What is Healing?

Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new about this incredibly complex condition known as EMF Sensitivity.

 Everything was going along nicely.  Ghost in the Mirror would be available for purchase soon, I was a third of the way through a new novel, I was sleeping well, and I was feeling fantastic. Then…bam!

I was too tired to write.  I got insomnia.  I began experiencing aches in my joints.  I developed the mother of all migraines.  I got the largest, most painful canker sore I’ve ever experienced.  I developed TMJ.

I couldn’t figure out what was causing all this hoopla.  I hadn’t changed my routine and as far as I knew, nothing in my environment had changed.

Aha! Careful introspection left me wondering if it could be …

A Healing Crisis?

It had been eons since I’d had TMJ yet here it was again. It had been almost two decades since I’d had such a debilitating migraine yet for three days I suffered. I couldn’t remember ever having a canker sore that big or that painful. Hmmmm

I found an article that confirmed my gut feelings and while I felt better about what was causing it, physically, I was feeling awful.

 Insight.  The symptoms I experienced had nothing to do with EMF Sensitivity and everything to do with the overall detoxification process I’ve been going through for the past ten months as part of healing my immune system.

.What is Healing? All of this made me look at my day to day life. I have healed the symptoms I suffered but I have not healed the sensitivity.  I now realize that’s not possible.

Sensitivity and the symptoms are separate.

Sensitivity is an awareness. Symptoms happen when the immune system responds to a perceived threat.  If the immune system is not functioning property it may perceive a threat where none exists.  Some EMF Sensitivity Symptoms are not caused by EMFs but rather by other environmental factors.

I am 95 – 99% healed from my symptoms. Outside of this crisis, I’m doing very well.  I sleep through the night, I no longer have difficulty breathing.  I don’t have fog brain or extreme fatigue.  I no longer suffer the symptoms I document in my book Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

I’m still aware of EMFs, both geologic and technologic.  They just don’t make me ill.

  • Technology is not a problem.  I don’t have an issue around smart meters or bluetooth or WiFi.
  • I still know when an earthquake is imminent., but instead of feeling sick before it hits, I hear a high-pitched ring in my left ear. The length and intensity match the duration and strength. of the earthquake.
  • I hear a high-pitched ring when Apple TV is plugged in.  The pitch is higher in the upper outlet so I use the lower one and unplug it when we aren’t using it.
  • I hear some sort of morse code sound. periodically  We live near a military installation but I can’t be certain that is the source.
  • I know when I’m standing on landfill.  I don’t care for the feeling but many businesses are located on landfill so I have to tolerate it while visiting.
  • I know when I’m around fissures (even if they haven’t gotten to the surface).  I don’t care for the feeling so I try to avoid spending great lengths of time at such locations.

There are plenty of remedies to relieve and eliminate symptoms** but…

We are human and our immune systems serve an important function.  The immune system  protects us by making us aware of our environments and how they may be affecting us.  We can then take that information and make decisions that keep us safe and healthy.

We can decide to leave the environment, to remain, or to remain and make changes that better serve us.

Live With It.  The symptoms are not caused by the sensitivity but by other environmental factors.  The sensitivity is just the immune system doing its job.  Its healthy awareness.

You can dull your senses but in doing so you shut down a key safety switch.

Far better then to heal the symptoms and live a life of healthy awareness.

You may feel the symptoms around a stimulus but this does not mean the stimulus is the root cause.  For example, low potassium is one reason you feel EMF Sensitivity symptoms.  Replenish this mineral and the symptoms go away.  The awareness, however, may remain.

**  I document the remedies and the science behind them in Riding the Waves.

Seminars and Webinars

 Knowledge is power.  Experience is Power to Share.  

I believe people make better choices when they are empowered by knowledge to do so.

I am developing a series of holistic seminars and webinars  that align with this philosophy and would welcome input from readers regarding topics they would like to see covered.

Submit ideas to:  elizabeth_feedback@outlook.com




We’ve Talked Minerals, What About the EMFs?

kEMF Sensitivity is an autoimmune condition.

In healing my immune system I’ve resolved the debilitating symptoms I suffered for years.

