EMF Sensitivity Cure Information – Update

rainbowHappy Thanksgiving!

On this day when I’m so thankful for my recovery from EMF Sensitivity, I’m taking the opportunity to announce a new chapter in my career, as well as associated upcoming changes.

“In order to move to a higher level, you have to let go of whatever is keeping you stuck where you are” – Roger James Hamilton

Although I have been free of EMF Sensitivity for several months, I’ve found the condition remaining over my life like a cloud casting shadows. Part of this stems from echoes of the trauma, but for the most part it has been difficult to move away from because not a day goes by that I haven’t had the opportunity to learn something new about it.

I have a voracious appetite for knowledge and a passionate desire to make a positive difference in the world. Such a combination left me continuously focusing on providing updates I felt would help others, even when doing so meant ignoring what I really wanted to be doing.

Given that all autoimmune diseases have a psychological component, I imagine that propensity played a role in my becoming sick.

The desire to move on wasn’t enough. Something was keeping me stuck.

99% was the utter shock of what I’d learned about the true cause of EMF Sensitivity.

For months I considered the best way forward. Now, I’m happy to say I’m ready to move on from EMF Sensitivity and refocus on fulfilling my dreams.

I am about to release information that will help people who suffer from EMF Sensitivity restore their health and be free of the sensitivity.

The information applies to other autoimmune conditions as well.

Information on the cure will be available shortly.

Health and Water 1 – Flint, Detroit, and the Metro Area

DC-Comics-Caped-Shot-Glass-500x336My Geology 101 professor told our class that the Detroit Water Treatment Plant was the best in the country, if not the world.


Based on what happened in Flint, it would appear this is  still true.

He went on to explain that visitors came from all over to learn about their methodology.  Well, that’s great…to a point. You see, what comes out of the treatment plant isn’t necessarily what comes out of your tap.

I don’t live in Flint.  Even if you live in Detroit, there could be copper, lead, or other metals leaching into the pipes or in the delivery system..  Old houses and buildings may have excess copper or lead leaching into their water.

In other words, your water is as good as your weakest point.

What about those in the burbs?  It depends. You are still going to be as clean as your weakest link, whether it’s in the delivery system traveling beneath the streets, or the pipes in your home.

What about those who have wells?  Not so fast!  Well water can be contaminated and even if it isn’t,, hard water is known to come with health problems, often due to heavy concentrations of calcium and other minerals.

That’s okay, we drink Reverse O water!  Not a solution!  Reverse osmosis removes all minerals.  Drinking water is an important source of minerals for humans and animals.

I know a Detroit Area family who has a well and installed a fancy “take out everything” water system. The husband experienced severe cardiovascular issues. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him and were about to do a pretty major intervention. I explained the symptoms sounded like severe magnesium deficiency.  Restoring the magnesium – not the invasive intervention – resolved the issue; quickly, too.

If you insist on drinking Reverse O water, you’d better remineralize it or find a very reliable (read NUTRITIONAL – NOT SUPPLEMENTAL) source of minerals.

Supplements may not be broken down by the body, nor absorbed fully, making them pretty much useless in some cases.

What’s the big deal?  Without minerals, the body cannot make the enzymes and hormones it needs to function. Deprived long enough, the body breaks down.

Autoimmune disease!

The body cannot repair itself.  It cannot build new cells (i.e. muscle, bones and developing teeth in children).  It cannot make enzymes.

Hard to digest food and absorb minerals without enzymes.

It cannot make hormones.

Infertility, insomnia, inability to produce insulin.

For decades, there has been a focus on vitamins but the truth is, human health is dependent on minerals.

This is true for pets as well.  If you have toxic or troublesome water – it will hurt them, too!

Flint.  Parents are rushing their kids to get blood tests. This isn’t enough!

Even if the blood doesn’t show elevated levels of lead, there could be serious issues. This is because lead and other metals will displace important nutrients. They will take up the space meant for magnesium, potassium, zinc, and other crucial minerals.

So, what’s a parent to do?  First, don’t panic!

If you panic, your kids will despair, and they are relying on you to help them feel safe and okay.

