Information on EMFS (Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Frequencies)

crutchesThis article does not address hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as it pertains to individuals whose hormone secreting glands have been damaged, destroyed, and/or removed, nor women who are taking HRT to address “change of life” related symptoms.

Autoimmune conditions happen when the body becomes dangerously low in minerals.

Minerals are responsible for making hormones and enzymes in the body. These chemicals are necessary for good health and for life itself.

Rebuilding depleted mineral stores is an incredibly challenging phase of recovery from autoimmune conditions. While food is the best source of critical nutrients, man-made supplements can augment recovery efforts. However, they are not a substitute for food and whenever possible they should be tapered off and stopped.

If minerals are currency, the adrenals are the bank. If the account gets to low, the bank goes to other banks (other glands) to borrow. If the loan is never repaid, the body breaks down. A downward spiral in health will continue until either the loans are repaid (mineral stores are replenished) or the body dies.

Taking hormonal supplements is like infusing currency into a down economy. It can help stimulate the glands the way the cash could help stimulate an economic recovery. However, just like in economics, this strategy has a down side. Eventually, that infusion has to be withdrawn.

There comes a point where the body has to take over as it was designed to do.

How do you know when it’s time to let the body take over? It depends. Let’s look at some examples.

Melatonin. Studies in the UK found that individuals suffering from EMF Sensitivity are low in melatonin, the sleep hormone. This helped me understand my own sleep challenges which included waking up every 90 minutes and being unable to get back to sleep consistently. I began taking Natrol melatonin .

As a rule with medications and supplements, I take the lowest dose that is effective.  For the liquid melatonin, I only needed 3/4 of 1mg.

For the first time in years I was able to sleep through the night. I continued using this hormone supplement until my body no longer needed it.

My body sends me signals when I no longer need a supplement. For melatonin, this included nightmares and waking up after five hours because my body had cleared it from my system.

These days, if I need a bit of help winding down before bed I take 7 drops of liquid magnesium in a glass of water.

If I experience difficulty staying asleep, I know that my magnesium stores are too low.

DHEA. Not technically a hormone, this chemical is nonetheless produced by the adrenal glands. The body converts DHEA into either testosterone or estrogen. When there are toxic levels of heavy metals in the body, this process, like many others, is disrupted.

Heavy metals not only block the absorption of the minerals that make hormones, enzymes, and DHEA, they disrupt the body’s rhythm by depleting its stores of testosterone. The metals take all you have and keep you from making any more.

When I was diagnosed with rheumatic arthritis, medical tests revealed that I had toxic levels of heavy metals in my body. They also revealed that I had the testosterone levels of a 63 year old. I was 27 at the time. My doctor put me on DHEA to bring my testosterone levels back up.

The pharmaceutical grade stuff, even at the very low dose he prescribed came with terrible side effects. I quit taking it and went with a brand from the health food store.** I got much better results (no side effects) and my body recovered.***

As part of my recovery from EMF Sensitivity I began to supplement with low doses of DHEA.

10 mg store brand.

Through the trial and error of my overall efforts I discovered that low DHEA was directly responsible for my rheumatic arthritis symptoms.

After 19 years in remission I had a relapse. Upon taking 20 mg of DHEA all RA symptoms disappeared completely.

I suspect RA is directly related to, if not absolutely caused by, low testosterone.

Which is caused by low DHEA which is caused by low minerals which is caused by heavy metal toxicity.   Follow the yellow brick road.

I have tried tapering off but at this point in my recovery I still need DHEA. Any more than 20 mg makes me sick. Any less brings a return of RA symptoms.

VITAMIN D. A hormone produced by the adrenal glands, this isn’t a vitamin at all. Its formation is stimulated by exposure to the sun and it plays an important role in helping the body metabolize minerals. Although there has been a push to supplement with Vitamin D3, there are consequences. Taking Vitamin D when your magnesium levels are out of whack can make things much worse.

Studies suggest areas with less sun have higher rates of autoimmune conditions. I believe there is a cause other than low Vitamin D. Humans have been on this planet for thousands of years. The mushrooming of autoimmune diseases has only happened in the last few decades.

I actually found that as my potassium stores came up I needed to stop taking the Vitamin D. It was interfering with my ability to replenish my magnesium stores.

ENZYMES. Although minerals are also responsible for making the numerous enzymes our body needs, I never took enzyme supplements, nor gave any to my family during their recovery. I simply cut out any foods that caused problems.

There were only two, milk and most grains.

As we have rebuilt our depleted mineral stores we have been able to reintroduce these foods on occasion.

It’s ideal to wait until complete recovery.

Not all dairy and not all grains are a problem. We can all eat pasta, sourdough bread (if it’s the real thing), eggs, and cheese without any difficulty.

Caution.  While hormone supplements can certainly shore up the body during recovery, serious caution is warranted. If hormones are given when they are not needed, the body will respond by producing less in order to maintain the critical balance it needs.

Shortly after I moved to the East Bay I became sick. Horrible fatigue and disrupted sleep sent me to the doctor who ran a bunch of tests. Nothing was wrong. Still, he was willing to put me on a low dose of thyroid to see if it helped. A follow up blood test showed my thyroid hormone levels had gone down, proving that I did not need this hormone supplement. I quit taking it but the fatigue only worsened. I now know this was due to the health nightmare caused by drinking water with toxic levels of copper and mercury.

