Information on EMFS (Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Frequencies)

615x200_ehow_images_a01_v4_se_create-successful-help-wanted-ad-800x800Before setting out on any journey, it’s important to prepare.  This is especially true of the journey of recovery from an illness.

Companions.  Who is brave enough to accompany you on this important life-changing journey?  Perhaps more important, who is qualified to?  Hint:  It isn’t your doctor.  

He/she plays a different role.

If you were to take out an ad it might read something like this:

Wanted.  Friend to accompany me on a life-changing journey toward improved health.  Length of journey unknown.  Medical background not required.  Must have patience.  Compassion important.  Cheerleading skills a plus, though splits and pyramids not required.  Willing to do light housework, run errands, and prepare meals, including nutritious healing juices.  Division of labor negotiable.  Sense of humor and optimism important.

I was fortunate to live with my support system.

My husband and kids have been my biggest supporters throughout the twisty turney path of recovery.

My husband takes the same mineral and vitamin supplements I do, and drinks the same juices.  He has noticed a significant improvement in his own health and energy levels, and his hair is going from gray back to brown.

Be very choosy about who you have for support.  They will help or hinder your progress so make sure they don’t have a vested interest in the status quo.

I know of a situation in which the spouse of someone suffering EMF Sensitivity continuously brings problematic triggers into the home.  Either the person doesn’t believe the technology is causing the spouse to be sick or is happy with the way things are…with the spouse sick.

For help dealing with such an individual, read Dr. Harriet Lerner’s The Dance of Anger.

Support is important.  If you can identify at least one member of your household to help you outline and follow a healing protocol, you will improve your chances of reversing the condition entirely.

Sometimes I was too tired to cook or make the juice.  My husband took over these duties, along with other chores, and as a result, my recovery was accelerated.  

If you are a single parent, see if you can find a friend or neighbor to help.  Also, do not discount the ability of even young children to provide the love and moral support you need.

There is nothing like hearing kids cheering because you went an entire day with no pain, or were able to sleep through the night without waking up every hour and a half.

Sanity Check.  An important job for the support person is to help you remain calm during the often chaotic return to health.

Detox is fun – not!

This person can remind you that having down days is a normal part of the process.  They can keep you from giving up because you feel worse before getting better.

This is particularly true when you are detoxing copper.

This person can help you not freak out when you lose copious amounts of hair in the shower.  Hint:  The detoxing is working.  Btw:  The hair grows back – often quicker than ever thanks to the nutrition you give it.

Lend Me Your Ear.  Having someone you provide updates to helps you measure how far you’ve come even when it seems as if you’ll never get better.

Kids are especially good at this part.  They may not understand it all but they know how to listen and how to love unconditionally.

Before starting on your journey to recovery, be sure you find worthy companions.  You not only owe it to yourself, you deserve the best.

gold-barsI am sharing what I’ve learned from reversing both rheumatic arthritis and EMF Sensitivity, both autoimmune conditions.  As of this writing, I am free of pain and debilitating fatigue.  Yesterday was the third consecutive day with no negative impact from being around WiFi.

It all began with minerals but more on that later.  

When it comes to reversing autoimmune conditions it would be helpful to consider your body a processing house and an intermediary.  Every day we receive “gold” in the form of smiles, (hopefully nutritious) food, exercise, a sense of accomplishment, and other positive tangibles that add to our stores.

Additionally, every day we face withdrawals in the form of drivers who cut us off, lack of adequate sleep, unreasonable demands at work, and a host of other negative tangibles that deplete our stores.

In order to maintain good health we need to mind our stores.  It’s imperative to identify the sources of the “gold” added in and the sources of that which depletes those stores.  While both are important, it’s crucial to understand what and who depletes the stores.  Put simply, when our stores get too low, severe illness (read autoimmune) is the result.

As you begin the journey of reversing an autoimmune condition, it’s helpful to consider this system of “merit and demerit” as you go forward.  This is because, as you become more aware of what is draining you and what heals you, you will have many choices to make. Merits help, demerits don’t.

It isn’t as simple as dumping everything that drains and only keeping what adds to our stores.  Life does not work that way.