You can’t do anything about the past but you can direct the future. You can be empowered.

Hint: You won’t feel helpless, which will reduce sooooo much stress! Reduces anger, too!

As a parent who has been through this type of nightmare, I can share with you how I handled it.

This is not to replace a physician’s advice , but to complement it.

Detoxify.  Not wanting to have harmful chemicals dump too quickly into their bodies I took a conservative approach. I used fresh juices and liquid mineral supplements to help chelate the heavy metals from their bodies.

This also helped replenish the lost minerals.

I began adding cilantro to almost everything, including the juice.  I also added broccoli sprouts ,to meals.

I did not use supplemental chelators as this was too strong..  I did not use chlorella either.

I included vegetables and fruits as often as possible.

Fruits are excellent detoxifiers and fructose is a natural sugar. The body knows how to handle it.  If you have difficulty digesting sugar – pay attention to your potassium – it’s too low.

In it for the long haul. This is a lengthy process. You don’t want to cause harm by dumping toxins into the bloodstream too quickly or leaching precious minerals. Slow and steady wins the race. It’s important to replace depleted minerals.

They will force out the metals.

Water is important – so have them drink clean water to help flush the body.

Have your doctor verify their kidneys have not been damaged and can handle the load.

Beware – drinking reverse osmosis  water can cause the body to dump toxins at a faster rate. This can bring about detox symptoms which are no fun.

Look into Gerson therapy!  You do not need to follow a strict Gerson protocol. Taking cues from the therapy can bring great healing.

Max Gerson understood the importance of detoxifying heavy metals and restoring nutritional balance.  He also understood the importance of a healthy sodium-potassium balance in the body; something most US doctors don’t have a handle on.

Reducing sodium to reduce high blood pressure does not solve the underlying issue – low potassium.

Gerson therapy includes many delicious juice and soup recipes that may help restore nuteitional balance.

Too much… For those who say it’s too much hassle, too much money, etc? There is no simple solution. The body is a complex system and balance is important.  If you had to do just one thing, add cilantro (inexpensive) and broccoli sprouts to just about everything you/they consume.

But I need help!   realize not everyone has my background.  Dr. Brownstein and his staff at the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, MI will definitely know how to guide worried parents.

Parents should be concerned about themselves, too. They were drinking the same water!  The same treatment applies. Detox and replace depleted minerals!

What to expect?  I asked my kids about their experience.  They shrugged, said it wasn’t scary or difficult, and offered the following:

  • I could focus better when I was studying.  
  • I had more energy
  • My mind wasn’t as racy
  • I sleep better than I did before
  • I didn’t like the taste of the juice

I had the kids pick out shot glasses they liked and had them drink one glassful per day..  My husband and I drank the rest.  I varied the juice as we went along, tweaking as appropriate.

I will write more in Part 2…

EMF Sensitivity and Homeopathy – The Final Key?

The following applies to all chronic illness.

At the height of my EMF Sensitivity, I was frustrated to find that homeopathy had ceased to work. for me

So did Bach Flower Remedies, vitamins, aspirin, and prescription pain relievers.

I was puzzled because I had been using homeopathy successfully  for years.

I have the best luck when starting treatment soon after symptoms set in.

After leaving the Bay Area, I began to recover**.

Fortunately, that recovery included the successful use of homeopathy.

I continued to recover and eventually came to understand what it took to bring about a cure.

I had to restore nutritional balance in my body.

There’s a Leak.  Though I was successful in replenishing several depleted minerals, I found myself unable to maintain adequate levels of magnesium and, more importantly, potassium.

It was like a leaky boat. I’d repaired all the major leaks but there was still a small leak somewhere.  Problem was, I couldn’t find it.

I was researching magnesium deficiency when I came across a suggestion to use the homeopathic remedy Magnesia Phosphorica. The author explained that sometimes, with long-term magnesium deficiency, the body’s magnesium receptor sites became inactive, preventing it from being able to absorb and utilize magnesium.  The remedy would be like a switch turning the receptor sites back on.

I tucked the information away and continued with my healing protocol.

