Detox 2) Rebuild 3) Maintain.

Detox. Imagine you own a home. You return from vacation to discover a squatter has moved in. Not only do you have someone living there who doesn’t belong, you have to figure out how to get that person out without destroying the home in the process.

This is the way it is with heavy metals. Normally our body absorbs minerals such as magnesium and calcium. However, if we don’t get these substances, others can move into their space.

Unfortunately, the body isn’t a picky landlord. Anyone living in the space is better than no one, so when the mercury or cadmium shows up, the body puts out the welcome sign.

These squatters aren’t very good tenants. They don’t keep up the maintenance on the property and soon it falls into disrepair. If this goes on long enough the house will collapse.

So step one is to get the squatter out and replace it with the proper tenants – calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc.

There is a lot of information about how to do this and I used different methods at different times. In a nutshell, I crowded them out. I bombarded my system with healthy nutrients that gave the squatters the heave-ho. I did this primarily by juicing and mineral supplementation.

Juicing. I had a class in juicing while getting my masters and though we had multiple books, the best, in my opinion, was Jay Kordich’s Juiceman’s Power of Juicing.  He has since updated this version and has other books out.  I purchased a juicer he recommended and have never looked back. It’s small, easy to use, and the parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

I have multiple books on juicing. They provide recipes and information on the nutrients of various fruits and vegetables. I recently purchased a book that includes spices in the recipes. This has worked out beautifully.

I regularly add cilantro, ginger, and cinnamon to juices and meals.

In my experience, juicing is truly the best way to get healing nutrients into the body.

When I talk about juicing I mean fresh juice, not the pasteurized stuff you buy at the market.

For more information about the power of juicing to help cure autoimmune conditions, refer to the work of Charlotte Gerson. Following in her father’s footsteps, she relentlessly crusades for good health. She has put out plenty of video and reading material on the subject.

Mineral supplementation. At the height of my illness, I didn’t get any beneficial results from tablet or capsule forms of mineral supplementation.

I was unable to metabolize (digest and absorb) any of it.

After seeing a video on the Gerson therapy, I purchased Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson. Inspired, I began taking liquid trace minerals and liquid selenium. The transformation was nothing short of miraculous.

I am so grateful to Charlotte and her perseverance in the face of challenges from allopathic traditionalists. If not for the work of she and her father, I don’t think I would have recovered.

I continue to take the trace minerals though I have recovered to the degree I can metabolize tablet and capsule supplements as well.

Minerals. I will write more on minerals but if you suffer from an autoimmune condition I can almost guarantee you are short on magnesium and potassium. If you suffer EMF Sensitivity, you’re looking at severe potassium deficiency and a likely toxic level of inorganic copper as well as magnesium and perhaps zinc deficiency.

Mineral supplements are a key part of my daily regimen. In addition to a daily dose of liquid trace minerals and liquid selenium, I take potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

I take a cal-mag 1000 after dinner. It helps me sleep.

Depending on how I feel I take between 1 and 3 90mg potassium capsules/day. **

Vitamins D. A hormone produced by the adrenals, “vitamin” D is critical in the metabolism of minerals. It isn’t enough to take the minerals if your body cannot metabolize them! A great place to start is with sunshine, so get outdoors as often as possible, even in the winter.

Additionally, taking a vitamin D supplement in the form of D3 will help your body metabolize minerals.

It is well understood that people who live in northern climes, with less sun, have higher rates of certain autoimmune conditions.

If you want to heal from an autoimmune condition, including EMF Sensitivity, it is imperative that you bring your mineral levels back up from the horrendously depleted state they are in.

Vitamins. Additional important vitamins are B12 and a B complex supplement.

I take both a B12 supplement and B complex. Many people with autoimmune conditions have deficiencies in B vitamins.

I also take vitamin C, niacinamide, and alpha-lipoic acid.

These have all played a critical role in helping my body detox.

Speed Limits. You have a bit of control over how quickly you detox. It’s an energy intensive process so be sure you have a base level of energy to handle it.

If you are too weak or too sick you could do more harm than good.

While it’s good to consult with someone experienced in detoxification, you have to take ownership of the process.

I had to adjust doses on a daily basis at various points along the way. If I’d constantly waited for lab results or a doctor’s approval I would have delayed and perhaps halted my recovery.

Reliving It All. I have learned that what is going on in our lives is recorded through our digestive process.

