Information on EMFS (Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Frequencies)

The deeper I dig the more I learn about the likely root cause of not only EMF Sensitivity but all autoimmune diseases. Mineral deficiency.

The path of health deterioration related to mineral deficiency is incredibly complex, making it difficult to identify. However, it is not unheard of.

The US government was warned in the early 20th century of the dangers of mineral deficiency in our soils and therefore our food, and the  likely health problems that would arise as a result.

Ironically, I’d read about this while earning my doctorate in holistic health.

 Nutritional healing was a keystone of the discipline.

While I found the tidbit interesting, I shrugged it off, considering it a problem in developing nations where access to nutritious food was often almost nonexistent.

 I  also felt that if it were as big a problem as the author suggested, the American public would be more aware of it.

Yet even as medical professionals have written about the link between mineral deficiency and poor health, many continue to blame outside factors such as bacterial and viral infections, thereby overlooking simpler causes.

Simpler does not mean easy to correct, however, something I discovered first hand.

In the near future I will be providing more information along with the steps I took to finally and completely rid myself of EMF Sensitivity symptoms. In the meantime I suggest that those suffering from EMF Sensitivity consider getting a mineral hair analysis done. The results of such a test will not only tell you of any mineral deficiencies, it can tell you if you have high levels of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, or cadmium in your system.

Although the dangers of high levels of these toxins are understood, perhaps overlooked is that these metals can actually block the absorption of minerals such as magnesium and potassium. So not only are they toxic, they may be exacerbating any mineral deficiencies.

Shortly after realizing that ConcenTrace liquid Trace Minerals had a dramatic effect on my EMF Sensitivity symptoms, I had my husband take them.

While he hadn’t shown severe symptoms, I had long suspected he was affected by whatever was making me sick.  I’d talked to him about subtle signs back when we lived in the East Bay but because they were so subtle, he shrugged them off.

One of those symptoms had been his hair rather suddenly going grey. At the time we joked that it was because of new fatherhood and the stress that went with it, but it’s now looking like it was from the same root cause as my EMF Sensitivity symptoms; mineral deficiency and magnesium deficiency in particular.

 After my recent relapse I totally changed my approach to treating my EMF Sensitivity.  A big part of that change was nutrition based, including juicing and nutritional supplements.

To better support my efforts, my husband adhered to most of the changes, eating the same foods, drinking the juices, and taking the same supplements. The result? My EMF Sensitivity symptoms reversed and disappeared.  His  grey hair is disappearing as well. All the new growth is his natural color, dark brown. No grey.

If you have any autoimmune disease I feel it would be a good idea to have a mineral hair analysis.  I do believe mineral deficiencies are at the root of many if not all autoimmune diseases.  

Severe potassium deficiency symptoms are eerily similar to those of juvenile diabetes.



My Best Advice

The best advice I could give anyone who is EMF Sensitive is to consider it an autoimmune disorder.

Following a hunch after a series of “coincidences” in late 2012, I began to treat my EMF Sensitivity as an autoimmune condition.  Almost two years later I have all but reversed a situation was was so severe it was destroying not only my health but my life.  I now live 99% symptom free and believe that with continued treatment I will be completely free of EMF Sensitivity.

I will be releasing more detailed information soon but for now I will share the basics to get people going.

How Did This Happen?  People aren’t born EMF Sensitive and the path that leads to it is long and incredibly complicated.  However, with an incredible amount of patience it is possible to find the beginning, so to speak.

And that beginning has a name:  Stress.

It Starts Here  The link between stress and disease has not always been understood, even as the medical community has known of it.  In fact, there is a scale of known stressors that can contribute to illness.  The stress can be physical, mental, emotional, or all of the above.

Good stress (i.e. getting married, new job, etc) is still stress.

When the stress becomes chronic it weakens the immune system.  In the case of EMF Sensitivity it goes so far as to cause incredible sensitivity that worsens over time.  I was able to discover remedies but remedies are not cures.

This came home loud and clear when, beginning in June 2014, I experienced a horrible relapse.  Within a 3 month period I went from living 85 – 90% symptom free to 15% symptom free.  I was every bit as sick as I had been while living in the East Bay, California.  It was heart breaking but it also forced me to look at the entire situation in a whole new way which led me here.