The Boat’s Still Leaking.  I cured myself of EMF Sensitivity but I was having difficulty maintaining mineral levels.

In particular, potassium.

Leak Found!  I was researching a tangent concern when I came across a well-written article about cell salts (homeopathy).  As I looked over symptoms and their remedies, something became apparent.  All the remedies that seemed relevant were potassium (Kali) remedies.

Leak Patched!  Remembering the article about long-term magnesium deficiency I wondered if the same solution might apply for long-term potassium deficiency.  It was a good hunch to follow. Within an hour of taking various Kali remedies I felt fantastic!

I felt as if twenty pounds had been lifted from my shoulders, physically and figuratively.

Ironically, I had a few of the remedies in my medicine cabinet.

They come in handy during sniffles season.

A quick trip to the local health food store enabled me to purchase the others.

Why It Worked.  I had been eating a diet high in potassium but I wasn’t able to maintain appropriate levels..   believe this is because the deficiency had been going on so long that many receptor sites had shut down.

My body wasn’t able to assimilate the nutrient the way it needed to.

Taking the homeopathic remedies solved the issue.

Imagine wanting to have a fire. You have the fuel but no spark. The homeopathic remedies acted as the spark to light things up.

If you are dealing with any autoimmune condition, I highly recommend focusing on restoring nutritional balance, with an emphasis on minerals.  In order to ensure your body is able to absorb and properly utilize the minerals, you may want to consider adding homeopathy.

It may well be the final key!

The cell salt article is here:

I  used Kali Phos, Kali Sulph, Mag Phos, and Nat Mur.

I  keep the following regulars in my medicine cabinet:

  • Nux vomica – nausea, overeating, general stomach upset
  • Arsenicum Album – symptoms of food poisoning
  • Arnica Montana – bruising, muscle pain/sore muscles
  • Chamomila – teething irritability, including 6 and 12 year molars
  • Calcarea Phosphorica – growing pains

**  For more information, see Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living With EMF Sensitivity.

Angels Among Us

Do you ever wonder how we appear to other people?

I had an errand to run in an urban environment. I was walking along, listening to music, but ultimately under a bit of a cloud (read: Deep thoughts).  I looked ahead and saw an urbanite in the center of the sidewalk. I briefly considered that he was challenging me for space.

I likely frowned as a result.

However, the man’s body language immediately changed and seemed to shrivel in on itself. I wondered if my own energy conveyed more than being up for the challenge. Did he see me as thinking I was superior to him?

I didn’t.

I took out one of the earbuds, smiled, and asked “How are you doing?”

He smiled and said “Everyday is good in life.”

My smile widened and replied, “It is, isn’t it?”

He opened his arms. Without any hesitation I stepped into them and soaked in that embrace.

As I hugged him as tightly as he was me, I told him “I’m not passing this up. I need the hug.”

We stepped back and I smiled and thanked him, adding “I so needed that.”

He thrust out his hand and gave me his name. I gave him mine and complimented his necklace and ear studs.

As I walked away my first thought was “The most beautiful piece he wore was his smile. It flowed right into the soul.”

As I thought of that I smiled and mentally thanked God. He’d sent me an angel right when I needed it.

In the form of an everyday man standing right in my path.

I would have had to go out of my way to ignore him.

I really needed that energy – that soul love that he gave to me. It was the perfect feeling at the perfect time.

Ironically, just a half hour earlier I had given a kind word to someone who was very tired from working a crisis. He’d smiled tiredly at me and thanked me for the encouragement.

I’ve said it before but we never know when we are the ones who will make all the difference in someone’s life.

A kind word, a smile. They cost nothing but can mean the world to the one who receives.

Never forget, there are everyday angels among us.

The Paradox of Erasing Bad Memories – Dilemma for Writer and Self

Nothing has driven home the connection between being a writer and my health like my nonfiction life experience.

Which I’ve been writing about.

I’ve spent the last year on a journey of recovery from EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis. Along the way I learned that the protocol I used was having a beneficial effect on traumatic memories.

As I went through the protocol, the memories remained, but the trauma and negative emotions that went with them, did not. I was able to think of painful events without reliving them.