It would be a worthwhile exercise to identify all the people, situations, and other items that drain your reserves.  Next, identify the people, situations, and other items that build them.

Write them down for later analysis.  Identification is a first key step in reversing the autoimmune condition.  You have to figure out what is contributing to, or causing it in the first place.

 In order for the body to heal you have to remove as many of the negative tangibles as possible and keep a healthy balance of the positive ones.

It’s possible to have too much of a good thing.  Consider the car that is filled with gas but the hose is left in, continuing to pump in the fuel.  Eventually, it will spill over.

The next step is to consider how strong or sick you are.  Healing takes energy and the chances are, you will find yourself with episodes of feeling worse before you are better.

Another aspect of strength to consider is whether or not you are willing or able to make the essential changes necessary for healing.  These may include leaving a toxic work environment or relationship,.

Romantic relationships are far from the only sources of stress.  Friendships and family relationships can be very toxic.

It may mean moving to another location.  It could also mean admitting you hate your field of study and changing or leaving university if you realize it honestly isn’t for you.

This is where being honest with yourself is not only helpful, it’s key.

The next step in reversing an autoimmune condition is having a few medical tests.  Specifically, blood work and hair analysis.

You are looking for mineral deficiencies and excess heavy metals.

I suggest paying particular attention to levels of mercury, copper, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

I honestly believe that mineral deficiencies, along with the associated heavy metal toxicities, are responsible for all autoimmune conditions.  This is because minerals are needed to make the hormones in our bodies.  Several autoimmune diseases are associated with the body’s inability to manufacture necessary hormones.

There are startling similarities between symptoms of diabetes and symptoms of potassium deficiency.

Blood work alone will not tell you what is going on with your body.  The body is a regulating machine.  It must maintain certain levels of various components or we will die.  Therefore, blood work often shows levels as normal even though there is a severe deficiency.

There is a simple reason for this.  If we aren’t getting the minerals and nutrients we need to maintain health, our bodies will cannibalize its own muscle and bone in order to maintain minimum levels.  I’m sure you can imagine the damage if this went on unchecked.

In addition to minerals, look at vitamin and hormone levels.

Pay attention to vitamin D which is not a vitamin at all, but a hormone produced by our adrenals.

The next step is to remove as much stress from your life as you possibly can.  The sooner you begin to eliminate the situations that drain your reserves, the sooner your body can start to recover.

While some sources of stress will be obvious, others will be dangerously hidden.  For instance, if the water you are drinking is high in mercury and copper you could find yourself dangerously low in magnesium.

Mercury blocks absorption of magnesium and excess copper wreaks havoc with our health.  

Since our bodies are always trying to maintain base levels, once a mineral goes out of balance, others are pulled out as the body attempts to reestablish balance.

I will write further on the role of minerals in autoimmune conditions, including and especially EMF Sensitivity, but I have at least given you a place to start.

And All While Taking in Water

bailing-out-a-boatThis is the first in a series of articles about reversing EMF Sensitivity.  The information applies to all autoimmune conditions.

Years ago, while working in tech, I picked up the phone and heard the strangest request of my career, if not my life.

“Elizabeth, I need you to call the Coast Guard!”

I was used to customers who were panicked because their system or network wasn’t performing the way they needed, or a sales rep asking me to do some last minute task. I even talked to a guy while he drove his wife to the hospital to have a baby.  Talk about panic.  The Coast Guard?  The office wasn’t anywhere near the lake he was on.

More puzzled than anything, I had to ask.  “If you can call me, why don’t you -?”

“I don’t have the number and I don’t have time to call information and then get it because the boat’s taking on water and we’re sinking!  Now, take down these coordinates!”

I dutifully wrote everything down then asked if anyone was hurt.  No.  Were they wearing life jackets?  Yes.  What were they going to do until the Coast Guard arrived?

“Bail as fast as we can and try to make it closer to shore!”

Sailing in a boat taking on water.

Reversing an autoimmune condition is a lot like that.  The body doesn’t stop functioning just because the immune system has been compromised, though God knows, like a boat taking on water, it doesn’t function as well as it could, or should.