I’ve come to understand that all autoimmune diseases have the same root cause – mineral imbalance and/or severe mineral deficiency.

Minerals are necessary for the manufacture of hormones and enzymes.  Autoimmune diseases are related to hormonal issues (think diabetes) and food intolerances are related to the lack of digestive enzymes.

I believe there is only one autoimmune disease.

If you look at the symptoms there is tremendous  overlap between various diseases.

It is misleading to classify the conditions as separate diseases. It would be more accurate  to classify them as stages of severity with cancer being the most severe stage.

What causes the imbalance or deficiency varies and can be incredibly difficult to identify.  Because of this, it is hard to pinpoint and understand the role of ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies in the bigger picture.  Just what is the health impact of EMFs on the human body?

If I take minerals and my symptoms disappear, was I suffering EMF Sensitivity or a mineral deficiency? If I rebalance my minerals and all physical symptoms disappear but I’m still affected by WiFi, is it because something about the radiation harms my system or is my system overly sensitive to that stimulus?

There is also the role of toxic buildup of harmful chemicals.

Can high levels of chemicals such as sodium fluoride or glyphosate be responsible for the body’s sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies?

These chemicals are known to affect the body’s immune system and are linked to cancer.

So, is it the technology that is linked to cancer or the underlying and potentially unknown chemical toxicity?

These are difficult questions to answer but there is definitely a link. I know that the water I drank in California harmed me more than anything else in my lifetime. The toxins I ingested prevented my body from absorbing crucial minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and zinc, which are necessary to manufacture hormones and enzymes. I know that toxic substances in the water, which included agricultural runoff, caused problems with my reproductive hormones, and testosterone in particular.

It caused the levels to plummet.

I’m healing.  I have to continue to filter my water, changing the filter frequently to ensure the toxins from our tap water are eliminated.  I have to allow my body to rebuild itself after detoxing the poisons in our tap water.  I have to continue to eat foods and drink fresh juices high in minerals so my body can continue to manufacture the hormones and enzymes I need to be healthy.

I am 95 – 99% recovered.  I am able to sleep through the night thanks to my body restoring melatonin production and I can eat many of the foods I had become intolerant too, evidence my body is again producing the digestive enzymes necessary to do so.  I can also be around technology 99% of the time without any issues.

 And yet.  I still ponder the role of technology EMFs in my health and well-being. I have come to the conclusion that technology EMFs cause potassium loss in the body. The method by which this happens is increased heat.

When I had a microVAX beneath my desk I used to joke I never needed a heater to keep me warm. Yes, the fans blew warm air to cool the computer but I believe the EMFs also heat the human body causing dehydration and potassium loss.  

A recent UK study found that sitting for hours (at work) led to serious health issues.

There is evidence that being sedentary negatively affects glucose levels and increases insulin resistance – but scientists do not yet know how.

I do. It’s the potassium loss. Potassium is critical for proper glucose metabolism.

Sitting for long periods increases risk of kidney disease but UK scientists don’t know why.

Potassium loss!  Think about it – people aren’t just sitting – they are sitting in front of and likely surrounded by technology.  Technology emits radio waves of various frequencies. Radiation causes cells to heat which leads to increased potassium loss. Severe potassium loss results in diabetes symptoms, kidney failure and a host of other issues, including EMF Sensitivity!

Potassium deficiency symptoms read like a laundry list of EMF Sensitivity symptoms.  My EMF Sensitivity symptoms disappeared once I brought my potassium levels up.

I believe the potential danger of technology EMFs lies in the depletion of potassium as a result of chronic exposure.

Length of exposure and proximity to source make a difference.

 Here’s the kicker. Exposure to agricultural products is also linked to kidney failure. I have to wonder, given my experience with water containing high levels of agricultural runoff and my resulting severe potassium deficiency, has anyone tested the farm workers dying of kidney failure for potassium deficiency?

Dehydration has been suggested as a contributing factor and some governments are banning the use of agricultural products they believe are causing the kidney failure. The trouble is – they never said why it’s causing the failure. I believe it’s causing severe potassium loss and that is why the kidneys fail. Dehydration just exacerbates an already existing problem.