Supplementing with hormones during recovery from autoimmune conditions can be the step that puts you firmly on the road to recovery. However, it is important not to become dependent on them. Just as you have to take training wheels off and let the body power the bike’s balance, eventually you need to reduce and/or eliminate hormone supplements and let the body power its hormone balance.

** The DHEA from a compounding pharmacy had terrible side effects. I bought Country Life 25mg and was just fine. I have also used LIFELINK with great success. I continue to take the lowest dose required.

*** My body recovered until I moved back to the Bay Area.

ULFP312Rebuilding depleted mineral stores seems straight forward but is incredibly difficult. Even after you remove the heavy metals and toxins you have a lot of work ahead of you. That’s because those minerals are precious resources responsible for multiple bodily functions. When they are depleted there just isn’t enough to go around.

Imagine it’s budget time at Detroit public schools. Several critical and necessary programs are waiting to find out how much money they have to work with. The administrator starts doling out allocations from a pool of money. Before all the programs have received their allotments, the well runs dry. Now what?

For the human body the pool isn’t money, it’s minerals. Minerals are used to make hormones and enzymes. If these run low, illness is the result. If some of them (i.e.adrenal hormones) run out, the body dies. To avoid this, the body does what it can to keep things going and it does this in a very methodical way.  It will begin pulling resources from other areas, prioritizing as it goes.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

It will pull minerals from tissues, including the bones and joints. It will pull hormones from other glands to convert.

When the adrenal hormones get too low, the glands will borrow from the reproductive organs. This means low testosterone and estrogen. If you have a problem with ovarian cysts, this is you. When that well runs dry the adrenals will go after the thyroid. You hypothyroid sufferers, this is you.

It’s a domino effect. By the time your symptoms show up you’ve been in trouble for a long while.

Hint:  It starts with adrenal fatigue.

With so many systems vying for those few resources it’s easy to see how getting the levels back to necessary minimums is difficult.

The body’s processes use them up as fast as you get them into the system. This continues until everyone has been repaid and levels are well above that minimum.   I don’t think you can replenish depleted minerals if you take medications that lower the levels and/or if you have toxic metals in your body.

How long does it take? I have no idea. I haven’t accomplished it yet.  I am pretty close.  I’ve learned it works best, for me anyway, to focus on one mineral at a time.  This doesn’t mean I only take one mineral supplement.  It means I double or triple the dose of a specific mineral until I get the level to a solid minimum, if not a little above.

How do I know I’ve attained minimum level?  The physical symptoms associated with that mineral are resolved for longer than two weeks.

What do I focus on?  For people with EMF Sensitivity, the mineral to focus on first is potassium. I ended up taking 4 99mg capsules a day. I also ate lots of potatoes, bananas, apples, and oranges (all sources of potassium).  For people who have rheumatic arthritis, magnesium and DHEA are critical to your recovery and resolution of all symptoms.

The next mineral to focus on is zinc. This will help push down excess copper, restore mental clarity, and give a feeling of vitality and youth. It will knock the depression and other negative mental and emotional symptoms right out of you. It will restore hope and a will to fight back.

I wonder if cancer patients who lose the will to fight/live are copper toxic.

The next mineral to focus on is magnesium. This has been the most difficult mineral to restore.

The stress mineral.  Magnesium is perhaps one of the most important minerals yet one of the most difficult to replenish. It is used in processes related to stress and these days there are more stresses on the human body than ever.

The extra bonus of new technology frequencies hitting the adrenals, and toxic air and water (mercury, copper, nitrates) are new features to modern living.

It’s difficult to get magnesium through food if you don’t eat foods rich in magnesium. It’s difficult to get it through supplements if you don’t get the right form.  Some forms are better absorbed than others and you have a lot of trial and error ahead before figuring out what works for you.

How low can you go? Let’s put it this way. I drank en entire bottle of magnesium citrate and nothing happened except a bit of gurgle in my stomach. The next day I drank Epsom salts in water and – nada. My body soaked that magnesium up like a sponge taking in water.

No, I didn’t panic and think obstruction or entertain other fantasies of doom. I did however go online to see if this thing with magnesium citrate had happened to anyone else. As a reward for my trouble I found stories that were so hilarious I laughed til I cried. When I retold those stories I could barely breathe for laughing so hard.

I investigated liquid magnesium but balked at the thought of paying $99 for a bottle. I don’t care whose name is on it. No way. I found a nice inexpensive bottle at the local health food store and within a couple of days began to see results.**

I also came across a wonderful tip. If you have been magnesium deficient for some time your receptors may be shut off. To jump start them take the homeopathic remedy magnesia phosphorica 30c.

What about all those other minerals? I’ve been writing for over two years that Concentrace Liquid Trace minerals transformed my health (and thus, my life).  Within two weeks of taking them,, my EMF Sensitivity symptoms began to disappear.