It’s difficult to describe the myriad of emotions that surfaced as a result; they are too numerous. I will say that in addition to joy, I felt relief, and a lightness of being, as if the weight of the world, along with the negative emotions, had been lifted from my shoulders.

As time went on, I felt more and more my old self.

The real me had been buried beneath an avalanche of toxic events, toxic relationships, and toxic chemicals.

I also felt younger.

My busy life didn’t go on hold, and there were setbacks as I tried to stabilize the balance I’d achieved, but feeling as if I was me again was never far from my consciousness. As I continued working on my fiction career, a funny thing happened.  I really was feeling my old self again, including my old writer self.

Sounds great, right? You feel the joy and optimism you had when you started down a certain path, light in heart and confident in your destiny.

You know, before life – and toxins – got in the way?

It felt like I was watching a movie of my younger, happier self.   Images of sitting by the pool in Downey, CA, working on a novel in a spiral bound notebook brought a smile to my face.  The next frame wiped it off again.

I was about to start high school, a turbulent time for teens.

Happy or Something Else Entirely?  Was I really happier then or just naïve?

The Paradox.  More importantly, do I want to be that person again? Ignorance may be bliss, but naiveté is not what it’s cracked up to be.

Negative emotions are part of what make us human. They are also a crucial part of a writer’s toolkit.

You have to go down into that deepest, darkest, most roiling, white hot place – live with it – whatever scared the hell out of you down there – and there’s plenty – you have to go in there, down into the deepest part of it.

Robert Olen Butler, From Where You Dream, The Process of Writing Fiction

They also wreak havoc on your health.

Professional Personal Conundrum.  Do you weaken them and lose the pain that serves two masters or do you continue to live with something that may ultimately destroy your career by destroying your health?

Et tu, Brute?  When you take the sting and depth of emotion from events, you also remove the impact of the people associated with those events.

And not all of them are bad.

Many people are inadvertent witnesses to the more painful events in our lives.

Of course, there are also those who are responsible for orchestrating those events.

When you lose the connection to the pain, you lose the connection to the event.

And everyone associated with it.

The upside?  They lose any power they may have had over you. The downside? They no longer hold the place in your life, and your heart, that they may have.

The paradox  makes for an interesting conundrum.

I know of at least one solution.

Personally.  I am not spending any energy trying to reestablish broken emotional links.

Especially since many of the people, are no longer a part of my life for one reason or another, including death.

Professionally.  I’m integrating my old self (i.e. optimism, excitement) into my current self (passion, strength), at times superimposing one upon the other, but always honoring both.

It’s almost as if the current self needs to explain why certain plots or characters don’t suit ,even as that younger self reminds me that passion without adventure and excitement make for dull characters and plots.

My reality.  I welcome the continued health benefits even as I walk a fine line professionally and personally.

For me, the peace of heart, mind, and soul is totally worth it.

Addiction or Nutritional Deficiency – Alcohol

I have shared that alcohol played a beneficial role in managing the EMF Sensitivity symptoms I experienced. I would like to provide updated information that may be helpful. First, I want to be very clear:

Alcohol was never a crutch for me. It was a choice I made for a short duration. It was never a need. It was “Well, I know this will help. It was no more than part of the arsenal I tapped as I recovered.

That being said, here is what I have experienced and/or observed.

Alcohol has anti-inflammatory properties. As such it alleviated the inflammation (physical pain). This effect wore off when the alcohol was out of the system.

Same as a pain reliever, such as an aspirin, would.

I did not take more alcohol when this happened.

Actually, increasing the DHEA by 10mg/day did away with the pain. This is what clued me in to the role of testosterone and DHEA in Rheumatic Arthritis. Just as with alcohol, I never intended to take DHEA indefinitely.

Alcohol supplies minerals and vitamins. Of the two, it was the minerals that were the key. My body craved alcohol that provided badly needed magnesium and potassium.

Alcohol will also result in the body losing potassium as part of the digestive and elimination process.

Once I supplied my body with the minerals it needed, I no longer needed or wanted the alcohol.