If it’s worse?  Both technology EMFs and agricultural products such as glyphosate are considered carcinogens.  I believe both cause potassium loss.  Dr. Max Gerson discovered a link between potassium imbalance and cancer.

If you live or work in an agricultural area, filter your water at a minimum.

Reverse osmosis water is empty of minerals.  Long-term consumption of minerally depleted water can result in severe mineral deficiencies.  Reverse osmosis water is not the answer.  Cleaning up the water supply is.

If you work with agricultural chemicals, have a hair mineral analysis done to determine what mineral and hormone deficiencies and any toxicities you may have.

If you work around technology and/or sit for hours at work, have a hair mineral analysis done so you can learn if you are deficient in potassium, magnesium, and/or zinc, and see if you have toxic levels of metals such as copper which can turn your blood into a conductor for EMFs.

Vulcans would be EMF Sensitives big time!

Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, which will exacerbate potassium deficiency issues.  Eat  a diet rich in potassium.

Hint:  Fruits and vegetables.

Finally, and most importantly, understand that we live in a complex world with too many variables to point to one specific cause for EMF Sensitivity and other autoimmune diseases. It isn’t just cell phones or microwaves or RADAR. It isn’t just agricultural runoff and toxic algae blooms that get into our water supply. It isn’t just one event, it’s many, over a prolonged period of time.

Your body is affected long before you feel symptoms.

Your best defense is a good offense. Get a good idea what’s going on in your body and be aware of how your environment is affecting it. Then take action as appropriate.

In the time it took me to write a first draft of this piece I became very dehydrated. I feel much warmer. What did I use? A Macbook Air on top of a thin lapdesk on top of a coffee table book on top of my legs. The laptop is cool to the touch but my body became warm – and thirsty.

EMF Sensitivity and Autoimmune Disease: Layers of Complexity

_2634595To get to this level and beyond, to the levels buried beneath (the outcome of the outcome of the outcome)…

– Klauser, Henriette Anne (2001-08-12). Write It Down Make It Happen

I have come to think of the unraveling of EMF Sensitivity as opening a Nesting Doll. There is always something hidden inside, behind, and/or beneath the present discovery. Every time I think I’ve gotten to the core of the situation I find  something even more foundational.

H2O. It wasn’t enough to know it was the water. What was in the water that was causing the problem?

Metals.  I learned that the water I drank was high in copper and mercury.  Copper drives down levels of potassium and zinc and mercury inhibits the absorption of magnesium.  Many of the seemingly unrelated health symptoms I was suffering all indicate I had heavy metal toxicity.

I tested high for mercury, nickel, cadmium, and other metals in Michigan shortly after moving back from Silicon Valley in 1994.  I moved back to California in 2000.  Shortly after I became very ill.

Agriculture.  Even after detoxifying heavy metals and filtering mercury and copper from the water, I had symptoms.

I improved dramatically but there were still issues, odd symptoms that were difficult to map to a cause other than continued mineral deficiency.

I read a report released by UC Davis about nitrates in California water.  Associated with agricultural runoff,  nitrates are a known carcinogen and are associated with health problems in humans.  Still…

It didn’t feel right.  I knew something in the water was causing my gums to burn and my teeth to feel as if someone was driving a stake through my jaw and teeth when I sipped water – even filtered water.  Something bad was in the water but nitrates?  I didn’t think so because it just didn’t feel right.

When on vacation in March I drank non-California water for ten days.  All remaining health symptoms disappeared.  The two most dramatic improvements were instant improvement of my oral health and a lack of food intolerances.

The swelling in my gums disappeared.  They quit bleeding.  The color went from inflamed red to healthy pink.  My gums didn’t burn when I drank water or brushed my teeth with it.  My teeth and jaw didn’t feel like someone had driven a railroad spike into them.

Within 48 hours of returning home the symptoms began to return.  I was filtering the water but obviously something wasn’t getting filtered out.

I have always maintained excellent dental hygiene.  

Fluoride. I remember staring at my toothbrush while on vacation.  Something told me to stop using fluoride toothpaste.  At least while my gums were so inflamed.

