Information on EMFS (Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Frequencies)

When I was a child I suffered a brain hemorrhage. A metal clip was used during emergency surgery to stop the bleeding from a broken blood vessel that left me blind, paralyzed, and in a coma.

There is no doubt that this surgery saved my life. It also set me up to have EMF Sensitivity.

There’s metal in my head?!  Don’t worry, they told me. It’s an inert metal.

By definition, inert metals do not corrode when in contact with oxygenated water.  Examples include stainless steel, copper and brass, 

The clip in my head, which is about the size of a pinky nail, is titanium.

Don’t worry, they told me.  No problem.  Hmm.

After discovering that I am sensitive to ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies, I was left with a puzzle.

When did it start and why?

Years of research has left me with a pretty solid hypothesis.

First, the headaches.  There’s a saying in Michigan.  April showers bring may flowers.  Well, they also bring atmospheric EMFs.  I remember laying in the dark crying from the pain in my head.  The pain was in the same location as the metal clip, where I’d had my surgery.  While I didn’t worry that the clip had somehow ruptured, I wondered if the unbearable pain was somehow related.  After two years of horrendous debilitating migraines that always started two days before a thunderstorm rolled in and kept up until it moved out again, I asked my neurosurgeon.

“Is it related to the metal in my head?”

“It’s a vascular headache, so yes, there is some type of relationship, but I don’t know why.”

I continued to suffer these migraines for years.  The pain was so bad that I often ended up in the emergency room where I was given a shot of demerol/vistaril and sent home with a designated driver.

I hated the way I felt after the narcotic pain medication.  It didn’t really work, either.  It didn’t stop the pain.  It just made it so I could sleep until the storm system moved on.  I was so grateful when Imitrex came on the scene.  It wasn’t a narcotic so I could drive myself home. 

The gremlin effect.  Years later, while working at a Fortune 500 technology company, I began to notice that I had an interesting effect on technology.  I broke it.  Especially laser printers.

The service woman who was responsible for fixing it told me that the printer in my cube broke more than any other in her entire district.  When it was removed from my cube it stopped breaking.  It was returned to my cube after a shift of seating and sure enough, it began to break again.

I drained batteries constantly, leaving me with numerous watch repair bills.  I broke cell phones and computers, sometimes just from touching them.  I also drained their batteries faster than what should have been possible.

I once had the production guys ask me to return a network board to the lab so they could examine it.  They’d never heard of a board frying simply because someone plugged it in.

I later read in Dr. Dean Radin’s Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena that this wasn’t necessarily unusual and it certainly wasn’t unheard of.  In fact, a standing joke suggested the better researchers and scientists had this gremlin effect on equipment.

The Long and Windy Road.  Years of research led me to remedies that, for all intensive purposes, have cured me.  I am now living 95% symptom free.  Because I’m no longer inundated with debilitating symptoms, I am able to focus on the few less severe ones I do experience when around problematic frequencies.

They continue to turn on when I’m around the frequencies and off when I step away from them or the source is turned off.  In reality, this is convenient.  Especially for testing.

The not so inert metal.  The metal in my head may not corrode but it certainly reacts to ultra low and very low electromagnetic frequencies.  In fact, it always has.  That clip drew those frequencies from the thunderstorms to my head like a magnet, resulting in horrendous migraines.

I no longer live in an area where I am exposed to that weather pattern.  However, I do get mild headaches in the same location when a storm front comes through.  The pain begins 1 – 2 days before the system arrives and disappears after it’s moved out.

A metal pipe in my head.  The pain in my head was actually one of the lesser symptoms, so it wasn’t until recently that I came to realize that when I’m around problematic EMFs, it feels as if a metal pipe is being shoved through my skull.

It hurts.

When I am away from the source of the EMFs that pain disappears instantly.  Why was it there to begin with?  Because that is the location of the metal clip.

I do not feel this pain when talking on my cell phone.  However, if I am in a crowd in a small space and people have Bluetooth running, I will feel that metal pipe through my skull feeling.  I leave the area, the pain disappears immediately.

I never experienced any EMF symptoms as a kid.  The first I remember being sick is a few years after the surgery when the migraines began in earnest.

1979 – 2014.  Technologically speaking, the world is an entirely different place today than it was when I had that life saving surgery.  Cell phones and wireless devices weren’t around back them.  I know one thing.  That inert metal isn’t electromagnetically inert.  It acts as a magnet for the problematic frequencies.