I replenished the badly depleted minerals through fresh juices, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and trace mineral drops by Concentrace. I occasionally took mineral tablets but they were not assimilated as well as the drops so I quit using them.

Alcohol is metabolized in the body as if it is a sugar. This means people who cannot metabolize sugar – insulin resistant – will have trouble metabolizing alcohol.

I believe this is why the Native American population has such a struggle with diabetes.

Alcohol and sugar intolerance are the direct result of severe potassium deficiency.

Diabetes is a result of the body’s inability to make insulin, a hormone.  Minerals such as potassium are necessary to make hormones, including insulin.  Without enough potassium, the body cannot make insulin.  Artificial insulin given to diabetics depletes potassium as a side effect, exacerbating the problem.

Some of the potassium deficiency symptoms are identical to diabetes symptoms. Restore the potassium levels and the “diabetes” symptoms go away.

Alcohol intolerance is a warning. I watched several male coworkers become alcohol intolerant in their late 40s/early 50s.

It began with red wine then progressed to the point they could no longer drink alcohol.

I now understand the cause-effect. They are severely depleted in key minerals and very likely have toxic levels of heavy metals as well as fluoride.

Alcohol cravings are due to nutritional deficiency.

Particularly, b vitamins. I believe potassium deficiency is causal also.

We have known this for decades.

Doctors are trained to look for disease, not nutritional deficiency, especially in “wealthy” nations.

If you restore the nutritional balance you will likely lose any craving and/or desire for alcohol. You will no longer need the alcohol to alleviate EMF Sensitivity symptoms because the root cause of the condition is environmental.

Restore the depleted minerals and detox the heavy metals and fluoride and your symptoms will disappear.

You will be cured. Your health will be restored.

But – it runs in families. No, it doesn’t.

History is not destiny.

By the nature of their social structure, families tend to live close together, and even in today’s mobile age, rarely move away from each other. This means family members are exposed to the same environmental toxins, generation after generation.

For years I listened to the dark prognostications of family members and doctors who predicted all the grandchildren of my maternal side would come down with juvenile diabetes. The same doom and gloom was liberally sprinkled on my father’s side regarding alcoholism. None of us have succumbed to either condition (that I know of). Of course, most of us moved away from our families of origin and, therefore, were not exposed to the same toxins as our parents and grandparents who did have these issues.

If I have learned nothing else from this experience, it is how important it is to define disease differently than the mainstream.

As a holistic doctor I look at multiple factors.  I look at the root of the root of the root.  I keep digging until I find the head of the snake.  The real cause.  Most of the time it is environmental.

It is because of this willingness to consider a different way that I came to understand the situation and to find not just remedies, but a cure.

And a natural one at that.

Do not fear alcohol but respect it. It can definitely be addicting. However, if you restore the mineral balance, the nutritional balance, you will no longer need the alcohol for medicinal purposes.

Whether or not you continue to drink socially is up to you.

btw:  A hangover is very likely severe and sudden potassium loss.  Instead of reaching for an aspirin, try potassium supplements, along with plenty of water.

In a medical study, potassium did as well as Imitrex in relieving migraines.  I now give potassium instead of aspirin for headaches and so far it has worked.  It relieves the pain within minutes.


Weaning off DHEA

_467_4Look Ma, No Hands!  I have known for some time that it was time to wean off the supplemental DHEA I was taking.

I took it to support my adrenals while I was detoxing the poisons from my system and rebuilding my mineral stores.

I had tried to get off of the supplement before, unsuccessfully.

I would experience pain in my joints that was so intense I could barely get out of bed, stand upright, or walk. I took the DHEA and the pain went away.

I looked about on the web for anything that might help me in my efforts to wean off but all I found initially were message boards where people shared the  nasty side effects, (i.e. joint pain and fatigue)  they experienced when attempting to wean off of DHEA.

Not good.

Utilizing what I knew from my own road to recovery from Rheumatic Arthritis AND EMF Sensitivity, I decided to “try something.”

I came to understand through my own experience that Rheumatic Arthritis is caused by low testosterone/DHEA. If you replenish the levels the symptoms will go away. Only addressing the underlying cause will cure you. I chose the latter.