I had long suspected a relationship between minerals and EMF Sensitivity. I even wrote about it in my book. However, I found no relief when I took minerals. Turns out it was the form. Once I switched to liquid I got better results.

I am absolutely certain that taking the liquid minerals for two years helped me rebuild depleted mineral stores for the various micro minerals necessary for good health. However, I did stop taking them several months ago when my hair turned black.

I knew that certain minerals will deposit dark color in hair when the body is saturated. I didn’t need to supplement all those trace minerals, just a few key macro minerals (potassium, magnesium, and zinc). I also wanted to stop taking copper, even in a trace amount.

I eventually restored the mineral levels to the degree my body was making enough digestive enzymes.  As a result I was able to add tablet supplements which enabled me to accelerate the process.

I take potassium asporotate, Optizinc, and magnesium asporatate by Solaray.

I still take liquid zinc, liquid potassium, and liquid magnesium (by Eidon). I add drops to a glass of fresh juice. I adjust the daily dose as my depleted stores are replenished.

This means paying attention to even subtle changes in health.

Living at the fill line has enabled me to see just how many health symptoms are the direct result of mineral depletion.

Nails. For years, I had a spot on my left thumb nail that repeatedly cracked. (painfully, as it was 1/2 way down the nail).  Additionally, my nails were brittle or soft, often tearing and shredding.  Once my mineral levels came up my nails hardened, the break went away, and they began to grow incredibly fast.

Hair. Restore magnesium and watch grey hair disappear, real time. You can literally observe color changes as your mineral levels are restored.

Red is copper. If you see red your body is saturated. Unless you are a red head this isn’t necessarily good news. It could be a sign you are copper toxic. It also could mean your body is detoxifying excess copper.

Black is zinc. As my copper levels reduced, my zinc levels went up. My hair turned black. As I replenished my magnesium my hair lightened.  Zinc supplements will turn hair black whereas zinc from food will not.

Blonde is magnesium.  I don’t know if people who are not natural blondes will find this but as my magnesium levels went up my hair lightened.

Blonde is potassium.   When we lived in Florida my mom, dad, and brother went blonder than blonde. I was always stumped why my hair continued to darken to a dark blonde then light brown. Unbeknownst to me, the medication I was taking after the brain surgery was depleting my potassium stores. . This caused my hair to change to a color that was not natural for me. As I’ve rebuilt my potassium stores my hair has lightened back to its natural blonde color.

Because I am still falling below minimums at times, my hair color changes, then changes back.

Like hour to hour and/or day to day.  It’s a good way to figure out what’s going on.

I’m so close to the minimums that eating or drinking the wrong thing can push me under. It usually takes 3 days to restore minimums after this happens. During the rebuilding, I suffer various symptoms. It’s not a good time though I’m learning a lot.

Teeth. For years dentists have been telling us that teeth are yellow from coffee, tea, and cigarettes. Maybe. If those products lowered the body’s magnesium levels then they would be indirectly responsible. To get white teeth, restore your magnesium levels.

Your gums will be healthier as well.

What about fluoride? When levels are high enough, fluoride softens tooth enamel. A tribe in Africa takes advantage of this and files their teeth to points. How would you know when you’ve had enough fluoride to soften your enamel? Everyone’s personal threshold varies. What is fine for some people is too much for others. Makes you think about what might really be behind those cavities.

For more information on the effect of nutrition on oral health and teeth, see the work of Dr. Weston Price, DDS.  The Weston Price Foundation is an amazing source of valuable information.

It has been an interesting experience living at the fill line. I have a better idea of how my body prioritizes functions based on which symptoms have reversed. When my magnesium levels began coming up, the first to go was lower back and joint pain.

Good news for those suffering rheumatoid arthritis.

I regained my ability to eat foods I once had an intolerance to.

Specifically, grains and milk. However, I limit my intake as I’m still restoring health levels.

I began to sleep through the night.

When my magnesium levels were low I woke up every 90 minutes or so. I suspect once I restored the mineral levels, I had enough to produce melatonin, something EMF Sensitive people are low in.

In a future article I will discuss artificial hormones and enzyme supplements.

**I saw results after one dose (2 pellets) of 30c magnesia phosphorica by Boiron.

615x200_ds-photo_199_46_fotolia_684004_XSOne of the unknowns that has haunted me throughout the last year is why I suffered periodical setbacks for no apparent reason.

How could I prevent a relapse if I didn’t know what caused it in the first place?

I would be feeling great and as if the worst was behind me, and suddenly I was experiencing certain symptoms again…when nothing obvious had changed.  These setbacks were more than frustrating, they were emotionally devastating.

I’d been doing so well, I’d been feeling so good, what happened?  It wasn’t fair!

Back to Basics. My entire approach to reversing EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis has been systematic. I have observed numerous cause and effect scenarios that enabled me to take steps in the direction of recovery.

And then out of nowhere, a curveball.

When we first moved to our current home I was definitely on the mend, Then, approximately six months later, I was sliding backward and feeling as bad if not worse, than I did back in the East Bay, where this  health nightmare originated. I learned I was drinking the same contaminated water.

Our city gets its water from 3 different sources.  One of them is the exact source that supplies the East Bay.  This is not a gift from the north.