Not all metals are a problem.  After badly breaking his wrist in a car accident, my father ended up with a metal pin in his wrist.  He continuously drains watch batteries, and even wind ups  quit working when he wears them.  I’m sure it’s related.  That being said, however, I’m not sure that people with metal in their bodies are more susceptible to EMF Sensitivity.

I have never conducted research to find out.

What is unique in my situation is that the metal is in my brain.  This organ, along with the heart, is electrical.  I am convinced that in my case, the clip in my head acts as a magnet to the problematic EMFs.  The more important truth, however, is that without it, I would have died.

Where do I go from here?  I have no intention of having the metal clip removed.  To me the risk isn’t worth it.  Due to the remedies I discovered , I am living 95% symptom free.  Thanks to the few remaining symptoms I do experience, I am aware when I am being hit by potentially harmful radiation.

The metal clip may attract problematic EMFs like a magnet but it also alerts me to their presence.  To me, it’s a good trade off.

I share the most up to date information about EMF Sensitivity and technology, including smart meters,  in the ebook

Amplifying the Waves: The Role of Electromagnetic Pollution in EMF Sensitivity.



Even as I sought to treat my EMF Sensitivity, I tried to understand not only why I began suffering symptoms when exposed to ultra low and very low electromagnetic frequencies, but why they started when they did.  After all, I wasn’t born EMF Sensitive.

A Beautiful Truth?  A few months ago, I watched a documentary called The Beautiful Truth.  One part in particular got my attention.  A dentist about to remove mercury fillings explained the importance of having it done by someone trained to do so.  If not done properly, a great deal of mercury could end up in the body of the individual having them removed, exposing them to dangerous levels of the toxic metal.  The dentist went on to point out that a significant percentage of people who did not see a specialist yet had their fillings removed went on to get an autoimmune disease down the road.

Last night I was drifting off to sleep when I realized that, for me, there was a relationship.

In my mid-twenties I talked to my dentist about removing the mercury fillings in my mouth.  Even though he was not specially trained to do this, he told me it would be no problem, so I went ahead and had it done.   A little over a year later I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an auto-immune disease.

I do not blame my dentist.  It’s very possible that if that had been the only stress to my system, I might have never had any trouble.  However, I was going through one of the most stressful periods in my entire life.  Coming from someone who, at ten years of age, died, was paralyzed and in a coma, that’s saying a lot.

I was able to get my RA into remission, but a short time later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

A hair analysis done at that time revealed I had heavy metal toxicity, including high levels of mercury.  My doctor, an MD, prescribed minerals to chelate the heavy metals from my system. 

As the heavy metal levels came down my thyroid function returned to normal.  Shortly after, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where I became very ill almost immediately.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was suffering from EMF Sensitivity.  In fact, I wouldn’t discover what was wrong for 9 years during which my suffering worsened as symptoms grew in number and intensity.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I hadn’t figured out what was going on and discovered all the remedies, I wouldn’t be alive today.

Three years later, after a series of fortuitous events, I began treating my EMF Sensitivity as if it were an auto-immune disease.  I worked to strengthen my immune system by strengthening my adrenals.  A central part of the treatment involved taking liquid mineral supplements.

Toxins bind to the minerals which help sweep them from the body. 

As my system became saturated with the minerals it began to detoxify.  This process did not rob me of energy.  Quite the opposite, I began to feel healthy again.

I continued the program, following the signals my body was sending, tweaking supplements, adding or taking away as appropriate.

Over a year into this approach I can say that my health has stabilized.  I am 90 – 95% free of symptoms from EMF Sensitivity.

A Healing Crisis?  Five months into this approach, my rheumatic arthritis flared.  I added ashwagandha and boswellia to my routine and drank red wine most nights for its anti-inflammatory properties.

When I removed any one of those three pieces of the puzzle, my symptoms came back more painful than ever.  When I kept each of the three in the routine I felt better.  Five months later my RA went back into remission.  Today I am symptom free.

I can’t help but wonder if, due to the detox brought about by the minerals, the RA wasn’t part of a Healing Crisis?

It is likely that the removal of the mercury fillings set in motion a chain of events that resulted in conditions stemming from a weakened immune system.  One of the conditions was EMF Sensitivity.  In treating it as an auto-immune condition, strengthening my adrenals, I have brought about significant healing.