Everything worked out for my friend.  They got closer to shore and were rescued.  The boat was repaired.  And the friend?  He’s a wiser captain for his experience.

 The same can be said about someone who has lived through an autoimmune disease.  If they successfully reveres the condition they will be wiser for their experience.  They will also be changed.

Change, both inside and out, is inevitable, because major life changes are mandatory for anyone wishing to reverse an autoimmune condition.

Most people don’t like that truth but there it is.  It won’t be easy.  It can come with sleepless nights, lots of doubt, perhaps some guilt, and a decent amount of sadness, but when you come out the other side?  You’ll be healthier and much wiser for your experience.

The sadness isn’t just due to any loss associated with the changes, it’s in looking at who you were before your health deteriorated through the eyes of someone completely different.  It’s almost like looking at a stranger.  You want to relate, to feel something familiar, but you can’t because you aren’t that person anymore.  Think Gandalf The White instead of Gandalf The Grey.

 The first step to reversing an autoimmune condition is accepting that there is always a mental and/or emotional component involved.  Always.

 The body has turned on itself.  The body is attacking its own cells as if they were enemies.  Why?

 Here are a few holistic considerations to get you thinking.

The thyroid gland is close to the throat.  Thyroid issues may be related to a person feeling they aren’t being heard.

Imagine reporting abuse and not being believed.  Or worse, nothing is done about it.

The joints represent mobility.  Arthritic conditions may be related to a person feeling stuck and unable to move.

Think about the young person frustrated at work.  They see limited opportunity for advancement but in a down economy, don’t feel confident enough to move.  Especially since that move meant living in another state and they know their mother would be heart broken if they did that.

Skin issues may represent how we feel about ourselves and our appearance.

This is how we appear to the outside world. 

 Skin also has the all-important function as our first line of defense.  It protects our insides from all sorts of harm.

Skin issues could also reflect the inability to feel safe.

 These are just a few possibilities.  The course of an autoimmune condition varies from person to person and can be short and intense or long and drawn out with lots of small warning conditions all saying the same thing:

Danger Ahead!

Most people ignore the small signs (like head colds) and push their bodies to keep going without giving it what it desperately needs (rest and nutritious food).

People who stay in dead-end or abusive jobs and relationships are also ignoring warning signs.

So, at least part of the issue is you.  Once you’ve accepted this truth, your chances for reversing the autoimmune condition increase dramatically.

That’s because you have put responsibility for your health where it belongs.  With you.

In the next article I will outline steps you can take simultaneously that will get you on your road to reversing the autoimmune condition.

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I had my writing career all mapped out.  I would work at a job that provided what I needed.

For years this was corporate.

I would work hard, save, and by the time I was 40 would be writing full time.

I was on track to meet those goals but for one little detail.  I’d planned to write fiction.

 I’d never considered writing nonfiction.  Oh, I’d been a tech writer at one point in my career and in college I’d tutored engineering students in writing, but I wanted to write made up stories with happy endings.


In early 2003, I was notified that my dissertation had been approved.

I knew it was time to leave corporate.  I’d been in technology for decades, long enough to see things come full circle.  I was ready for a new challenge.

Ironically, after leaving my job in order to pursue a career in writing I received a letter from my adjunct professor, encouraging me to turn my dissertation into a book.

Write nonfiction?  

That letter certainly put a smile in my heart but I wasn’t interested in writing nonfiction.  I tucked it away alongside the approved dissertation and turned to writing fiction.

Life happens when you …

I found myself facing a rather serious yet mysterious illness.  Visits to the doctor turned nothing up.  According to all my tests, I was healthy.  Knowing something was wrong, I searched for clues, but came up empty.  With the help of my husband I came to realize that I was sensitive to geologic frequencies.

Not cell phones or cell phone towers.  I was sensitive to the ultra low frequencies emitted from geologic fault lines!

I couldn’t find anything of value on the subject.

I found plenty of tabloid crap out there.

I couldn’t find anything that could bring relief.

Lots of ridiculously expensive items claiming to do so.  Their pseudoscience claims were unimpressive.