Not all setbacks can be so easily explained though they can be easily remedied once you understand the problem.

An inexpensive Brita filter system from Target that filters out copper and mercury has done wonders for our return to health.

As a result of all this hoopla I have come to understand the good and bad associated with copper and zinc.

Hint: Zinc good, copper bad.

The youth mineral. High copper drives down both potassium and zinc. With low zinc levels you feel old. Your skin and hair become very dry. Your nails will be brittle and discolored. You have a difficult time finding motivation.

You could call zinc the procrastination mineral. When it’s low you procrastinate. When it’s balanced you get things done.

If your zinc levels are healthy you will not need moisturizer. Your hair will be in good condition and you will feel optimistic about life, even when there are challenges before you.

You will have the mental wherewithal to tackle what life throws at you.

The emotion mineral. I would go so far as to call copper the mineral of hopelessness and despair for this is what happens when you have too much of it.

It’s so bad you feel it’s pointless to even try to fix something. What’s the point, it won’t matter anyway becomes your mantra.

Fortunately for me, I know myself well enough to know this isn’t how I am. If I’m feeling this way, something is wrong.

I write of my struggle to understand this insidious symptom in my book Riding the Waves Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

The mental and emotional damage from copper overload doesn’t stop there. Your mind races to the degree you cannot concentrate and you also feel paranoid.

Because I knew there was no logical explanation for these problems I repeatedly talked myself out of them. As I said, I knew this was not me so I refused to let myself act on these foreign feelings.

When you balance copper out, when you bring down high levels, your mental and emotional state returns to normal.

I used to say I felt like someone had poured molasses over my brain. That feeling disappears. You are able to concentrate. You no longer feel any of the weird, inexplicable negative emotions, such as hopelessness, despair, and paranoia. You feel calm again.  You feel hope again.

Here is an interesting tidbit. Zinc and copper cancel each other out. To bring copper down, take zinc. To bring zinc down, take copper.

You do not want to bring zinc down!

In dealing with high copper,, the ideal way to get zinc is to eat red meat. There is no substitute for nutrition from food. None. Nothing manmade is even close.

Supplements help but will eventually turn your hair black.

Food is the best way to get your nutrition and nothing beats red meat for zinc.  Eggs and chicken do not have enough zinc to get the copper down.

It has been noted that copper toxicity is a bigger problem for vegetarians and vegans.

Vitamin C also helps lower copper levels but it can interfere with zinc absorption.

Don’t take it if you are about to eat a hamburger.

With kids. I didn’t want my kids to go through the side effects associated with detoxing copper yet I knew they were affected.

My daughter’s racing mind was interfering with her schooling and my son became whiny and restless.

In addition to the supplements and nutrition regimen they follow, they get a daily dose of liquid zinc (5 drops).

I removed the liquid zinc drops for a period of four days and the high copper symptoms returned.

There are physical signs of high copper, such as a pale complexion, but it’s really how you feel that will tell the tale.

High copper = Feeling terrible and hopeless.  If you find yourself thinking what’s the point, beware!

There are physical signs of low zinc, such as dry skin and hair and a sunken look around your eyes, but it’s how you feel that will tell the tale.

Low zinc = Feeling old, very very old.

Medical implications.  I can’t help but wonder how many patients being treated for depression are simply copper toxic and don’t need medication at all. I wonder about conspiracy theorists and their feelings of paranoia. Could it be a simple mineral imbalance? Are those who can’t keep tNew Year’s Resolutions simply low in zinc?  And all those kids on medication after being diagnosed with ADD?  They are probably just copper toxic and simply lowering those levels and raising the zinc would result in all symptoms of ADD vanishing.  Without pharmaceutical intervention.

There are parents who have “cured” their child’s ADD after cleaning up their diet.

Odds and Ends.  If your zinc is low your blood sugar will yo-yo.  If your copper is high, your sense of time passing will be affected.  You will feel a panicky sense of urgency,, like if some certain thing doesn’t happen, disaster will result.  You also feel as if more time has passed than has actually passed.

In a future article I will be writing about the real trick to the law of attraction.

Hint: You can think all the positive thoughts you want ,but if you are lacking health you won’t be able to get your vibration up.

Step Two: Rebuild

Best-way-to-build-creditWhen it comes to reversing autoimmune disease, Steps 1 and 2 actually need to be done simultaneously. This is because while it’s true that there are toxic substances, often heavy metals, that directly contribute to developing an autoimmune disease, the  primary factor is that the body is deprived of the nutrition it needs to function. Namely, the minerals responsible for producing hormones and enzymes.

Heavy metals block the absorption of these crucial minerals.

As I explained previously, heavy metals such as mercury and inorganic copper can block the absorption of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and zinc. If the levels of the metals get too high while the mineral stores go too low, autoimmune conditions can and often will develop. To reverse the condition you need to remove the heavy metals but also rebuild depleted mineral stores.

Rebuilding depleted stores is much more difficult than you might imagine.

Food intolerance. Chances are, if you have an autoimmune condition you have intolerance to certain foods.

Probably dairy and gluten.