The puzzle over why and when, for me at least, has been solved.
























One of the symptoms of EMF Sensitivity is an inability to shed unwanted pounds.  In my personal experience, there are three contributing factors.


Fight or Flee Part 1  When I am exposed to problematic EMFs, my adrenals and immune system are directly impacted.  My body goes into the Fight or Flee response immediately.  As a result, massive stress coping chemicals flood my body which wreaks total havoc.  In an attempt to compensate, my body craves carbohydrates.  Under normal circumstances, my metabolism performs better with a high protein, low-carb diet.  When I am hit with problematic EMFS, I feel ill when I consume a high protein diet and feel much better eating carbohydrates.  The problem is, this causes tremendous weight gain.

Fight or Flee Part 2  Because my body was in Fight or Flee mode, it fought weight loss.  By the nature of that life-preserving physiological process, the body retains weight in order to better survive intense stress.  Of course, from a physiological point of view, that stress would have been famine or a threatening beast or marauders, and not problematic frequencies from the electromagnetic spectrum.

No Fight Left in Me  One of the worst symptoms of EMF Sensitivity for me was the debilitating exhaustion.  I barely had any energy.  There were days I could barely get out of bed, I couldn’t think straight, and I certainly had no capacity to do even basic tasks like shopping for groceries.  I was too tired to move.  I was too tired to think.  Forget exercise.

Eating a high carb diet, having a body exposed to continuous intense stress, and being too exhausted to exercise meant I couldn’t shake the weight gain.  It depressed me, too.

So, how did I finally manage to lose all the weight gain and get back in shape?  It was a slow process but it began when I got away from the problematic EMFs.  Once away from the EMFs, my body began to recover.  As time went on and I gained strength I found it easier to return to a high protein diet.

There were setbacks as I found myself unexpectedly exposed to problematic EMFs from new and surprising sources.

Once I began to strengthen my adrenals, I found that the weight began to come off.  I no longer craved carbohydrates and I had more energy to exercise.  But it was a slow process.  I had been very ill and the recovery was a long long road.

Eventually, I recovered enough that I was able to go back to exercise regularly.

I have been into sports and other exercise regimens my whole life.  My recovery from EMF Sensitivity allowed me to return to a pattern I’ve lived since childhood. 

Another key.  There is another key component to my recovery from EMF Sensitivity and it has little to do with frequencies.  I had to reduce and eliminate as much stress from my life as absolutely possible.  This would help my adrenals in that they would no longer shoot out a continuous stream of Fight or Flee chemicals.  I had to allow them to recover.

It’s like a corporation trying to return to profitability.  You can only do so much by cutting expenses.  Eventually, you have to come out with a product or service that will increase revenue.  In the case of my adrenals, I had the product/service side in the supplements that were helping to rebuild and strengthen them.  What I needed was the cost reduction side.  That meant reducing and/or eliminating all stress to the degree possible, which is a challenge in and of itself.

I write more about this here.

My advice to someone dealing with this particular symptom of EMF Sensitivity is to be easy on yourself.  It takes time to recover and several small steps will go a long way.  It will be far less stressful than trying to do too much at once.  As your body regains its strength the ability to eat a healthier diet and having more energy for exercise will return.

A final word about exercise. My absolute favorite exercise is walking.  I have done plenty of work with free weights and I have done aerobics and jazzercise but by far I am happiest when walking is the core of my workout.

Exercise is also one of the remedies for EMF Sensitivity symptoms.  The positive hormones and other chemicals released during exercise helped me feel better.  The unfortunate part was the catch-22 of not having enough energy to exercise regularly.  However, even housework had the potential to enable me to feel better – even if it was only a little while.  So, every little bit helps.









One of the symptoms of my EMF Sensitivity has been my ability to predict earthquakes.

Depending on how sick I felt, I was able to determine when an earthquake was imminent down to almost the exact minute, how strong the magnitude would be, and eventually, which fault line was going to pop.

Since geologic fault lines were the primary source of problematic electromagnetic frequencies for me, I moved to an area with a lower than national average of seismic activity in order to allow my body to heal.  Over time, I began to wonder if I would recover to a point where I would be able to be in the presence of the fault lines and not be affected.  Then I began to wonder if a recovery from EMF Sensitivity would affect related phenomena, such as my psychic abilities and my ability to feel earthquakes before they happened.