If you were cramming a breakfast bar down on your way to a stressful meeting, those emotions are in your body long after you’ve digested that food wanna-be. If you had a romantic dinner when your husband proposed, those emotions are in your body long after your surf and turf is gone.

When you detox those substances from your system the memories associated with them will resurface. Fortunately, the intensity of it is significantly reduced. You are healthier and stronger so you are able to observe the process, acknowledge the event, and move on.

It helps that your body is so busy detoxing and healing. You literally don’t have the time or energy to waste on something that happened a long time ago.

Timeline of Progress. You will detox in reverse. Your most recent traumas will come out first. After several months you will be to the point where you are detoxing events that happened months if not years prior.

If you remember a time when you were healthy you can determine how close you are to being in that state again by the memories you are facing. The closer they are to the time of health the closer you are to being recovered.

Occasionally, you will experience slight bouncing between timelines.

I suspect that it’s like pulling a book off a shelf. As you dislodge one, another may fall out alongside of it.

Rough Road Ahead. Detoxing can be incredibly difficult. The symptoms you experience, both emotional and physical, can be intense.

It is during these times you may need to slow down the detox for a few days or a few weeks.

It helps to have a support system in place in the form of a sympathetic friend or family member, as well as a health care professional who can provide reassurance through difficult times.

When I was detoxing from copper I found great assurance on the web.  Two particular articles were helpful.  Insight into Copper Elimination and Copper Elimination and How To Handle It.  There is also an excellent article on copper and Tourette’s syndrome that I forwarded to a friend due to the relevance.  Interestingly, the family member with Tourette’s lives in the East Bay, CA.

 In summary, detoxifying the body is the first step in healing an autoimmune condition.  The method you use should be tailored to your ability to adhere to it and tolerate it.  It should be tweaked along the way as appropriate and necessary. I will write more soon.

** I do not have proof but I’m fairly certain that electromagnetic radiation drains potassium.

Charge That Battery

ac_chargerImagine you are on your laptop and it isn’t plugged in. You decide to play a few hundred rounds of Freecell to break the writer’s block you’re suffering. It works and you launch your manuscript editor, MS Word. All is well.


You return from a bathroom break and get back to work.  Suddenly, your system shuts down.  Dead battery!  HUH?  You’ve done the Freecell/MS Word dance plenty of times and didn’t drain your battery!  What happened?!

Unbeknownst to you, your child had been playing a network game on your system and shrunk the window instead of hitting the X.  You didn’t notice, but another program had been competing for and draining precious system resources.  As a result, the battery drained more quickly than normal and the system crashed.

What’s really a drag is that the programs that lost out were the ones important to you.

Let’s say you plug the battery charger in but you unplug it before it fully charges.  This is what it’s like to try and restore your mineral balance when you are suffering from an autoimmune condition.

Why? Minerals are used to make hormones and hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline, are used up at an incredible rate when you are under stress.

Stress includes anything that uses up hormones, including workouts, getting married, getting a new job, dealing with a crabby kid, a crabby boss, or a host of other energy sapping day to day events.  In other words, it isn’t all emotional and mental.

Stress is also anything that prevents your body from absorbing the minerals needed to rebuild depleted stores.

Think drinking water that drives up nonorganic copper stores and/or with high levels of mercury that prevent magnesium absorption.

If you don’t replace the minerals needed to make more of those crucial hormones, the body begins to cannibalize its bones and tissues in order to maintain the levels needed to keep going. After a few months or years of doing this, your health begins to fail.

This is when the autoimmune symptoms show up.

If you do not address the underlying mineral deficiencies your health will deteriorate and you will very likely die.

Taking artificial hormones may fill a gap but it doesn’t correct the underlying problem.

If you suffer from an autoimmune condition, the very first place to focus is on your mineral stores.

In the case of EMF Sensitivity, make potassium your priority, followed by magnesium and zinc.

Form over function. For a variety of reasons, many people are unable to metabolize the minerals they take, either through supplements or food.

It’s no coincidence people who live in areas with less sun suffer more autoimmune conditions.  If you don’t get enough Vitamin D, you will not metabolize the minerals you ingest.

I found that liquid minerals were a much better option for me. When I began taking CocenTrace Liquid Mins, my own levels finally began to rise.

By drinking homemade fresh fruit/vegetable juice daily they skyrocketed and eventually I was able to metabolize supplements in pill form. This put me over the top in recovery.