I was convinced there had to be other people like me and if they were suffering near to what I was?  Anything I learned would help them.  Thus, the decision to publish my findings – nonfiction – was born.

My full-time job at that point was learning about the condition and finding remedies that would enable me to live a normal life while I searched for a cure.  My belief was that if I wasn’t born with it, it could be reversed.  

 I wasn’t working for free but I also knew the uphill battle of publishing in a niche market.  Perhaps a small university press?

Listening to a couple of agents talking to a local writers’ group did nothing to increase my confidence.  

I decided I’d have to have a damn good cover letter.  I’d also better find a publisher willing to explore new material and new authors.

Best intentions…

I received two heart tugging letters from the other side of the country.

I had been posting articles on my website about my condition and my ongoing efforts to find remedies.  

They were both about the same person.

 One letter was written by a friend.  The other, a spouse.

The friend begged me to get a copy of the book to the friend as soon as possible.  She was suffering horribly.  The husband offered to pay extra to buy a pre-release.

I explained to both that I could not release the material until it was finished.  I promised I would notify them immediately.  In the meantime, I offered several suggestions.

At that point I knew I couldn’t wait until I found the perfect publishing opportunity.  A niche subject would take time to place.  Being a new and untried author further challenged my prospects.  Yet I was a healer.  I could not in good conscience do anything other than what I did.

I self published my first book, Riding the Waves Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

 It certainly wasn’t how I’d envisioned my writing career taking off.  A lot of people had no idea what I was talking about and others were downright scornful.

One of my former colleagues suggested I needed someone prestigious to provide credibility.  I told him the World Health Organization recognizes the condition.  Another former colleague railed at me for over twenty minutes – about the fact I’d used too many semi colons.  Not the content.  The grammar.  I told him to blame Microsoft Word rules.

Then, to my relief and delight, I began to hear from readers from around the world, profusely thanking me for giving them hope.  Over and over I received feedback that helped me get through the uncertain early days of a new career.

Darker yet since I was on a totally different path than I’d intended…

 As I’ve learned more I’ve continued to publish.  I also have a blog dedicated to this topic.

The original findings and remedies outlined in Riding the Waves are all valid.

 I had planned to release another EMF book in the near future.  I called it EMFactor X Mental, Emotional, and Autoimmune Components of EMF Sensitivity.

Detour Ahead…

EMF Sensitivity is both an autoimmune condition and a symptom of other autoimmune diseases.

Everyone I know with EMF Sensitivity has been diagnosed with another autoimmune condition, myself included.

Autoimmune conditions are incredibly complex beasts.  Years of research and tests, on myself, enabled me to reverse the condition and I wanted to share this with the world.  In writing.

Especially since what I’ve discovered applies to virtually all autoimmune diseases, not just EMF Sensitivity.

 I set to work on the manuscript.  Several times.  I made so little progress I decided to go back to the basics.

Who was my audience?  What was the purpose of this book?  How was I qualified to write this material?  What would be the most appealing way to present this information?

 Perhaps it was that last one that ultimately drove the decision I made.

Two days ago.

Rather than publishing the material in a nonfiction book I am going to post it  in a series of articles on two websites. and

 The material is incredibly complex.  There are numerous considerations and each situation is unique.  I need to share my experience but with an eye to that critical detail.  We are all unique.  Our healing approach to an autoimmune disease needs to be as unique.

In between my nonfiction projects I write fiction.  It’s a welcome relief from the more serious stuff.

The path may be filled with switchbacks but it appears it’s still the one I set out on 11 years ago.


When Gary contacted me, my first thought was “How can I help?”  I shared that I have a titanium clip in my head and had experienced many of the challenges his daughter was going through.

I suffered horrible migraines beginning two days before a thunderstorm and lasting until it moved out of the area.

I suggested Ashley see a functional medicine doctor who could test for heavy metal toxicity as well as other nutritional imbalances.

All conditions I’d had to deal with.

I shared that I’d taken Armour thyroid and had heavy metal toxicity (mercury, lead, nickel, and cadmium), and that I’d been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Gary replied, explaining that they had gone that route and went on to share more of what his daughter had been through.  It was a story I recognized all too well.  