I am a year into my EMF Cure and I recently learned that at this point in my recovery, I am still affected, albeit mildly, by exposure to certain parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.  My traditional remedies, as outlined in my book Riding the Waves Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, continue to be effective in reducing and/or eliminating the symptoms.

I also learned I can still feel earthquakes before they happen – and at much farther distances.

The other night I was reading in bed.  My ears began to ring in a peculiar, incredibly high pitched way that I don’t recall ever experiencing.  It was much louder and more intense in my left ear, and though it was incredibly noticeable, it wasn’t painful.

This went on for about ten minutes when I suddenly heard a popping sound, followed by what sounded like sand falling behind the drywall.  Moments later, our bed began moving back and forth and I knew at once we were having a shake, rattle, and roll.

The earthquake lasted for several seconds, then the shaking stopped.  “Well, that explains a lot,” I told my husband.  I went on to explain that for the previous two days I’d felt drained of energy, and sick in a way I hadn’t experienced in a long time.

EMF Sensitivity is never far from my thoughts so I did consider that as a possible cause of the physical symptoms.  However, since the symptoms were so minimal in severity compared to what I’d experienced years before, and since I’d just gone through the chaos of holiday planning and out of town visitors, I’d decided to take a wait and see approach.

The interesting part was yet to come.  I told my husband where the earthquake had likely been centered and told him the likely magnitude.  A check on the web verified the location and magnitude.  I’d called it at over 100 miles away.

Within ten minutes, the ringing in my ear stopped and I felt fine.  All the fatigue and other symptoms vanished.

“The EMFs have been reset to zero.”

Prior to an earthquake, EMFs are emitted from the fault line.  After the earthquake, this is reset to zero until the hours and days prior to the next quake on that fault line.

What I found intriguing was that the ringing in my ears started about ten minutes before the quake and lasted until about ten minutes after. The epicenter was approximately 120 miles away.

I don’t think I will ever forget the pitch, tone, and volume of the ringing.  I will always associate it with an impending quake.  An EMF symptom, surely, but one I can easily live with.

As for the other symptoms.  When I do experience them, they are significantly milder than before I began the regimen for the cure.  My belief is that as I continue to strengthen my adrenals and treat this auto-immune disorder, I will continue to reduce the severity of whatever symptoms I experience, though I don’t believe I will ever get to a point where I am not aware of the problematic electromagnetic frequencies.

After all, that is what my adrenals are for…to warn me of danger.

I was rereading Lynne McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment.  Along with my background in technology, and networking in particular, the information in this book helped me better understand just how it was that certain electromagnetic frequencies could cause me to feel so sick. **

It also helped validate one of the best remedies I discovered by explaining the scientific principles behind why it worked.

Like watching a movie for a second or third time, rereading this book presented me with material I’d either overlooked or that hadn’t risen to my conscious before.

From the book:  “In physics, if you want to see how something behaves, the best way is to simply make it uncomfortable and see what happens.”

The same applies in life.  Just make a human uncomfortable and see what happens.

From the book:  “Creating disorder usually involves adding heat or applying a magnetic field to determine how it will react when disturbed …”

When certain magnetic fields are applied to susceptible humans, they get awfully sick.  In my experience, heat exacerbates the effect.

From the book:  “According to the laws of classical physics, applying a magnetic field will disrupt the magnetic alignment of a substance’s atoms.  The degree to which this happens is a substance’s magnetic susceptibility.”

EMF Sensitive people are pretty susceptible, apparently.

From the book:  “The … plan was to find out a bit more about the salt’s magnetic capability, by applying two systems of disorder to the crystal chip: higher temperatures and a stronger magnetic field.”

My husband, an electrical engineer, is the first one who noticed that my symptoms were worse in higher temperatures.  However, he had no explanation for it.  I consulted with several engineers and none of them could explain why this might be true.  This left it in the realm of anecdotal evidence…until I reread this book.

I used the laws of physics and other scientific disciplines to better understand sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies, and to discover remedies that reduced and/or eliminated the life-disrupting symptoms.

Although it’s more accepted now, it still isn’t well understood, but it could be.  Not by applying medical or psychological principles, but by applying scientific ones.