Hit that X.  Find what non-essential conditions are sucking up your precious resources.

i.e. toxic work environment, toxic relationships, nutrient empty junk foods, not unplugging from social media, constantly reading bad/sad/frightening headlines, etc.

Shut them down.

Find the X and hit it.  

While replenishing depleted mineral stores is imperative, plugging the holes that drain them is equally so.

In an upcoming article I will explain why the RDA levels are likely too low to maintain health, let alone reverse an autoimmune condition.


Keep Your Eye on the Gold

Gold MineWhile minerals play an important role in reversing autoimmune conditions, it isn’t simply a matter of pop a mineral supplement and be cured. Such an oversimplistic view does an injustice to the complexity of an autoimmune condition.

Who or What is Stealing Your Gold?

The human body is truly an amazing design, in spite of what some people think.

Outside of medical prosthetics, I have to wonder what  emotional hole is behind the drive to combine human greatness with inferior man-made robotic parts.

Unfortunately, today’s media and the medical community’s marketing paint us as weak flawed diseased beings. This simply isn’t true. The human body is capable of healing from almost anything thrown at it.

As a species we have survived plagues and other challenges. We are not weak.

But you have to let it heal. This means removing obstacles that would hinder such an effort and providing it with what it needs to do so.

Mining for Gold. What helps the body recover?

Rest. My dad used to tell me to watch how our cat handled adversity.  He pointed out that the cat, a creature of nature, slept when it needed to recover from an illness or injury.

It didn’t force itself to go hunt mice or birds. It rested.

He went on to explain that humans would do well to learn from nature and rest in order to give the body time to recharge and heal.

Not pop pills that mask the symptoms and go back to work without resting.

Nutrition. One of the greatest ironies for me in all of this is the fact that even as I earned a degree with a focus on nutritional healing, I paid lip service to minerals.

Like vitamins, they were just an RDA number and something we could get from popping a pill. Oh, how wrong I was.

The RDA guidelines are practically useless when it comes to staying healthy. The guidelines do not take into account the individual stressors that are continuously tearing at the body, mind, and spirit.

How could they when these are variables (i.e. economic health, political climate, environmental factors) that change continuously and dramatically?

These stressors deplete the body’s resources and drive higher the nutritional values needed to rebuild depleted stores.

Not to mention, due to a variety of factors, many people don’t absorb the full value of what they take, in either supplement form or via meals.

Peace. This needs to appear in both the what do you need and what is interfering categories. Peace is something we need in order to recover, and situations and individuals who interefere with our ability to get it need to go.

Mining for Gold. What hurts a recovery?

Hint: It’s probably the very factor(s) that brought on the autoimmune condition in the first place.

Chronic Stress. It’s almost a buzzword. It’s certainly lost its impact, now little more than watered down lip service to describe what is, in reality, a serious threat to health and well-being. Part of the challenge may be that it’s hard to quantify. What is stressful to one person isn’t necessarily to another.

Ironically, this could be due to a lack of enough “gold” to handle what might otherwise be a minor annoyance.

While I’ve seen mention of reducing stress in medical literature, I’ve yet to see someone state in black and white what that means.

Hint: It isn’t taking a yoga class or meditating.

I’ve only seen one doctor mention moving away from family if they are abusive. I’ve yet to see any medical professional advise to quit a stressful job.

I did have my own personal physician advise me to quit a Fortune 500 job. He was appalled by what I told him of the environment in which I worked.  Not much older than me, he insisted that no job was worth losing your health.  I wish I’d listened instead of listing all the reasons I couldn’t leave, such as an economic downturn that made for a challenging employment landscape.

I’ve yet to see a medical professional come out and say that it might mean getting a divorce and/or walking away from an abusive relationship.

Well, I’m going to come out and say it – getting rid of stress means walking away from situations and people that deplete your gold.

Constant stress eats through vital chemicals that help the body function.  When those stores become too low, health spirals into the land of autoimmunity.  If something isn’t done to change the situation, death is an inevitable outcome.

I can honestly tell you that there is nothing and no one on this earth worth losing your health over. Nothing – and no one.

Reversing autoimmune conditions is about much more than mineral supplements and nutritional healing. It’s about making the right choices for your health and well-being, even when those choices seem tough.

helpAn important part of reversing ill health is marking signs of recovery. Knowing whether or not you are making progress or even regressing is imperative. There are two means of doing this yourself, inside and outside.