The Road to Health.  First is recognizing there’s a problem.  Next, take a hard look at your life and trace the issue to its root.

That stress I mention.

Be honest with yourself about what caused/contributed to it.  In my case, I went through several changes in a relatively short period of time.

I got married, bought and sold a house, moved across the country, started a new job, bought a condo, earned a PhD, went through a merger at the Fortune 500 Company where I worked, quit my job to start a new career, became a parent, sold a condo, bought a house, moved, became a parent again, all within a span of 7 years.  Not to mention, all the interpersonal stress that goes along with such events.  

I imagine you understand when I say that by the time I realized how sick I was, I no longer recognized the woman looking back in the mirror.  I’d been so busy just surviving, I didn’t realize what a toll everything had taken on me.

My backward path.  You could get to your destination driving in reverse.  It’s possible.  But it’s a hell of a lot more difficult.  This is what happened to me because I was unaware of the root cause, stress.  I did what amounted to patch work for my body and most of it didn’t work.  I had to remove the source of the problem before healing could truly begin.

Imagine trying to pump up a bicycle tire that has a hole in it.  Or to bail water out of a boat with holes in it.  You can bail faster just as you could pump faster, but in the end you’re still screwed.

The remedies were the bigger bucket, the bigger pump.  They made it seem as if I was making progress.  Unfortunately, the root problem remained and thus, I had a terrible relapse.

The Road Smooths Out.  Once I realized that I was dealing with a serious auto immune disease, I took action.  I’ll write more about the details later but I’ll list the basics here.

Sleep.  I know how difficult it is to get a quality night’s sleep when you suffer from EMF Sensitivity.  Melatonin production is impaired in people with EMF Sensitivity.  I took supplemental melatonin to help me get that critical sleep.

Diet.  I already ate a low-carb diet since I felt pretty good on it.  However, in treating the auto immune disorder, I modified it.  I added juicing, and made every meal about vegetables, fruits, and proteins.

I know the theory is that most, if not all auto immune diseases result from gluten intolerance.  I don’t agree (I believe it is a symptom, not a cause).  I do believe people can be sensitive to grains.  It can be dangerous to go on a gluten-free diet without having Celiac Disease (that is confirmed by an MD).  You can end up with severe nutritional deficiencies as a result.

I do eat pasta once in awhile and I have good luck with sourdough bread that I dip in extra virgin olive oil.

I also dropped all artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and then alcohol.

I had been drinking red wine or margaritas (without sugar added – no sweet and sour – I made my own) as part of the remedy and I believe the anti-inflammatory properties significantly helped in my recovery.  However, once I had recovered, I quit drinking the alcohol to take even more stress off of my adrenal glands.  Interestingly, I later learned that red wine elevates cortisol.  In people with adrenal exhaustion which is often at the root of an auto immune condition (it’s caused by chronic stress), low cortisol can be a real problem.

Exercise.  I have incorporated exercise into my routine pretty much all of my life.  This was a no brainer for me.  However, I did learn that overdoing it can actually exacerbate the problem so I actually had to cut back on my workout.  As a result, I continued to recover and lost another 6 pounds.

Supplements.  There are numerous supplements that can help you recover.  Again, I will provide details soon.  I can only stress that unless you really have an in-depth understanding of how the various supplements affect the body, not to mention how they interact with each other and anything else you take, you should not take anything, even over the counter, without the guidance of a medical professional with experience in treating adrenal exhaustion.  

It’s critical to pay attention to your recovery.  You will get to a point where continuing to take certain supplements when you no longer need them will cause problems.

Relaxation.  This can be tricky.  What if exercise is your way of relaxing?  Or having a nice glass of wine?  Not everyone can meditate.  You have to map your own path.  Only make changes that you are able to.  Don’t end up where the cure stresses you out more than the original problem.

I try to watch comedies as often as possible.  I keep away from movies that will cause dramatic emotional reactions since that taxes my adrenals.  I was never into tear jerkers or slasher films anyway, so this one isn’t too difficult.

I came across this article on unusual stress busters.

Do Not Pass Go.  If you are not willing to deal with the stress that created the mess in the first place, you will not only prolong any recovery, you may prevent it from happening at all.

I will be writing more details in the near future.  This is just to get you thinking.