The cells of people who are EMF Sensitive are just acting according to the laws of nature.

** I was lucky I still had this book on my shelf.  I’d read it years before and recalled various experiments that I felt could provide insight.

Before I knew that I was sensitive to ultra-low (ulfs) and very low (vlfs) electromagnetic frequencies, I spent months undergoing medical tests in an effort to figure out what was wrong with me.  One that was periodically repeated was a blood test for low thyroid.  Among other symptoms, I had a consistently low body temperature.

From the time I was a child my normal temperature has been 99F.  Above the average 98.6, having this elevated temperature got me out of a lot of shots at the doctor when I was a kid.

At least, til they figured out what was normal for me.

Suddenly, I had temperatures of 97.1 and 97.2.

Yes, I felt chilled, especially at night.  Again, this was a dramatic change for me.

Over the past 11 months, during which I have continued to strengthen my adrenals as part of my EMF Sensitivity regimen, I’d noticed a significant improvement in many areas of my health.  But my temperature was still low (97.1 or 97.2).

And yes, I was chilled, though my fingers, hands, and feet weren’t cold as in Raynaud’s.  I just didn’t feel warm.

Within the last week I began to feel warm.  It got my attention because for so many years I haven’t.  I knew I wasn’t feverish, just warm and toasty.

The way I used to be.

On a hunch I took my temperature.  To my delight, it was 98.87!

What makes this interesting is that about two months ago I began to joke that my pilot light had been relit.  I’d begun to feel warmer, slowly.

I didn’t pay much attention to the temperature symptom because so many other ones that had been more uncomfortable were disappearing.

If ever there was a milestone to reflect how much I’ve recovered from EMF Sensitivity, my normal body temperature, above average, is it.


shapeimage_6The concept that our bodies are like fine instruments that sometimes get out of tune is not new.  Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Bach Flower Remedies are healing modalities that are in line with this philosophy, as are two others, color therapy and sound therapy.

Sound and color are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  In my book Riding the Waves Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I explain the role of sound therapy in reducing and/or eliminating symptoms of sensitivity to problematic electromagnetic frequencies.

As part of my research regarding how sound affects the brain, I interviewed Robert Hamaker.  The percussionist/teacher was happy to share his knowledge and experience.  He not only validated my research, he offered in-depth explanations as to why the remedies worked.

I recently learned of a wonderful healing program Robert worked on with Jean Luo.  Jean wrote a book on how to use 19 colors (7 major chakra colors, 5 minor chakra colors, and a few others) in various forms of healing. It tells what qualities each color embodies, which body areas and ailments it can be connected to, and how to use it in various modalities such as meditation, essential oils, aromatherapy, etc, to bring those qualities into your life or assist with chakra balancing or healing.

Author Deborah Fruchey edited the book and Robert was asked to compose the healing music.  Robert’s album covers an instrumental song for each color and two grounding tracks.

The theory behind this sound therapy is that every note has a certain vibration in Hertz, and if you double the speed of vibration you get the same note one octave up.  If you do this 40 times you get the Terrahertz, the light vibration,

In other words, a color.

Robert did this for each color in Jean’s book.  When he had the right note for each color, he wrote a piece that was harmonically based on that note.

He also mathematically calculated the sound vibration downward to get the correct beat for each piece.

Additional information and listening samples can be found here.

About Rob:  Robert Hamaker has been performing and teaching as a percussionist for over 30 years.  He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in percussion performance in 1983 from Cal State University, Hayward.  With training and experience in both classical and contemporary music, he has a unique expertise to bring to his projects.  Mr. Hamaker is currently Principal Percussionist with the Vallejo Symphony Orchestra, Golden Gate Park Band, and the Diablo Symphony, for whom he also acts as Concert Manager.  He plays for various theatre groups and is a long standing member of Pacific Sticks Percussion Ensemble.  He teaches at 3 private teaching studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lives.

For more information, see

About Deborah:  Deborah Fruchey is a writer of both fiction and nonfiction.  Her first novel, The Unwilling Heiress, was chosen as a Best Book by the American Bookseller’s Association.  Is There Room For Me, Too, her book on mental illness issues, has been called “The best book of its kind” by Jeffrey Sparr, creator of the PeaceLove Foundation.  Her first formal collection of poetry will be forthcoming from MCT Publishing in 2014.

For more information, see


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