Know Thyself. In spite of what you may have been led to believe, no one knows you like you do. Others do not feel what you feel.

Even two people having a similar experience won’t truly have the same experience.

If you don’t already, begin paying attention to how you feel after you eat foods, drink beverages, including water**, and take any medications or supplements.

You don’t need expensive medical tests to tell you what you already know. If you eat or drink something and feel badly afterward? There’s a good chance you should strike it from the menu.

Mirror Mirror. If you aren’t comfortable looking in the mirror you might want to learn to be. It’s a great feedback tool during your recovery.

There will be days you’ll want to check your reflection several times in order to see the physical effects of various aspects of your recovery efforts.

Hair. If you had curly hair and it goes straight, that’s a sign that something is out of whack.

When I began taking birth control pills, my naturally curly hair went poker straight. When I quit taking them the curls returned.

 As you bring your minerals back into balance, your hair color may change.

 When I was at the height of copper detox, my hair turned almost black, then red, then auburn, then finally back toward my natural color.

Grey will fade and your natural color will return. This happens real time.   If you were losing hair it may begin to grow back.

Depending on the length of the imbalance and any other damage done by medications or procedures this may not be your experience.

My experience was so dramatic that my hair stylist took notice.  He’s far too polite to say anything, but I guessed by his expression he was wondering if I was coloring my hair elsewhere or at home. I told him about the mineral rebalancing and he smiled. He’d certainly learned the effects of minerals on hair in beauty school.

My hair also began to grow much faster.

 Nails. For years, I was unable to grow my nails. They were weak and tore and I had a place on my left thumbnail that was constantly ripping. Since it was about halfway down the nail it was more than annoying, it was painful. After balancing my minerals my nails began to grow strong and healthy. I also found myself filing them more frequently as they grew very quickly.

Interestingly, when I polished them red for the holidays, they immediately softened and most of them ripped. It took weeks after I removed the polish for the nails to strengthen.

Skin. When I lived in the East Bay, I lost a few nights sleep due to skin that would not stop itching. I scratched til it bled. Topical Benadryl worked somewhat but only getting away from fault lines brought relief.

Turns out, this was more likely from severe potassium deficiency than the geologic fault lines.

I now know that if my skin starts to itch, I need more potassium.

Since rebalancing my minerals, I’ve also noticed my skin is not as dry. The winter air means I need to moisturize a couple days a week but for the most part I no longer need moisturizer.

Eyes. Those dark circles are just as likely to be from a food intolerance than lack of sleep. Known as allergic rhinitis, this condition occurs when the body’s immune system releases histamines due to an allergen.

I check my eyes after eating foods. If I develop dark circles I know the food is stressing my immune system.

I have found taking a niacinamide along with an alpha-lipoic acid supplement will help my liver process the toxin and the circles go away.

Please understand that at this stage in my recovery I have things down to a routine that matches my particular situation. It takes a lot of trial and error. This is why it’s good to pay close attention to your body and how it reacts to what you expose it to, inside and out.

Be sure you have proper lighting when looking in the mirror. My family kept telling me my eyes looked fine but when I looked in my bathroom mirror, I saw dark circles. I went and checked a mirror next to a window and saw that my eyes were fine. The poor lighting in my bathroom had given the illusion I had dark circles when I didn’t.

It also made my hair look darker than it was.

When it comes to monitoring your progress, do as Qua Gon Jinn advised and Be Mindful!

** Not everyone needs eight 8 ounce glasses of water. If I drink more than 3 to 4 I begin to shake. My temperature drops and I feel icky.  Do what your body tells you that you need.

EMFactor X

monopoly_icon_water_bw“I know without a doubt that if I’d hadn’t moved there, I would never have become so sick.”

“Then you figured out what caused this?”

“That’s the X Factor.”

This was part of a recent conversation between my husband and I aimed at answering a question that had been eating at me for years.

Why then and why there?

 Prior to moving to the East Bay California, my health had been good.  Whenever I left the East Bay, my health was better.  What was going on?

In my book Riding the Waves Diagnosing Treating and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I tell the story of uncovering my sensitivity to ultra low and very low electromagnetic frequencies emitted by geologic fault lines, along with my search for remedies that would enable me to live a normal life.

My initial belief was that I was going to have to do what I could to ameliorate the symptoms since geologic fault lines were a part of living on this planet.