Such intolerances develop when the body lacks the enzymes to properly digest these foods. The body produces the necessary enzymes from minerals.  Without enough of the proper minerals, the body is unable to produce the enzymes and food intolerance is the result.

Hint: Restore the minerals and the body can make the necessary enzymes. Food intolerances disappear.

During the rebuild stage, at least initially, it is best to eliminate any foods that stress the body. These include foods that may cause minor reactions not considered a true allergy.

Many people are able to eat these foods once they heal their condition. However, if enough time goes by, you may lose an interest.

It is possible to eat these foods occasionally during the healing process but be aware that you could suffer a setback as a result.

If I use regular milk instead of almond milk in my cappuccino one day I’m fine, but two in a row will result in symptoms. A month ago I could not tolerate even one.

Eating to replenish mineral stores is a bit like navigating a minefield. If you eat the wrong food you can lose any ground you gained in your recovery. Pay attention to your symptoms and you’ll naturally figure out what you can eat and what you can’t.

Go by personal experience not what happens to someone else. Popular wisdom suggests that people recovering from adrenal exhaustion (precursor to all autoimmune disease) not drink any caffeine. I cannot tolerate coffee but I enjoy one cappuccino on most days. I don’t crave it but I do feel better if I drink it than otherwise. Espresso and coffee both contain minerals, including magnesium and potassium.

The body will eat. Most if not all autoimmune diseases, including cancer, are the result of the body’s desperate move for survival. If we don’t provide good sources of the nutrients, it needs it will begin cannibalizing itself in order to keep functioning. If we don’t provide minerals through fruits and vegetables and meat, the body will begin consuming its own tissue, including bone and muscle.

Why do you think the joints of those with rheumatic arthritis are so misshapen? Why do you think people with osteoporosis have thin brittle bones? The body is leeching them to get the minerals necessary to make hormones and enzymes required for life.

Out with the bad – and the good. It is possible to do more harm than good when detoxing because it’s possible to remove important minerals alongside the heavy metals. For this reason it is critical to provide yourself with solid and consistent sources of nutrition.

Although nutritional supplements can certainly aid in this part of the recovery they cannot take the place of the fruits, vegetables, and meats that provide the nutrition necessary for recovery.

Pick your sources wisely. The most important rule is to make sure what you eat is nutrient dense. The next most important is to avoid foods that make things worse.

Only you know what you can and can’t eat. Don’t go by what others can or can’t eat. Pay attention!

Popular wisdom suggests eating organic.  While this is ideal in terms of reducing toxic load it isn’t always the answer.

Organic farmers use the same contaminated water to water their crops as regular farmers.  Mercury and inorganic copper will still be in the organic foods at higher levels as a result.

The bad is good sometimes. Alcohol and coffee can be excellent sources of minerals and other nutrients.

For people with autoimmune conditions it is often better to get the nutrients in liquid form. They are absorbed more quickly and do not go through the same compromised digestive system.

IPA is a good source of magnesium.

I was disgusted to learn that many brewing companies removed magnesium from the water they use in brewing beer. With many Americans deficient in this critical mineral this is nothing short of irresponsible. However, UPA, a staple for many microbrews, still contains magnesium.

I will write more on replenishing minerals as part of reversing autoimmune disease soon.

drugsI was chatting with my mom about my recent discoveries regarding mineral deficiencies, potassium in particular, and how they have shaped my health.

“You’d think they would have told us after you went into cardiac arrest,” she replied.

They are the dozens of specialists caring for me in the days, weeks, and months after my brain surgery.

 “Three days after your surgery, your electrolytes bottomed and you went into cardiac arrest.”

I knew this story well as both my parents have told me of being pushed out of ICU and listening to the sounds of their child’s heart monitor flat lining. What stuck out this time, however, was the cause, which I’d also known. My electrolytes – my potassium – had been so deficient my heart stopped.

It has long been known that if your potassium, necessary to keep the heart beating, gets too low, your heart will stop.

You can imagine the drugstore pumped into me in the hours and weeks after the surgery. I was sent home with a medication to prevent seizures. I had a horrific reaction to it and was put on another medication. We were never told, and perhaps it wasn’t known back then, but the medication is known to deplete the body’s potassium stores. Within years of being on this medication I was experiencing debilitating migraines before a thunderstorm. You know, EMF Sensitivity!

The pain started two days before the storms rolled in.

The pain was horrendous so I was given strong narcotic pain killers. In reality, they did nothing to stop the pain, but they did allow me to sleep until the system passed on and the migraine disappeared.

In my mid-twenties I was offered Imitrex, a non-narcotic alternative. I jumped at the chance. I’d always hated the way the other stuff made me feel.

Not to mention I had to find someone to drive me home from the ER which sometimes meant waking my mom and stepdad up at 3am to come and get me.

Several months ago I began to suspect that potassium was the EMF mineral. Sure enough, when I brought my potassium stores up, my migraines disappeared.

Even when the thunderstorms rolled in, I was free of pain.

I continued taking the potassium and noticed my EMF Sensitivity symptoms disappeared. In fact, I could be around the Wi-Fi and other electrical and technology devices that used to make me ill without any issue. Not long after, I found an article that made me smile. Potassium had been shown in clinical trials to be as effective as Imitrex in treating migraines.