I invited them to share their story.  We all hope it provides hope and help to others who may be suffering.

Titanium Bone Plates, Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Autoimmune Disease

A 10-year Struggle to Find and Correct the Cause of Deteriorating Health

This is the story of a previously healthy teenage girl and her struggle to find and correct the cause of deteriorating health that began at age 14. This is the story of my daughter Ashley.

By profession I am a research scientist. My inclination is generally to write highly technical papers describing the subject matter of a catchy title. I’m going to abstain from this; instead striving to keep this brief and easy to read in the hopes that others may benefit.

My daughter Ashley progressed into her teen years just like any other active teenager. She began ballet at age 3, and entering into her mid-teens, she was dancing 3-4 days per week plus 3-4 performances back-to-back at 2 yearly recitals. She was active in her school, her church, baby-sitting, family and friends; Ashley never stopped moving.

xrayAt age 14 her dentist recommended she see a Maxillofacial Surgeon because her upper pallet was not aligned properly with her lower jaw. She underwent orthognathic surgery during summer vacation which included 4 Titanium straps (most often called plates, or bone plates) and screws to hold her pallet in place while the bone mended. The surgery went well and she was back to her normal self in a few months.

There was no lingering discomfort or apparent side-effects until about two years later.

Above Photo: Osteotomy with Titanium metal plates

At age 16 we were dining at a restaurant situated above a marina. As a flybridge yacht docked in front of the restaurant I could see the stress in my daughter’s demeanor. Ashley has been around marinas and boats her whole life; she looked at me and said she could feel in her face the effects of the spinning radar antenna each time it rotated towards her. When I asked the boat captain to turn off the radar, the effect subsided within a few minutes.

At age 17 Ashley seemed like she was always in pain. We attributed this to years of intense ballet dancing, but cutting back her schedule did not seem to help. After seeing a few doctors she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread muscle pain, fatigue, and multiple tender points. We discovered that vitamin and nutrient supplementation including Co-enzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant and essential component of mitochondria, alleviated most of the discomfort. Mitochondria are the energy producing units of living cells and Ashley responded to this therapy.

At age 18, as Ashely was entering college, she began what we now recognize as a downward spiral. There were occasional Fibromyalgia flare-ups, she developed a sensitivity to high voltage power distribution lines, and she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She was prescribed Armour Thyroid to treat the thyroid condition and over time we convinced her Endocrinologist that she appeared thyroid hormone resistant. This was critical because her bloodwork often revealed normal thyroid levels while she experienced symptoms of an under-active thyroid. In addition, throughout her college years it seemed like she experienced one chronic illness after another. We lost count of the number of rounds of antibiotics prescribed over those years. To this day I don’t know how she persisted to graduate college with honors.

After college at age 22, Ashley took the summer off to rest before full-time employment in the fall. As the weather turned cooler her tendency toward chronic illnesses reappeared and often seemed related to the office environment; if anyone else was sick, she was not far behind. By age 24, having grown weary of conventional medicine, Ashley moved to a functional medicine doctor who expressed concerns about Titanium, possible metal toxicity, and worked diligently to strengthen her immune system. I have highlighted below a list of his assessments, advanced metabolic testing and life-style changes that evolved over the course of treatment.

  • autoimmune disease
  • adrenal deficiency
  • immune responses
  • myalgia / fibromyalgia
  • heavy metals testing
  • blood testing to check hormone / vitamin levels
  • saliva testing to measure adrenal function / cortisol levels
  • diet with lots of fruits and veggies – almost no sugars or grains
  • customized vitamin and mineral supplementation
  • focus on beneficial sleep, exercise and yoga therapy

While her experience with the functional medicine doctor was beneficial, he was struggling to identify direct causation for the chronic symptoms that continually reappeared. As the weather turned cooler during the fall of 2014, a late summer thunder-storm changed everything! Ashley suffered a debilitating sensitivity to lightning (electrical discharge) from thunder-storms. With every flash of lightning to strike nearby, Ashley experienced increasingly intense maxillofacial pain aligned with the Titanium plates. She managed to gain some relief by standing barefoot on the concrete floor in our garage; in essence grounding her body from the electrical activity.