During the research it became evident that for me, only getting completely away from the area would enable me to recover.

We moved to a city with geologic activity that is lower than the national average.

My recovery was rapid and dramatic.  Away from the Bay Area and in a place of improved health, I was able to focus on aspects of the condition I hadn’t been able to before.  This enabled me to discover additional remedies and gain incredible insight into EMF Sensitivity.

For example, I was able to determine that people who are EMF Sensitive are able to hear the problematic frequencies on some level.  These “sounds” are interpreted by the body as a threat, which leads to an immune response.

 None of this answered the question.  Why the East Bay?  Why 2005?  I’d become sick within weeks of moving to our East Bay home.  What had happened to alter my immune system so dramatically in such a short time?

The Unconscious Steps In.  One of the casualties of my EMF Sensitivity had been my paranormal ability.  Psychic since I was a young child, I had lost the connection with this extra sense.

It was devastating, losing that part of myself.

 As I recovered further, my psychic abilities returned and began to strengthen.

Why then?  Why there?  The unconscious brought answers.

Unfortunately, those answers needed serious translation.

The unconscious mind speaks to us in its own unique language.  Just like images in dreams, the impressions we get from our psychic sense need a dictionary to help us better understand what our unconscious is trying to tell us.  What’s more, we are all unique.  My dictionary won’t necessarily help anyone else interpret their impressions, even if the images were the same.

How do you latch on to impressions that are often fleeting or slipped into conversations that may or may not have emotional undertones.?  In other words, if you’re ranting in frustration, how do you lock on to what may be the answer?

I kept using the word poison in describing the place I’d lived.  

 If I’d never lived there, I wouldn’t have become so ill.  Even though I had nothing concrete to point to, I knew that for fact.  I’d been healthy and happy.  In moving there, my life had been turned into a nightmare.  I was angry.  I wanted answers.

 Finally, my husband asked, “Do you think it could be the water?  You’ve mentioned the water and you keep saying poison.”

Had I mentioned the water?  Apparently so.

Thankfully, California government entities keep meticulous records.  I found two water reports online that finally gave me the answers I was looking for.

One report, dated during the time we lived there, stated that there were high levels of mercury in the water.  The biggest source was dental amalgam waste.  The officials claimed they were unable to get the mercury out at the water treatment plants.

Through my recovery I came to understand the critical role minerals play in our health and in EMF Sensitivity.  Symptoms of magnesium and potassium deficiency read like an EMF Sensitivity checklist.  

 Mercury inhibits the absorption of minerals, and magnesium in particular.  People with low potassium often have low magnesium as well.  High levels of mercury wreak havoc with our health.

The second report stated that the top two pollutants in East Bay water are lead and copper.

Copper toxicity is the third musketeer in the list of EMF Sensitivity symptoms.

Copper was one of the key remedies I’d discovered.  Copper jewelry, that is.  Copper is an excellent conductor and conducted the problematic EMFs away from my body, providing significant relief.

If our blood and tissues have excess copper in them, it stands to reason we become excellent conductors.  We become EMF antennas.

 Inorganic copper is different than organic.  

 The copper we get from drinking water that travels through copper pipes, from taking medications, and from other nonfood sources, is a problem.  The stuff our bodies can metabolize naturally (i.e. food) isn’t.

What About Others?  Was/is anyone else in the area affected by the water?  Hard to say, but I do find the following interesting:

There is an unusually high prevalence of cancer in the area.

 Prior to our moving in, four men in neighboring houses in close proximity to ours all died of lung cancer.  The men didn’t smoke and were not exposed to asbestos.

A neighbor developed cancer while we lived there.  Another developed some sort of autoimmune disease.

There is what I consider an unusually high prevalence of ADD in the sons of a group of men who work together.**

This could be because they are all seeing the same doctor or it could be that they are misdiagnosed.  I write about the similarities between symptoms of ADD and EMF Sensitivity in Riding the Waves.

If the drinking water is causing mineral imbalances in the population it could explain all of the above.

I will be writing more about minerals and the role of mineral imbalance in reversing autoimmune conditions, including and especially EMF Sensitivity, in future articles.

** While earning my bachelor’s in holistic childcare, I had an entire class on ADD.  The textbook was authored by a psychiatrist who had ADD.  He expressed concern regarding the alarming number of diagnoses of the condition by people who were not qualified to make them.