I experimented with potassium dose and my EMF Sensitivity symptoms. I would purposely let my stores fall by cutting back on the supplement and see which symptoms came back, how fast, and how long they lasted.

When my skin began to itch like it used to back in the East Bay, I took a 90 mg potassium supplement. Within minutes the itching stopped. Permanently. That is, as long as I took the potassium supplement.

I believe the electromagnetic frequencies that smog us daily invoke an immune response which drains critical minerals like magnesium and potassium. While magnesium deficiency definitely plays a role in our health, it is potassium deficiency that is at the center of EMF Sensitivity.

The best way to approach restoring mineral levels is to go for balance. If one mineral is out of balance, either too low or too high, others will be too and you have to take this into consideration as you rebuild your mineral stores.

There is a lot of trial and error in figuring out where you’re at and sometimes you experience nasty relapses. However, you can usually figure out what happened by looking at what you changed in terms of taking or no longer taking supplements.

This is how I learned about the DHEA – RA link. I woke up one morning so stiff and in so much pain I could barely get out of bed. What did I change? Well, seeing that my mineral levels were better I decided to quit tthe very small amount of DHEA I was taking. My mistake. It took 3 days but once my DHEA levels were back up the pain and stiffness disappeared.

I have found that numerous nagging little symptoms I attributed to other causes have all disappeared as I’ve restored my mineral balance.

A feeling of grit in my eyes, incredibly dry hair and skin, all the curl suddenly coming out of my hair, a dry itchy nose, a runny nose, discolored nails, soft nails that would tear and shred, sciatic pain, lower back pain, joint pain, itchy skin, to name a few.

One of the more poignant moments was when I read that severe potassium deficiency can cause intestinal paralysis.

I remember telling my neurosurgeon when I was 11 that I thought my intestines were paralyzed. Since my left side had been paralyzed, it was logical to assume my intestines, which engaged muscles as part of their normal function, had suffered the same. He dismissed my concern and told me to drink prune juice. This did absolutely nothing but give me a horrible stomach ache. Tasted vile, too. In my late twenties I again brought up to my doctor that I thought my intestines had become paralyzed from the brain surgery. He dismissed my concerns.

About four days after I began drinking the filtered water I felt my intestines move. It was the most wonderful feeling, and one I’ve experienced every day since.

I was right, my intestines were paralyzed, just not for the reasons I originally thought.

Although I am certain the Bay Area water, high in mercury , copper, and other contaminants, played a significant role in both my rheumatic arthritis** and EMF Sensitivity, I know it wasn’t the only source of mineral depletion.  For decades I’d taken different medications that contributed to the problem.

Phenobarbital and then Dilantin after the surgery, antibiotics, Demerol/Vistrol for the migraines, birth control pills, aspirin, and other medications, including over the counter medications.

I haven’t taken pharmaceuticals in years and I intend to keep it that way as long as I can.  In the meantime, I continue to rebuild my mineral stores and use nutrition to restore my health.

Incidentally, dark circles under your eyes can be a sign of low potassium.

**  I was diagnosed with rheumatic arthritis, low thyroid, and heavy metal toxicity (mercury, nickel, and cadmium) after moving back to Michigan from Silicon Valley.  The diagnosis was made via blood tests and hair mineral analysis by an MD.

Odds and Observations

mason-jar-sewing-kit-materialsBefore I provide more detail on the role of minerals in reversing EMF Sensitivity and autoimmune disease, I wanted to share odds and observations., small pieces of the whole that may otherwise be lost in translation.  These are based on my personal experience, my observations, and/or my research.

Much of this information is available on the web and at public and university libraries. You have to dig for it. Or, as written in a report on the challenge of nitrates in California groundwater

Much data is available on groundwater in California, but too much of it is poorly organized, not in electronic format or hidden by secrecy rules.

The author continues

State agencies should declare areas at risk of nitrate and salinity contamination. Many domestic well users will not know of contamination without such official declarations. And local governments and interests are likely to lack capacity or incentive to address long-term groundwater contamination issues without the state agencies.

This applies to nitrates, which is separate from  mercury and copper contamination. Imagine living in an area where you have all three?

Given the Bay Area’s history with agriculture, I suspect I did.

Hair, skin, nails. I mentioned this before but hair, skin, and nails are wonderful barometers of health. I observed the following:

Too much calcium will take the curl and moisture out of the hair. This can be due to hard water or calcium supplements.

People who have high copper will have high calcium. These people could do more harm than good by taking calcium supplements. Only a hair mineral analysis can reveal whether someone is deficient to the extent it warrants calcium supplementation.

Calcium supplements can cause neuropathy and sciatica.

When I stopped taking the supplements, I recovered. My symptoms were sciatic pain as well as a pulsing in my foot near the site of a stress fracture. It took 72 hours for it to completely resolve. However, once I stopped taking the calcium supplement the pulsing went from every 3 seconds to every 7 to every 11, then once a minute, and after three days, disappeared. So did the sciatica. I had been taking a cal-mag supplement of 1000 mg each for two weeks.  One morning I woke up with that icky sensation in my foot.

When I restored my potassium levels my EMF Sensitivity disappeared entirely.