After reporting back to the functional medicine doctor we collectively analyzed 4-months of test data looking for any explanation or alternative treatment. There was clear evidence of an immune system deficiency, however negative results from the myriad of concurrent treatment modalities all pointed to the same conclusion; the Titanium plates must be removed. The metal plates are no longer necessary (the bone fully healed years ago) and while the pain from facial surgery is decidedly unpleasant, there was no other medically sound alternative.

When we approached the original maxillofacial surgeon and told him of Ashley’s symptoms, he agreed to remove the metal plates. It turned substantially cooler in mid-September, 2014 and Ashley’s chronic symptoms reappeared with a vengeance. She went through several rounds of antibiotics back-to-back for recurrent infections before the scheduled surgery date. By the time we arrived at the hospital, the admitting staff sought to delay surgery, but Ashley vehemently protested… “It’s the metal plates causing these problems; I need them out now!”

Ti metal platesThe surgery proceeded as scheduled and the Titanium metal plates were removed. Ten days after surgery, and mostly weaned off narcotic pain meds, my daughter reported that her lower body felt “unusually calm.”

We visited an area with high voltage overhead power lines and the electrical sensitivity was 100% gone. There was also a brief late season thunder-storm during this period with a few local lightning strikes; the prior sensitivity to lightning also appears to be resolved.

Above Photo: The actual Titanium plates that were removed, mounted on a key ring for display.

Two months after surgery the overall health benefits are more than we could have hoped for. While it’s quite possible the care provided to Ashley by her functional medicine doctor is a contributing factor, there is every indication the prior autoimmune disorder is substantially diminished, if not completely resolved. Considering all of the various modalities of discomfort experienced over recent years, this is by far the healthiest 2-months of the last 5-years. Living in the mid-Atlantic we are in the midst of the winter season, yet Ashley has been free of colds and infections. She has ceased pain meds without recurrent fibromyalgia.

It would be premature to pronounce a cure; the mere diagnosis of autoimmune diseases is difficult. There is little doubt however, that Titanium appears to have been the most significant contributor to Ashley’s deteriorating health. In the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery it is reported that of 190 patients followed post-surgery, 10.6% developed complications from plates or screws that required removal. In each case, prompt removal constituted adequate management. In another study of 570 patients including upper and lower jaw orthognathic surgery, 27.5% required removal. Hopefully this paper may help those facing similar dilemmas.

Quoting my daughter Ashley… “See, it’s not just me; I’m not crazy”


Footnote: There are technical details of Physics and Physiology that have been omitted from this paper. For anyone interested in a more in-depth technical discussion, or just to ask questions, the author may be reached at:



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The removal of plates and screws after Le Fort I osteotomy

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Plate removal following orthognathic surgery

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Years ago, I attended an intense grad school networking program at Carnegie Mellon. I sat alongside other heavy hitters who had passed the entrance exam required for the elite program.

 Being the only woman among some forty guys was a bit intimidating but we all settled in for a grueling schedule of lectures and labs that left us short on sleep but long on knowledge and hands-on experience.

One of the professors was a bit of a prodigy. He looked about fifteen. He stood at the podium, using an overhead projector to supplement his lectures. I will never forget the fierce murmuring that broke out after one slide appeared on the screen behind him. Several heads began shaking and students whispered furiously among themselves.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

As the only software consultant in a room full of hardware gurus, I remained silent, watching in fascination.

“Your information is wrong,” one of the guys answered. In his fifties, his relaxed posture belied his intensity.

The guy was startled. He looked first at the slide, then at an open textbook, and finally at the ceiling. “The book says -.”

He was still looking at the ceiling.

A feisty New York transplant at the next table scoffed. “I don’t care what the book says. I work in the field and I’m telling you that statement isn’t true. You don’t get anywhere near those values in the real world.”

Dozens of students nodded in agreement. And so it went with several interruptions that left the guy more and more flustered.

The men were polite but the truth was, the information in the book was wrong.

It may apply in theory but it was a whole other story in the real world.