I also remembered that right after my six month dental checkup I had a horrible relapse of symptoms.  I was sick for weeks.  

After returning from vacation I had our whole family switch to  non-fluoride toothpaste.

Tom’s of Maine.

I also began changing the filter every week.

Sodium fluoride.  I now see that fluoride is the “final piece” of this puzzle.  Specifically, sodium fluoride. This is not the form of fluoride municipalities add to the drinking water under the pretense it helps fight tooth decay.

It’s a flawed argument. Tribes in Africa who live in areas where the soil is rich in selenium have a lower incidence of AIDS and cancer both but we haven’t decided to add selenium to our drinking water and in fact, farmers state that too much selenium in the soil is bad for crops.

Sodium fluoride is in everything from toothpaste to mouthwash to bottled water to food and beverages we consume.

It’s also a nuclear fuel.

Perhaps most significant is its presence in  pesticides, insecticides, and other agricultural products.

Where its runoff ends up in our drinking water and food supply.

In large quantities it becomes toxic. It blocks the ability to absorb magnesium and potassium. It affects reproductive hormones and prevents the production of melatonin, disrupting sleep.

A British study showed that people who have EMF Sensitivity do not produce enough melatonin.

The symptoms for fluoride poisoning read like a laundry list for autoimmune diseases including rheumatic arthritis and EMF Sensitivity.

Disease or poison?  I think of all the doctors I talked to, all the medical tests I had that all came up negative.  Not one California doctor considered environmental poisoning from the water to be the root cause of my symptoms.

I admit, it never occurred to me either.  

To detoxify sodium fluoride you need to do the following:

  • Stop ingesting the poison. Switch to a fluoride free toothpaste and do not have fluoride treatments at the dentist.
  • Increase your magnesium and potassium intake.

If tap water was the only source of fluoride I would not be suggesting to eliminate dental treatments.  It isn’t.  There are multiple sources of sodium fluoride.  If you have toxic levels of fluoride in your system you have to eliminate it in order to recover. 

Adding fluoride to our drinking water has been a controversial issue for decades.

About as long as there has been evidence linking too much fluoride to cancer and other autoimmune diseases including arthritis

The US Government AgreesFor the first time in 50 years the US Government has decided to lower the amount of fluoride put in the drinking water.

Since eliminating the fluoride toothpaste and changing the filter weekly multiple members of the family noticed an improvement.

There were some  immediate results but  after two weeks the improvements were nothing short of dramatic.

Nails that were discolored returned to their normal color.  Tooth enamel that was yellow and/or streaked returned to a healthy white.  Tooth enamel that was mottled healed completely – no more holes.

Food intolerances were eliminated.

While this has completed the puzzle for me, helping me know exactly what it is I’m dealing with (and what I have to detox), I suspect it won’t be the outcome of the outcome.

When it comes to the incredibly complex tangle of autoimmune diseases and EMF Sensitivity in particular, there is always something more to be learned.

Fluoride. Nesting Doll or Pandora’s Box?

Shortly after posting this I found the following – notice the date:



EMF Sensitivity and Autoimmune Disease: The California Connection

165588176Living With EMF Sensitivity: Not a day has passed since learning I’m EMF Sensitive that I haven’t taken some action to better understand why my health deteriorated so dramatically and so suddenly after moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000. Barely an hour passes that I don’t consider some new facet to the complex autoimmune condition known by the World Health Organization as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity; what I call EMF Sensitivity.

In his book Outliers: The Story of Success,, Malcolm Gladwell suggests that one is considered an expert after 10,000 hours of applying oneself to a specific task. There are 8765.81 hours in a year, putting me into expert territory shortly before publishing Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living With EMF Sensitivity.

Old Patterns Through a New Lens: As I’ve gained new insight about this complex condition I have applied it to health challenges both recent and in the past. As a result, I’ve come to see just how big a role California water has played in my health problems.

As well as those of my family and friends.