Knowing that our bodies make essential hormones and enzymes from minerals I decided to flood my body with minerals so that as I weaned off of the synthetic stuff my body would have what it needed to make its own.

I would say that magnesium is the key mineral but potassium is a very very close second.

PREPARE!!! I began taking 10 – 15 drops of ConcenTrace Liquid Trace Minerals in a glass of filtered water every 2 hours  beginning several days before lowering the dose of DHEA.

I also decided to follow my husband’s suggestion of lowering the dose slowly in increments of 5mg.

GENERAL GUIDANCE: I was fortunate to find an article that provided general guidelines. I was thrilled to see that DHEA should be fairly easy to wean off of. Article Here.

Provided your body was primed ahead of time.

WAHOO! My strategy worked. As I began to lower the dose I experienced almost no side effects whatsoever.

Slight fatigue. No joint pain.


SPEED:  I was able to wean off of DHEA much quicker than I anticipated.

I thought I’d be on at least 10 mg for three months.

I believe I was able to achieve this because of flooding my body with minerals ahead of time.

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE? I went from 30mg/day to zero within five days.

DAY ONE:     I took 30mg in the am.

DAY TWO:    I took 15mg in the am, 15mg in the pm.

DAY THREE: I took 10mg in the am, 15 in the pm.

DAY FOUR:   I took 10 mg in the am, 5 in the pm.

DAY FIVE:     I took 10 mg in the am, 0 in the pm.

What led me to reduce so quickly was the fact I felt worse after taking the DHEA.  I felt better not taking it.

NOTHING BEATS THE REAL THING: A very pleasant surprise was how powerful my own hormones are compared to the synthetic.


Like Porsche, there is no substitute

Thanks to providing my body with the fuel it needed to produce the hormones and enzymes – minerals – my own system took over seamlessly.

WHAT’S NEXT?  Well, I’m still detoxing.

As I’ve said, the EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis were symptoms of a bigger issue.

Based on today’s unexpected and most unpleasant memory, I am now dealing with 1980.

A very unpleasant year.

The twelve months after my brain surgery were, as you might imagine, a miserable experience for a sixth grader.

I was constantly having brain scans and EEGs, blood work and examinations ad nauseum (literally and figuratively).

I can only imagine the toxins coming out. They pumped a drugstore into me after the surgery, including medications to keep me in a coma.

Even as these medications kept me alive they were destroying my electro-chemical balance.

I am not surprised that I went so quickly from the early 90s to 1980. I was so disgusted by what I’d gone through that I refused to take medications, including over-the-counter, unless there was no choice.

The exception – I needed narcotic relief for the debilitating migraines. Migraines I now realize resulted from potassium levels lowered by the medication I was given after the brain surgery.

The detox as related to difficult memories continues the pattern. The memory flashes before me letting me know what time frame I’m “working on.”

In other words, post surgery medications.

Once the stuff is out? The memory loses it’s teeth.

I can think of the event without feeling like my guts are being ripped out.

LIFE IS GOOD!  It’s been about ten days of zero DHEA and I feel great!

I continued to take the minerals every two hours throughout the day until two days ago.  

I am now weaning off of the liquid minerals.  My body is to the point I am able to absorb the minerals I need from the foods and juices I consume.

My diet primarily consists of bananas, potatoes, green apples, kale salad, a carrot/green apple/ginger/cilantro juice, and a healthy dinner that  includes beef a couple times a week.  

Not chicken with its arsenic or fish with mercury – grass fed organic beef.

Any water has to be  filtered.

I pretty much gave up red wine due to all the pesticides they spray on the grapes and I’ve had to switch from local beers to imported because of the local water.

Which is a bummer because the local ones are pretty good.  

I stick with IPAs for their magnesium content.

And I continue to be pleasantly surprised by how powerful my own hormones are.

Life Is Good!!!!!!

I would encourage people to do what they can to get off artificial hormones.

I recognize this may not always be possible. It would still be worth the effort of replenishing your body’s mineral stores so it can take over as much as possible and/or at least offset the artificial stuff.



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