So it is with EMF Sensitivity. This morning I pointed out that an isolated frequency on our WiFi was causing an issue. My husband, a EE who is as experienced in technology as I am, replied “I would try to explain but I won’t because it won’t matter.”

He and I have learned from personal experience that regardless of what the rules of physics suggest, in the real world EMF Sensitivity takes on a life of its own. And no wonder.! I’m not bits and bytes, I’m a human being. Each cell in my body has a unique function that, while similar to that of other humans’ cells, is done in a unique way. No two of us are alike.

 In spite of what the traditional medical community and pharmaceutical companies would like in terms of cost of scale, there are no standards in human life. Every one of us is utterly, beautifully, unique.

This morning’s discussion brought to mind a UK Documentary I saw on EMF Sensitivity. A member of a small group being tested for EMFS explained that one of the challenges had been that no two people were sensitive to the same part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Still, all members did their best to provide the researchers with valid proof that EMF Sensitivity was real.

Although I do my best to provide scientific explanations for why EMF Sensitivity exists and the dynamics behind it, the truth is that when it comes to any human health condition, the rules don’t always apply.

Courage, Perseverance, and Ingenuity. I am honored to be able to share the story of a young woman and her ordeal with EMF Sensitivity linked directly to metal implants. Through her family’s love and support, and with her father’s ingenuity, she endured coping strategies that made life bearable until an ultimate solution could be found. For her story in her own words, stay tuned…

I will be posting early next week…

The deeper I dig the more I learn about the likely root cause of not only EMF Sensitivity but all autoimmune diseases. Mineral deficiency.

The path of health deterioration related to mineral deficiency is incredibly complex, making it difficult to identify. However, it is not unheard of.

The US government was warned in the early 20th century of the dangers of mineral deficiency in our soils and therefore our food, and the  likely health problems that would arise as a result.

Ironically, I’d read about this while earning my doctorate in holistic health.

 Nutritional healing was a keystone of the discipline.

While I found the tidbit interesting, I shrugged it off, considering it a problem in developing nations where access to nutritious food was often almost nonexistent.

 I  also felt that if it were as big a problem as the author suggested, the American public would be more aware of it.

Yet even as medical professionals have written about the link between mineral deficiency and poor health, many continue to blame outside factors such as bacterial and viral infections, thereby overlooking simpler causes.

Simpler does not mean easy to correct, however, something I discovered first hand.

In the near future I will be providing more information along with the steps I took to finally and completely rid myself of EMF Sensitivity symptoms. In the meantime I suggest that those suffering from EMF Sensitivity consider getting a mineral hair analysis done. The results of such a test will not only tell you of any mineral deficiencies, it can tell you if you have high levels of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, or cadmium in your system.

Although the dangers of high levels of these toxins are understood, perhaps overlooked is that these metals can actually block the absorption of minerals such as magnesium and potassium. So not only are they toxic, they may be exacerbating any mineral deficiencies.

Shortly after realizing that ConcenTrace liquid Trace Minerals had a dramatic effect on my EMF Sensitivity symptoms, I had my husband take them.

While he hadn’t shown severe symptoms, I had long suspected he was affected by whatever was making me sick.  I’d talked to him about subtle signs back when we lived in the East Bay but because they were so subtle, he shrugged them off.

One of those symptoms had been his hair rather suddenly going grey. At the time we joked that it was because of new fatherhood and the stress that went with it, but it’s now looking like it was from the same root cause as my EMF Sensitivity symptoms; mineral deficiency and magnesium deficiency in particular.

 After my recent relapse I totally changed my approach to treating my EMF Sensitivity.  A big part of that change was nutrition based, including juicing and nutritional supplements.

To better support my efforts, my husband adhered to most of the changes, eating the same foods, drinking the juices, and taking the same supplements. The result? My EMF Sensitivity symptoms reversed and disappeared.  His  grey hair is disappearing as well. All the new growth is his natural color, dark brown. No grey.

If you have any autoimmune disease I feel it would be a good idea to have a mineral hair analysis.  I do believe mineral deficiencies are at the root of many if not all autoimmune diseases.  

Severe potassium deficiency symptoms are eerily similar to those of juvenile diabetes.



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