California Dreamin:  From the first time I visited California I knew I wanted to live there. In high school at the time, t’s all I talked about. In my twenties I made that dream a reality, though I did move back to the Midwest for a time. On our first date I told my husband I was planning to move back to the Golden State as soon as possible. He proposed to me on a trip to the Bay Area and we relocated there shortly after we married. Little did I know…

Distant Early Warning. When I was a teen I would fly to California to stay with my father, who was living in LA, for months at a time. One particular summer we were visiting Tijuana when I suddenly doubled over in extreme pain. On my knees on a crowded sidewalk I felt as if someone was plunging a hot knife into my lower right side repeatedly.

No, it was not food poisoning and it was not appendicitis.

I scarfed down two Excedrin without water in an attempt to stop the horrendous pain.  In the months after that, I experienced several similar episodes with the pain alternating sides. A trip to the ER was enlightening. The pain stemmed from ruptured ovarian cysts. I was put on birth control pills to “normalize hormones.” Bye bye ovarian cysts.

A few years later I was diagnosed with rheumatic arthritis.

Dream Realized. In June 1994 I moved to Silicon Valley. I worked in Santa Clara and lived in Sunnyvale. In August I began experiencing strange health symptoms that seemed unrelated to each other. A few trips to the doctor came back negative. Nothing was wrong. By November I was unable to sleep, in part because I was constantly up going to the bathroom.   In January 1995 I was diagnosed with TMJ and entered into a study program.

Guess there were a lot of otherwise healthy Bay Area residents mysteriously coming down with TMJ.

A month later I relocated to the Midwest. The TMJ disappeared almost overnight but other health problems persisted. A subsequent visit to my old family practice was revealing. I had hypothyroidism and heavy metal toxicity (nickel, cadmium, and mercury).

I was also told I had the testosterone levels of a 63 year old.

The metals were removed via chelation therapy and I  was put on Armour thyroid and DHEA until my body healed and I no longer needed them.

While my doctor focused on my thyroid, the testosterone, and the metal detox, I focused on strengthening my adrenals, taking adrenal glandular by Enzymatic Therapies as well as supporting vitamin and mineral supplements.

Continuing the Dream: In 2000, I moved back to the Bay Area . this time to Pleasanton. Within weeks I was feeling sick. Fatigue and an inability to sleep were my initial complaints. A visit to the doctor came up negative. Nothing was wrong. Uh-huh.

I developed TMJ. a few months later  A fortuitous visit to a Palo Alto health food store found me in a conversation with a knowledgeable employee. He advised me to take Potassium Magnesium Aspartate by CountryLife. Within a few days the pain was gone.

We moved to San Francisco and immediately, the remaining health issues, which included migraines and insomnia, began to clear.  My energy returned and I felt great.

San Francisco water has a different water source than other cities in the Bay Area.

We moved to Walnut Creek four years later and within weeks I was sick. The doctors ran several tests but everything came up normal. My health continued to deteriorate and by 2009 I was no longer able to function.

We left California in December 2009 and I dedicated my days to recovering and learning why I’d become so sick.

The Dream Moves South:  When I was 14 I visited San Diego. It was love at first sight and I promised myself that someday I would live in that incredible Southern California city. In October 2013 I made that dream a reality. Within six months I was as sick as I’d been in Walnut Creek.

I can’t begin to tell you how devastated I was. I had been doing so well. I’d all but recovered.  

It made no sense.  Before moving here we’d visited numerous times to address the concern that fault lines would affect me. What in the hell was going on?!

I spent hours trying to understand what the two areas had in common other than being in the state of California. I was able to eliminate the fault lines as they no longer seemed to be a problem.

I still know when an earthquake is coming. I can hear the p-wave as a high pitched ring in my left ear. The intensity and length of the sound matches the duration and scale of the subsequent shaking. The waves appear to travel in a southwest to northeast pattern. Though I can hear the pending quakes, I no longer feel sick as I did in the Bay Area.

Diligent research revealed that the very same water I was drinking in Walnut Creek made up at least 20% of San Diego’s water supply.  Further research revealed that much of California water  is contaminated by, but not limited to, nitrates, copper, and mercury.  When I began filtering out copper and mercury with a Brita countertop pitcher I felt significantly better.