Potassium is an electrolyte and plays an important role in the electrical communications in our bodies. I will write more about this EMF Sensitivity mineral soon.

EMFs from Wi-Fi and other electronics induce a flight or flee response from the adrenal glands. This depletes them of hormones. This, in turn, causes magnesium – the stress mineral – to become severely depleted. Once one mineral is depleted, others will follow. Without enough mineral stores to manufacture critical hormones our glandular system, including the pancreas, will begin to exhaust. If this continues the glands will fail. Severe magnesium and/or potassium loss can result in death.

Personal technology is new to society. Our bodies need time to adapt and evolve to the degree that the EMFs emitted by this technology no longer invoke an adrenal response. This may take two generations or more, depending on other factors.

Restoring magnesium, potassium, and zinc levels while lowering toxic metals should enable the body to heal and adapt to the technology frequencies.

Grey hair and thinning hair can be reversed with juicing.

This has been known for decades. One owner of a hair salon said “Oh, yes, we know this but we don’t tell anyone because they wouldn’t dye their hair.” Okay, now you know. At least, if you are reading this… oh, and yes, your thinning hair may start to grow back. Jay Korda mentions this in his book but I’ve seen it first hand.

Brain fog is a direct result of mineral deficiency and/or metal toxicity.

Get the toxic stuff out and the good stuff in and it’s gone.

When mineral balance is restored there is a significantly reduced need for moisturizer.

As I continued the nutritional healing, allergies disappeared, including food intolerances.

Actually, once I started drinking that filtered water the food intolerances disappeared.  Including gluten intolerance. I believe this is because resources, such as enzymes, were diverted from digestion to deal with the toxic metals.  Remove the toxic metals and the enzymes can do the job they were designed to do.  Dairy and gluten intolerance is a very very recent issue.  Very recent.

Old wounds healed and scars either faded or disappeared.  My nails and hair grow much faster.

One application of nail polish (2 coats) destroyed my nails immediately.

They had been healthy and strong and fast growing. I put the polish on in late November and my nails are just now recovering. They shredded and ripped for weeks, even after I removed the polish.

Mineral imbalances will cause color changes in hair.

Your child may not be a towhead. He or she may have a severe mineral imbalance. If corrected, the color will lighten significantly.

Red hair may be a sign of copper toxicity.

Once you restore the balance, back off the supplements. Too much of anything can be harmful.

Try to get your nutrients from food. The easiest quickest way is fresh juicing.

I have changed the juice recipe to reflect the need. I add cilantro for heavy metal detoxification, and ginger because it helps, and a variety of fruits and vegetables that provide whatever minerals we require.

Simply filtering out the mercury and copper in our drinking water has done wonders for the members of this family, including the plants.

We use it to brush our teeth too. My peace lily perked up for the first time in months. I thought it was dying. Well, it was – the water was killing it. I noticed a similar effect in another houseplant.

Water alone probably won’t cause the devastation. Other factors contribute.

If you take medications that deplete your mineral stores or that contain mercury as a binder you are setting yourself up for toxic overload. Birth control pills raise copper levels. Other medications deplete other minerals while potentially raising toxic levels of metals.

The people in the Bay Area who are suffering from the sensation of bugs crawling under their skin are very likely suffering from the same source problem. Too much copper which drives down potassium. They are mostly women so I suspect at least some of them took or are taking birth control pills.

Low potassium can result in horrible itching. Restore the potassium levels and you eliminate the itching.

If the bug sensation is similar to the “purring” I felt in my foot – which was a very creepy sensation – then it’s too much calcium.

I told my husband it felt like there was a cat purring in my foot.  Very creepy.

Lower the copper and calcium levels and the symptoms should disappear.

These people are not imagining things.

When is something a disease? If you are diagnosed with a disease and you take medicine for it – and the disease goes away – you are cured of the disease. What if you are diagnosed with a disease and you take mineral supplements  and the symptoms totally disappear? Did you have a disease or a mineral deficiency?

This might suggest there is no such thing as an autoimmune disease, only severe mineral deficiency that can lead to the total breakdown of health.

Restoring potassium levels eliminated my EMF Sensitivity. Restoring testosterone levels through DHEA supplementation eliminated my rheumatic arthritis entirely.

That one is too detailed to go into but I can state it as a fact. People can do what they want with that information.

I will write more on minerals and the role they play in healing.

Hint: Minerals are required to manufacture hormones. Without hormones our health declines. If this goes on long enough, or if the wrong hormones decline too drastically, we die.

Relapse Mystery Solved

Eureka“This is just like the East Bay!!!!”

About a year ago I began experiencing an eerily familiar and very disturbing sense that something was wrong. It reminded me of how I felt shortly after moving to the East Bay in 2005. Just like then I began to experience an inability to write. Just like then I felt, in my gut, that something was wrong.

Stress? Nope. Not even close.  I’d just finished publishing two books, including one on EMF Sensitivity, so it was easy to suggest I was just recovering after a bit of stress. I knew better.

That was the same suggestion given the first time – we’d just moved – so much had changed – it was just stress. I knew better!