And perhaps on the Road to Recovery…








EMF Sensitivity and Pain

Pain has long played a role in my EMF Sensitivity.

Beginning shortly after brain surgery for a hemorrhage, I began to suffer intense migraines before a thunderstorm would move in.

Thunderstorms emit ultra-low electromagnetic frequencies.

Starting 48 hours prior to the onset of the foul weather I experienced terrible pain that no medication could alleviate.

Prior to Imitrex, the best doctors could do was give me strong narcotics that enabled me to sleep til the system moved on.  It did nothing for the pain and left me feeling awful afterward.  In the case of codeine, I got a rebound headache almost as bad as the original migraine.  Fun.  Not.

Consultations with numerous doctors and an intense workup at a headache clinic left me with no answers.  No one understood the connection between my surgery and the weather patterns.  No one considered the role of EMFs.

I’ve recently come to understand the role of pain in EMF Sensitivity.  It’s an indicator of exposure.  If I’m feeling pain in my head?  I’m being impacted by EMFs.

This means that the ultra-low frequencies associated with thunderstorm systems actually precede them by up to two days.

Since shortly after my surgery, friends and family have speculated on the role of the metal clip in my head.  Was that somehow responsible for the pain?  I checked with specialists, including the man who put the clip in to save my life, and discovered it was unlikely the problem.  So, why was I feeling pain?  It would be decades before I got an answer.

I experience EMF Sensitivity symptoms within seconds of exposure to problematic frequencies.  If I get away from the source, the symptoms abate immediately.

This is handy for research.

It was because of this that I realized it wasn’t just my head that hurt when I was exposed to problematic frequencies.  My lower right back, my left knee, and my left thumb also ache and/or burn.  These are all locations of previous injuries. In other words, scar tissue.

With visions of Granny Clampett going on about her rheumatism in mind I came to understand the connection between scar tissue and pain as an EMF Sensitivity symptom.

While researching for my book Riding the Waves Diagnosing Treating and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I discovered that in people who are EMF Sensitive, the body interprets certain frequencies as a threat.  The immune system goes into action with a histamine response, resulting in a myriad of symptoms.

Part of the fight or flee mechanism, the body is trying to warn an individual something is wrong and action is needed.  

One of the symptoms is inflammation (swelling).  Swelling in the body can be uncomfortable.  Swelling of scar tissue, painful.  Extremely.

The anti-inflammatory nature of certain therapies supports this observation.

If I remove the source of the problematic EMFs, either by turning off an offending device or leaving the area, the pain disappears.  Instantly.

I now know that if my lower back, my thumb, my knee, and/or my head ache, I’m being exposed to problematic EMFs.  It’s an on/off switch.

This also validates the observation that one of the histamine responses is inflammation.

Although there is a histamine response, EMF Sensitivity is not an allergy.  

Anti-histamines do nothing for symptoms.

Topical Benadryl helped with the itching I experienced – about half the time.  Oral Benadryl helped some of the symptoms but made me so sleepy it wasn’t worth it.  I tried the natural anti-histamine l-methionine and had some limited success.  Only getting away from the source brings complete relief.

As I write in multiple books, an anti-inflammatory diet has brought some relief.  However, it is not a cure.


Thanks to the therapies I’ve discovered, in spite of having severe EMF Sensitivity, I am living 95% symptom free.  There are two sources that I have yet to neutralize: Bluetooth** and Mother Nature.

Mother Nature is the more formidable of the two.

** I need to be in close proximity to Bluetooth to be affected.  If I’m in a shopping mall or outdoors, even in a crowd, I am not affected.

The two natural sources that cause the biggest health problems for me are the ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies emitted by geologic fault lines and those associated with certain weather patterns.

Man-made faults created during fracking release the same problematic frequencies.

While health symptoms are frustrating, there is a more insidious problem, and it’s one that has been scientifically documented.  Meditation, creative visualization, spiritual healing, and other mind-body practices are severely impeded by Mother Nature’s frequencies.

As I wrote in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living With EMF Sensitivity, I experienced this nightmare first hand.

Trust me, getting the exact opposite of everything you work toward is a nightmare.

I later discovered that various scientists and researchers have run into similar difficulties.