My family’s health issues began clearing as well.

A recent trip out of state where I was able to drink water contributed to the case against California water.

California wine: I’m a red wine drinker.  I have favored Central Coast varietals since a friend introduced me in 1998.  So when I suddenly began experiencing horrible migraines after drinking my favorite Central Coast pinot  noir, I was puzzled.

I tried a different varietal by the same brand but still experienced the intense pain. I tried another Central Coast brand but no luck. I gave up drinking red wine. The pain wasn’t worth it.

I later read that some California wines have high levels of arsenic.  

After learning about the water I did a little mapping. The wine region I favored got part of their water from the same problematic source. I decided to try red wine from another region.

Italian, Chilean, and Pacific Northwest wines do not give me migraines or any other negative health effects.  

Loose ends tied up:  I have come to realize that something in California water depletes not only my minerals but also my testosterone levels.  Even after filtering out copper and mercury I have problems from California water.  I take DHEA to address the testosterone issue and I bombard myself with minerals in order to maintain my health in the face of an unknown continued depletion source.

The future:  I recently read that US officials are concerned that America will lose its advantage in the technology and space industries. A lot of that work is done in California, in the Bay Area as well as in So Cal. I also read that while contaminated water is a known problem, California officials feel the cost to clean it up is too high.

In light of another map, I’d say the cost is too high not to.

A Vacation from Illness

1FEE75D0-8834-4959-B1DC-B430E13A3448Nothing teaches like experience.  As it says in my blog and on my business card, Knowledge is Power, Experience is Power to Share.  With that in mind, I’m going to share one of the most profound experiences I’ve had in recent years:  A vacation from illness.

My family recently took a ten day vacation. Before leaving I considered how I could manage my health routine of supplements and juices to avoid becoming sicker.

I was also concerned about eating in restaurants.

I packed enough of the supplements to last the trip and hoped there would be a juice bar somewhere in the vicinity.  I would also be extra careful about my diet, making sure to continue my emphasis on fruits and vegetables ,and, most importantly at this stage, to avoid red wine, grains, coffee, and my favorite English Breakfast tea, Tazo Awake. In fact, I couldn’t drink any tea, including herbal, since it always made me feel sick.

Over the previous eight or so months I’ve had to eliminate these foods one after another as I became sensitive to them for the first time in my life.

I was concerned about water because at home we drink filtered.

We’ve quit frequenting local restaurants and coffee shops because of the water.

The first day we had dinner with some friends. I drank several glasses of water from their fridge dispenser. It was not filtered.

We also drank bottled water and, like home, used it to brush our teeth. The next morning I drank ice water with my oatmeal at the hotel restaurant.  It was not filtered or bottled.

I have since learned that unless it says gluten-free, oatmeal may be cross-contaminated and contain gluten. The stuff I ate did not state gluten-free on the menu. It also didn’t bother me.

That night I forgot to use the bottled water to brush my teeth. The next morning I again drank ice water with my oatmeal.

72 Hours. On the third morning I stared at the DHEA. “I’m going to cut back to 15 mg instead of 20,” I declared. “My gut is telling me I don’t need that much anymore.” I also decided to cut back on the mineral supplements to 1 potassium, 1 magnesium, and 1 zinc.

My gut told me I didn’t need the extra minerals I take at home which can run up to 4 potassium a day, 3 magnesium, and 2 zinc, depending.

At breakfast I ordered an English Breakfast tea with my oatmeal and ice water. It was Tazo Awake. I drank it and experienced no problems whatsoever.

On the fourth day I spotted a juice bar and got a juice similar to what we drink at home, carrot/apple/ginger.

At home we use granny smith instead of red apples and we add cilantro.

That evening we had dinner at friends who live in an entirely different part of town.  I drank several glasses of water from their fridge dispenser. It was not filtered.

I continued drinking the tea and eating oatmeal with no problem.  I  continued drinking water from the hotel tap and from the restaurant taps.  I began to notice I felt better than I had in a long time.

On the seventh day I had a sandwich. The bread was not gluten-free. I had no issues whatsoever. On the eighth day I had pizza. The crust was not gluten-free. You guessed it, no problems whatsoever.