STETHOSCOPEFinding someone to help you reverse an autoimmune condition can be a daunting task.  When it comes to being healthy, there are multiple schools of thought, including Preventative Medicine, Reactive (emergency) Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Allopathic, Naturopathic, and numerous other approaches.  Added to that, you have individual philosophies within each discipline, all of which can make finding a care provider you mesh with challenging indeed.

There is an even bigger challenge when it comes to reversing EMF Sensitivity.  Very little is understood about it in mainstream medicine.  Honestly, unless you live with it, you have no idea…

It’s worth taking the time and effort to find a health care partner you are comfortable working with.  When it comes to your health, you deserve the best,.  Don’t settle.

First, accept that your health is ultimately your responsibility.  Your doctor can make suggestions, but it’s your body.  He/she may know what the books say but the books weren’t written about you.

The doctor may prescribe a medication that usually works but you find it doesn’t.  

Next, recognize that your doctor is not God.  He/she is not omnipotent and does now know everything.

There are new medical advances all the time.  It’s difficult to keep up with all the changes so be willing to educate your care provider.  Recognize that you may know more about a certain issue than they do.  

If I need to educate a physician on something they may not be familiar with, I bring them any research or information that can help them better understand.  I explain my experience and the thoughts behind my beliefs, and have a discussion with them.

It is always two-way.  They are not my parent, my priest, or my spouse.  They are a health care partner.

 Don’t assume your doctor will argue or disagree with you.

I have read several times that MDs don’t believe in adrenal fatigue and/or numerous other “alternative” philosophies.  This is far from the truth.

Many physicians suffer from autoimmune conditions and/or adrenal fatigue.

I have never had a problem finding an MD who was familiar with alternative practices.  More, I’ve never met an MD who was unwilling to explore alternative routes.  A doctor wants the patient to be well.

If your care provider is unwilling to consider anything outside of their own experience and philosophy, get a new care provider.

I understand there are cost limitations that affect the choice of providers.  The answer is to take on more of the responsibility yourself.

The best medicine involved in reversing autoimmune conditions is good nutrition, and juicing in particular.

Your doctor can write prescriptions for vitamins and minerals which may bring the cost down, but your food choices are yours to make.

If you are under the care of a physician, share any nutritional changes, including supplements, with your physician.  You will likely find that your need for medication will change (reduce and/or be eliminated) as you strengthen and repair your immune system.

Hint:  Strengthen and repair your adrenals and the rest will follow.

It is possible to do the work without involving a physician.

I did.

The exception would be if you take prescription medication.  You need to consult your physician because any supplements or dietary changes may affect the medication protocol.

Years ago, when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, my doctor told me I would likely have to take thyroid medication for the rest of my life.  I disagreed.

My philosophy is that, with a few exceptions, if I wasn’t born with it, I can reverse it.

I told him I was going to treat my adrenals since I suspected adrenal exhaustion as the root of the issue.

This doctor ran a holistic medicine practice and he said there was no evidence that adrenal exhaustion was real.  However, if I wanted to go ahead and treat it, fine.  Just let him know what I was taking.

Within six months I was cured of the thyroid issue and have never had to take thyroid medication since.

Reversing autoimmune conditions like EMF Sensitivity is a lengthy involved process.  A doctor can be a great asset.  However, there are challenges above and beyond finding a personality match.  Sometimes things change so fast your doctor won’t be able to keep up.

When I was detoxing the copper, my hair turned so dark it was almost black.  Then it turned red.  Finally, it began to lighten back to the blonde that is my natural color.  When my hair was dark and red, my skin was so pale I truly looked like a vampire.  As the copper left my system over a period of 10 – 14 days, my hair color normalized and my skin pallor warmed.

The changes I was experiencing left me tweaking my protocol daily.  My system was in a delicate balance and sometimes a cup of tea threw it off.  As a result I had to add an extra alpha-lipoic acid.  If a meal threw something off, I might take an additional potassium supplement that day.

If I had been working with a physician, I would have been calling him/her or emailing almost hourly.  This is not efficient.

Take these truths into consideration when deciding how to move forward with your plan to reverse your autoimmune condition.

If you are going to work with a physician, make sure you have a good solid relationship with him/her.

 A final note.  Respect your care provider.  They can work with you but they should not be expected to work for you.

Ultimately, the person responsible for your health is you.

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