Several IRVA presenters have released their findings on videos, some of which are available to non-members.  Here is an example.

Information can also be found in Lynne McTaggart’s The Intention Experiments: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and The World.

I have tried various remedies, including the ones I use to alleviate physical symptoms, and those suggested by other researchers.  In my experience, nothing works against Mother Nature but getting away from the source of the problematic frequencies.

Or waiting for the weather pattern to move on.

Though other researchers claim that space weather and solar flares negatively impact their results, I have not seen any correlation in my own work.

The idea that timing and environment affect the outcome of prayers, spells, and intentions goes back millennia.  That we have scientific evidence to support such claims is not as relevant as recognizing that Mother Nature is a formidable force.  One not to be taken for granted, even in the age of man’s technological prowess.








In people who are EMF Sensitive, exposure to certain electromagnetic frequencies evokes an immune response.  The EMFs negatively affect the adrenals and histamine is released as part of the fight or flee response.

Although this may lead some to consider EMF Sensitivity an allergy, it is  much more complex.  Calling it an allergy is oversimplifying things.  And it could be dangerous because EMF Sensitivity certainly can be.

One of the dangers is associated with a symptom.  Inflammation.

Inflammation is part of the complex biological response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants.

Problematic electromagnetic frequencies are irritants.  Big time.

Chronic inflammation can lead to disease, including rheumatoid arthritis.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis while working for a Fortune 500 technology company.  I had also recently had mercury fillings replaced after which I tested positive for heavy metal poisoning, including mercury.

I believe there is a relationship though it’s impossible to go back and understand what it is.  My immune system was weakened by exposure to a variety of problematic EMFs.  If that hadn’t been the case, maybe I wouldn’t have developed rheumatoid arthritis.

A couple of weeks back I was feeling so good that I decided to scale back further on my current regimen.

It’s my way of testing where I stand in my recovery. 

After three days without taking key parts of the therapy, symptoms, including arthritic pain, returned.

I restarted the regimen I’ve been following.  Unfortunately, it takes at least 72 hours before I start to feel better.  While I’m waiting?  I suffer.

I noticed that certain areas of my body were more affected.  These were areas with scar tissue.

In some cases, I could feel the scar as if it had grown three to four times in size.

Once the remedy kicked in, the symptoms disappeared and the scars shrunk.

In one case it became even smaller than it had been before.

I now realize the regimen I follow targets that inflammation, ensuring it is not chronic.  I know that this is imperative for my health. It cannot be understated how damaging chronic inflammation is to the body.

I have had success with anti-inflammatory foods but they are not enough.  There is much more to EMF Sensitivity than simple inflammation. 

I have come to realize that living 95% symptom free as I do when I follow my regimen**, I need to be careful about misinterpreting symptoms.

Less than a week ago, I woke up with pain in areas I normally associate with EMF Sensitivity, which in this case meant part of my lower back, one hamstring, and a bicep.  I was pretty disillusioned because I’d been feeling so good and I couldn’t find a cause for the change.

“Maybe it’s just muscle strain.”  When my husband suggested this I listened.  I would love for it to be regular old muscle strain.  How would I be able to tell?

“It can take a few days to heal,” he pointed out and then suggested several therapies, including heat.  Sure enough, the pain began to ease and it was at this point that I realized why I’d woken up with it.  I’d been doing some intensive gardening, including a lot of bending and lifting.  No wonder my muscles were sore.  It also explained why it was primarily on one side.  My dominant side.

I will continue to take the regimen since it’s why I’m living 95% symptom free.  I also include anti-inflammatory foods, including olive oil and red wine in my diet.

Two tablespoons of olive oil daily appears to have the same anti-inflammatory effect as 4 or 5 ounces of red wine.  However, alone it is not enough, just a very good part of the overall treatment.


** I take no prescription medications as part of my regimen.  In fact, I take no prescription medication at all.

I will also no longer take ibuprofen for pain.  I’d already heard of its link to health issues but a recent article sealed it.  My family can easily live without it.



When I was a child I suffered a brain hemorrhage. A metal clip was used during emergency surgery to stop the bleeding from a broken blood vessel that left me blind, paralyzed, and in a coma.

There is no doubt that this surgery saved my life. It also set me up to have EMF Sensitivity.