On the evenings of days 7 through 9 I had red wine with dinner.**  I ate bread. I had zero negative health effects.

I also had a coffee with no trouble.

Something in the water. Not only did I experience elimination of all remaining symptoms, I experienced incredible energy, clarity of thinking, and creative inspiration like I hadn’t experienced in years.

The autoimmune symptoms have hindered my ability to write on and off.

Because the environments were otherwise similar, I was left with no alternative but to conclude that my recent suspicions are correct. The water in California, both in the east bay and here, is directly responsible for my autoimmune conditions, both EMF Sensitivity, and Rheumatic Arthritis, and all the symptoms associated with them.

There were fault lines and other similarities to eliminate other geologic factors.

Against the clock. I knew that if my suspicions were correct, I had 3 days of good health after returning home before things would turn south.

By that time the good vacation water would be cleared from my system, replaced with the filtered tap water.

I did everything I could to remain healthy. I juiced, I stuck to the same reduced number of supplements, and I continued my routine of walking miles most days.

I also put as many of the creatively inspired projects in place as possible.

 Relapse. On the second day home I found myself struggling with symptoms I hadn’t felt in several days.  As time went on I continued to experience more health symptoms.

I think, given the injustice of losing my short-lived vibrant health, I handled it pretty well.

I decided to focus on the fact that not only did I know the source of the problem, I knew it was possible to be totally free of any sickness.

I had to increase my DHEA back up to 20.

Symptoms of RA returned. Within hours of the extra 5 mg they were gone.

I’ve had to up the number of mineral supplements I take to the previous levels. I have increased the number of juices  I drink in an attempt to shore up my reserves until I figure out exactly what to do.

Going forward.  I no longer drink red wine, or any tea, and the only coffee I drink is a small cup I make with filtered water.  I will continue to drink the filtered water though it’s clear something toxic is not getting filtered out.

Environmental Impact. Nothing could have proven my theory about the impact of environment on my health like my recent experience. What we ultimately decide to do remains to be seen.

**  The red wine issue seems to be specific to California wines.  I have no issue with wines from Italy, Chile, and the Pacific Northwest.  In spite of this I quit drinking alcohol except on a rare occasion in order to reduce the stress on my system.

EMF Sensitivity – Psychic Abilities and The Healing Power of Prayer


It occurred to me a few weeks back that some people (those who are aware of my paranormal abilities) might have thought if she’s such a good psychic, how come she didn’t see this coming? Actually, I did. But…

Extenuating Circumstances Within a few weeks of relocating to the Bay Area in 2000, I knew something was wrong.

I felt so strongly that something was wrong that I was ready to return the relocation money and my signing bonus, and move elsewhere.

If it was that simple I would never have gone down the Yellow Brick Road. However, I wasn’t the only decision maker caught up in the situation.

My husband had left a pretty good gig after I got the job in the Bay Area.

I couldn’t blame him for not wanting to walk away because I had “a bad feeling”.

It didn’t help that I couldn’t detail exactly what was wrong, only that something was very very wrong.

Logic vs. Instinct He presented plenty of logical reasons why we should stick things out and because logic is like water to me, I was more than happy to agree.

Even as I sought out a doctor to help me understand why I was getting so sick. A doctor who ran tests and calmly explained “everything is normal.” I knew better but I couldn’t point to anything to say what or why.

A Foreign Language My psychic abilities have developed over the years in a patchwork fashion.  As a very young child I was clairsentient.  As an adolescent I had  prophetic dreams, then prophetic feelings I was able to articulate.  Then…feelings.

Feelings I couldn’t  explain or tie to anything concrete or factual.

I didn’t understand my psychic dictionary (the symbols and feelings and what they meant).

It didn’t help that not long after moving to our temporary living in the East Bay, my psychic abilities began to disappear.  Once we moved to Downtown San Francisco they retuned with a vengeance but I pushed them away in favor of logic. **

Let’s just say being a psychic can be difficult, if not a burden at times.  I was ready for some peace.  Little did I know…

Several times in the ensuing years I got a strong feeling we should leave the Bay Area. Given the complexity of the situation, not to mention I had nothing specific to point to, I allowed logic to direct my choices.