Relapse. By the early summer, I was as sick as I’d ever been while living in the East Bay. In fact, in some ways, I was worse. I could no longer be around anything plugged in without feeling horribly ill.

I had to disconnect all my fountains and put them in storage. The hope was that someday I would recover and be able to use them again.

We removed the dimmer switch and unplugged just about everything including our wine fridge.

I wasn’t drinking wine anyway.

Like a horror movie.  At the same time I suffered the worst of the relapse almost every plant we had died. Suddenly.

Devastated by the unexpected setback (my recovery had been going so well), I threw out everything I thought I knew and went back to the drawing board.  I decided to go with the suspicion that EMF Sensitivity is an autoimmune disorder.

Based on personal experience, observation, and research.

I turned my focus to nutritionally healing my immune system, with a kluge of therapies personally tailored to my specific needs.

I adjusted on the fly, which was crucial to my progress and success. I had no time to wait for lab work to confirm my experience.

It was suggested that I get several hundred dollars’ worth of blood tests. You know, to tell me if I was sensitive to certain foods and beverages. I explained I could figure that all out on my own – for free.

If I eat and/or drink something and I get sick? Chances are I’m intolerant to it.

I used principles from the Gerson therapy as my foundation. The therapy has been used for decades to reverse and CURE many autoimmune diseases, including cancer. I capitalized on my knowledge and experience with natural healing.

I drew on lessons learned throughout the years.  I was taught the miraculous healing capability of Mother Nature. I recalled the natural approaches to healing several MDs encouraged me to use.

Funny, they were almost all born and raised in another country, (Europe, South America, and Asia).

I trusted my body to heal if I gave it what it needed and got rid of what was harmful, to the best of my ability.

Concentrace Liquid Minerals were the cornerstone, the miracle that turned the corner for me back in December 2012.

I consulted Dr. Susan Blum’s The immune System Recovery Plan: A Doctor’s 4-Step Program to Treat Autoimmune Disease.  Although I learned a few tricks to incorporate, I was already doing much of what she suggested.

I came across an article in the alternative Medicine Magazine What Your Doctors Won’t Tell You about a British physician who diagnosed and treated her EMF Sensitivity.  It was validating to see I was doing basically everything she’d done.

It was a total fluke finding that magazine.  It just happened to be at my grocery store.  There was only one copy on the shelf.  I had never seen it before and I have never seen it since.

Within weeks of the new, more intense protocol, I was recovering. It was a stressful recovery because I worried I would have another sudden relapse. After all, I didn’t know why I’d had such a setback in the first place. Everything was going fine. What had happened?

Leaky boat. I’d been telling my husband for months that something was continuing to drain my mineral stores even as I was replacing them.

I repeatedly told him it was just like when we’d lived in the East Bay, which scared the hell out.of me.

I still had a hole in the boat. I could bail out faster but until I plugged that leak, I wasn’t going to fully recover.

But I had to find it first.  How could I prevent another relapse if I had no idea what caused this one?

Talk about stress.

The damn water. I uncovered the fact that the very same East Bay water is pumped hundreds of miles to the city where I now reside. I was drinking the same water that made me sick the first time!!!!!!

Timing. We moved into our home in the fall of 2013. It took six months before symptoms began. Within eight months I was as sick as I ‘d ever been, if not worse.

The only reason I wasn’t sicker is likely due to the fact that the East Bay water source is but one of three that ends up in our faucets. It’s probably impossible to know what percentage of the water is from that East Bay source, but one thing is certain. I wasn’t doing myself any favors drinking it.

After reading several water quality reports and based on my own understanding, I decided to get a system that would filter out mercury and copper, the two culprits in my illness. We purchased two Brita pitchers at Target. Within four days my life, for the first time in a decade, returned to normal.

It takes my body 72 hours to completely flush something once I stop ingesting it. This is average.

Previously, I was unable to realize the full benefits of my efforts because I was inadvertently continuing to ingest the very toxic water that had caused the problem to begin with. Once that source was removed, my health was transformed. I feel normal. I’m my old self again!

It only took ten damn years!

A family affair. My entire family was affected, both in the East Bay and here. They had difficulty sleeping. Their hair was turning dark and they had dark circles beneath their eyes. They were growing wan. Both kids complained of racing mind. My husband’s personality was affected.

I put them on appropriate supplements and juices and watched them, to my immense relief, begin to recover. When we switched to the filtered water, there was dramatic improvement.

To help the kids safely and gently detox from excess copper and mercury I give them a Solaray children’s supplement (it contains no copper – very important).  I also give them Yummi Bears Vitamin C each day and 2000 IU vitamin D3 every other day.

Their MD pediatrician suggested that years ago. She explained that even if they got outdoors, with the northern hemisphere in winter, they were not getting what they needed.

I also give them small amounts of the juice we drink and provide as much nutrition from fruits and vegetables as possible. I also give them meat, and beef in particular, to rebuild their lost zinc stores.

Zinc opposes copper. Copper toxicity is a bigger problem with people who do not eat meat.

We will use the filtered water with the few plants we have left.

I can’t begin to describe the relief I feel. I know what caused it. I know what caused the relapse. Best of all, I know how to restore my health.

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