There’s metal in my head?!  Don’t worry, they told me. It’s an inert metal.

By definition, inert metals do not corrode when in contact with oxygenated water.  Examples include stainless steel, copper and brass, 

The clip in my head, which is about the size of a pinky nail, is titanium.

Don’t worry, they told me.  No problem.  Hmm.

After discovering that I am sensitive to ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies, I was left with a puzzle.

When did it start and why?

Years of research has left me with a pretty solid hypothesis.

First, the headaches.  There’s a saying in Michigan.  April showers bring may flowers.  Well, they also bring atmospheric EMFs.  I remember laying in the dark crying from the pain in my head.  The pain was in the same location as the metal clip, where I’d had my surgery.  While I didn’t worry that the clip had somehow ruptured, I wondered if the unbearable pain was somehow related.  After two years of horrendous debilitating migraines that always started two days before a thunderstorm rolled in and kept up until it moved out again, I asked my neurosurgeon.

“Is it related to the metal in my head?”

“It’s a vascular headache, so yes, there is some type of relationship, but I don’t know why.”

I continued to suffer these migraines for years.  The pain was so bad that I often ended up in the emergency room where I was given a shot of demerol/vistaril and sent home with a designated driver.

I hated the way I felt after the narcotic pain medication.  It didn’t really work, either.  It didn’t stop the pain.  It just made it so I could sleep until the storm system moved on.  I was so grateful when Imitrex came on the scene.  It wasn’t a narcotic so I could drive myself home. 

The gremlin effect.  Years later, while working at a Fortune 500 technology company, I began to notice that I had an interesting effect on technology.  I broke it.  Especially laser printers.

The service woman who was responsible for fixing it told me that the printer in my cube broke more than any other in her entire district.  When it was removed from my cube it stopped breaking.  It was returned to my cube after a shift of seating and sure enough, it began to break again.

I drained batteries constantly, leaving me with numerous watch repair bills.  I broke cell phones and computers, sometimes just from touching them.  I also drained their batteries faster than what should have been possible.

I once had the production guys ask me to return a network board to the lab so they could examine it.  They’d never heard of a board frying simply because someone plugged it in.

I later read in Dr. Dean Radin’s Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena that this wasn’t necessarily unusual and it certainly wasn’t unheard of.  In fact, a standing joke suggested the better researchers and scientists had this gremlin effect on equipment.

The Long and Windy Road.  Years of research led me to remedies that, for all intensive purposes, have cured me.  I am now living 95% symptom free.  Because I’m no longer inundated with debilitating symptoms, I am able to focus on the few less severe ones I do experience when around problematic frequencies.

They continue to turn on when I’m around the frequencies and off when I step away from them or the source is turned off.  In reality, this is convenient.  Especially for testing.

The not so inert metal.  The metal in my head may not corrode but it certainly reacts to ultra low and very low electromagnetic frequencies.  In fact, it always has.  That clip drew those frequencies from the thunderstorms to my head like a magnet, resulting in horrendous migraines.

I no longer live in an area where I am exposed to that weather pattern.  However, I do get mild headaches in the same location when a storm front comes through.  The pain begins 1 – 2 days before the system arrives and disappears after it’s moved out.

A metal pipe in my head.  The pain in my head was actually one of the lesser symptoms, so it wasn’t until recently that I came to realize that when I’m around problematic EMFs, it feels as if a metal pipe is being shoved through my skull.

It hurts.

When I am away from the source of the EMFs that pain disappears instantly.  Why was it there to begin with?  Because that is the location of the metal clip.

I do not feel this pain when talking on my cell phone.  However, if I am in a crowd in a small space and people have Bluetooth running, I will feel that metal pipe through my skull feeling.  I leave the area, the pain disappears immediately.

I never experienced any EMF symptoms as a kid.  The first I remember being sick is a few years after the surgery when the migraines began in earnest.

1979 – 2014.  Technologically speaking, the world is an entirely different place today than it was when I had that life saving surgery.  Cell phones and wireless devices weren’t around back them.  I know one thing.  That inert metal isn’t electromagnetically inert.  It acts as a magnet for the problematic frequencies.