This is something both Aaron and I have had to learn to live with. Woulda – Coulda – Shoulda.

As I write in Riding the Waves, Diagnosing Treating and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I came to realize that EMFs were blocking my psychic abilities. Once I began implementing remedies to block the harmful EMFs my abilities began to return, albeit slowly.

After relocating out of the area my healing accelerated, as did the return of my abilities.

I’ve learned a lot about psychic abilities as a result of what I’ve gone through.

The very same glands that warn us of impending danger are our psychic organ; the adrenals.

If someone wants to hone their gut instincts and/or improve their natural abilities, focus on having strong adrenal glands and a strong immune system.  The same steps I’ve taken to reverse my autoimmune conditions also  heal and strengthen the adrenals and the immune system.

In fact, my instincts led me to focus on healing and strengthening my immune system in order to reverse both EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis.

You could also use the remedies I discovered to block the EMFs that would tune out your own instincts.

These are mentioned in the Riding the Waves book. These remedies are all valid and work.  I will be releasing an ebook that focuses solely on the remedies without the context found in the book shortly.

The Healing Power of Prayer  A lot has been written about the healing power of prayer. What I have come to realize is that you don’t have to be praying for anything specific in order to gain the healing benefits.

A couple of months back, during one of the more difficult periods of my recovery, I lay in bed going through my nightly prayers of gratitude. I suddenly got this strong urge to say a few of the more formal prayers I’d learned in Catholic School.

I initially questioned this because I didn’t really have anything specific to pray for. I felt the more formal prayers should have been reserved for something specific.

Mentally shrugging I went ahead and began a few.

Including but not limited to the Lord’s Prayer, Hail Marys, and the Memorare.

Within a very short time I became aware that I was starting to feel better. Other than the added prayer, nothing dramatic had changed. Encouraged, I continued to say the prayers, rarely bothering to insert a specific intention.

I knew in my gut that none was needed. The simple act of reciting the prayers before bed was having a dramatic healing effect.

If you are healing from an illness, I suggest adding some sort of  daily prayer ritual.  Consider it a vitamin for the soul.

I don’t think it matters what form the prayer takes. I think the important thing is that it’s something you relate to.

I don’t think there’s a wrong way.  For me, the familiar prayers I’d learned in childhood were perfect.

I squeeze them in between my own personalized spiritual practice of gratitude and meditation.

As for my abilities, the more I recover, the more they strengthen. II’m learning my psychic dictionary.  I’ve had several flashes of insight that pointed me to a particular herb or remedy, or a book or website that added to my healing toolkit. Recently, I’ve been given specific instructions for foods and beverages to eat and drink.

I “hear” the words of what to eat and sometimes see a visual of a particular ingredient.

So far, following the psychic bread crumbs has paid off.

I’ve gone on to share the information either in books or in the blog as appropriate.

 I’ve recently entered the rebuild stage.  Last night I was given instructions for a soup that will help.

For the mushrooms I was shown a visual. I recognized the shape though I didn’t know the name. I knew I’d find them at the health food store though not necessarily at the grocery store.

Since I think it would benefit many who are in the rebuild stage of healing an autoimmune condition, I will share it here.

Psychic Soup  In a large soup pot (or crock) put 3 cans of beef broth, a handful of maitake mushrooms, potatoes, scallions, and white beans.

I use one can of great northern beans along with one can of garbanzo beans.

Add beef along with a beef bone.

As my entire family is healing from toxicity induced troubles, I chose grass fed organic beef and organic ingredients when possible.

Include the following to taste::  A bit of cilantro and natural sea salt.

I use celtic sea salt.  Cilantro binds heavy metals so the body can expel them.

Garlic salt, pepper, oregano, basil, Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes.

Add a few cups of filtered or purified water and bring to a boil for 30 minutes. Reduce heat and simmer at least two hours, stirring occasionally.


I share the impact of my Near Death Experience on my psychic abilities in After Here The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die.

Knowledge is power. Experience is power to share.


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