Not all metals are a problem.  After badly breaking his wrist in a car accident, my father ended up with a metal pin in his wrist.  He continuously drains watch batteries, and even wind ups  quit working when he wears them.  I’m sure it’s related.  That being said, however, I’m not sure that people with metal in their bodies are more susceptible to EMF Sensitivity.

I have never conducted research to find out.

What is unique in my situation is that the metal is in my brain.  This organ, along with the heart, is electrical.  I am convinced that in my case, the clip in my head acts as a magnet to the problematic EMFs.  The more important truth, however, is that without it, I would have died.

Where do I go from here?  I have no intention of having the metal clip removed.  To me the risk isn’t worth it.  Due to the remedies I discovered , I am living 95% symptom free.  Thanks to the few remaining symptoms I do experience, I am aware when I am being hit by potentially harmful radiation.

The metal clip may attract problematic EMFs like a magnet but it also alerts me to their presence.  To me, it’s a good trade off.

I share the most up to date information about EMF Sensitivity and technology, including smart meters,  in the ebook

Amplifying the Waves: The Role of Electromagnetic Pollution in EMF Sensitivity.



Even as I sought to treat my EMF Sensitivity, I tried to understand not only why I began suffering symptoms when exposed to ultra low and very low electromagnetic frequencies, but why they started when they did.  After all, I wasn’t born EMF Sensitive.

A Beautiful Truth?  A few months ago, I watched a documentary called The Beautiful Truth.  One part in particular got my attention.  A dentist about to remove mercury fillings explained the importance of having it done by someone trained to do so.  If not done properly, a great deal of mercury could end up in the body of the individual having them removed, exposing them to dangerous levels of the toxic metal.  The dentist went on to point out that a significant percentage of people who did not see a specialist yet had their fillings removed went on to get an autoimmune disease down the road.

Last night I was drifting off to sleep when I realized that, for me, there was a relationship.

In my mid-twenties I talked to my dentist about removing the mercury fillings in my mouth.  Even though he was not specially trained to do this, he told me it would be no problem, so I went ahead and had it done.   A little over a year later I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an auto-immune disease.

I do not blame my dentist.  It’s very possible that if that had been the only stress to my system, I might have never had any trouble.  However, I was going through one of the most stressful periods in my entire life.  Coming from someone who, at ten years of age, died, was paralyzed and in a coma, that’s saying a lot.

I was able to get my RA into remission, but a short time later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

A hair analysis done at that time revealed I had heavy metal toxicity, including high levels of mercury.  My doctor, an MD, prescribed minerals to chelate the heavy metals from my system. 

As the heavy metal levels came down my thyroid function returned to normal.  Shortly after, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where I became very ill almost immediately.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was suffering from EMF Sensitivity.  In fact, I wouldn’t discover what was wrong for 9 years during which my suffering worsened as symptoms grew in number and intensity.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I hadn’t figured out what was going on and discovered all the remedies, I wouldn’t be alive today.

Three years later, after a series of fortuitous events, I began treating my EMF Sensitivity as if it were an auto-immune disease.  I worked to strengthen my immune system by strengthening my adrenals.  A central part of the treatment involved taking liquid mineral supplements.

Toxins bind to the minerals which help sweep them from the body. 

As my system became saturated with the minerals it began to detoxify.  This process did not rob me of energy.  Quite the opposite, I began to feel healthy again.

I continued the program, following the signals my body was sending, tweaking supplements, adding or taking away as appropriate.

Over a year into this approach I can say that my health has stabilized.  I am 90 – 95% free of symptoms from EMF Sensitivity.

A Healing Crisis?  Five months into this approach, my rheumatic arthritis flared.  I added ashwagandha and boswellia to my routine and drank red wine most nights for its anti-inflammatory properties.

When I removed any one of those three pieces of the puzzle, my symptoms came back more painful than ever.  When I kept each of the three in the routine I felt better.  Five months later my RA went back into remission.  Today I am symptom free.

I can’t help but wonder if, due to the detox brought about by the minerals, the RA wasn’t part of a Healing Crisis?

It is likely that the removal of the mercury fillings set in motion a chain of events that resulted in conditions stemming from a weakened immune system.  One of the conditions was EMF Sensitivity.  In treating it as an auto-immune condition, strengthening my adrenals, I have brought about significant healing.

The puzzle over why and when, for me at least, has been solved.
























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